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13 Best 36-inch Gas Cooktop (2023 Reviews & Buying Guide)

As manufacturers continue to grow on the present technology to produce kitchen spaces fitter and expedient, individuals are demanding to get gas cooktops, and the significant challenge is picking the best 36-inch gas cooktops within this type of luxury kitchen appliance.

Gas cooktops are available in many sizes, and among the most sought-after cooktop sizes would be your 36-inch Gas Cooktop. We have rounded up our favorites from the 36-inch gas class offering the power and operation of full-size ranges but with a sleeker prestige.

The cooktops featured are pro-style in appearances (stainless steel, notable knobs, iron grates) and in burner electricity. These drop-in models inserted to a cutout from the counter (and usually need at least four inches of space underneath). A number of the versions are also offered in a 36-inch dimension (a standard for gas cooktops). All of them have high-power burners and quite low heat or simmer choices. The largest differences are in control and burner settings.

This roundup will allow you to do just that using the best 36-inch gas cooktops, so be certain that you read it all of the ways through.

List Of 13 Best 36-inch Gas Cooktop Reviews

1. SDADI Kitchen Gas Cooktop 36″ Stainless Steel Range Top

  • “Great value” is exactly what SDADI 36 inch gas range reviews continue chiming about this item. This is a stainless steel device with heavy-duty steel cooking grates. It includes standard features like a CSA certificate, LP convertibility, and two years parts and labor guarantee. However, what caught our attention is the pro-style layout.
  • This kitchen cooktop is constructed for convenience. Primarily, it’s lightweight. This isn’t likely to come in handy daily, but you sure will enjoy it during the setup. In the next area, this unit includes a stainless steel drip pan. Ergo, cleaning your cooktop is as simple as it could get.
  • Cooking this can be enjoyable also. You can slip your pots and pans across the cast iron cooking grates without raising them an inch. This really is a multifaceted 6 burner cooker. Two of those horizontal cast iron pans create 18,000 BTUs each, while the other burner generates 15,000 BTUs. The three have a capacity of 12,000 BTUs each.

2. GE Cafe 36 Inch Gas Cooktop 5 Sealed Burners with Tri-Ring

  • The GE Cafe gas cooktop includes an incorporated griddle that steals the show. It’s five sealed burners with continuous grates which make it secure to use. This cooktop functions with an entire power output of 59,000 BTUs, for example, the center burner uses 20,000 BTUs.
  • GE’s dedication to constant low-temperature fire is a plus and makes for a simple cooking experience. Together with 5000 BTUs, the rear burner proves to nurture only the correct temperature fire for simmering. It includes LED-backlit knobs.
  • This gas cooktop includes an iron-cast griddle that’s large enough for your entire household needs. It is fun to use and does not fall short on personality. It is possible to use this 36-inch gas cooktop with griddle it to earn a fast breakfast for a massive meal for five to six individuals.
  • Many GE cooktops have an optional griddle. And the reason that one stuck with me was due to how well it compliments the cooktop version. Not only does this match with flair and finesse, but in addition, it covers a broad selection of functions.

3. Bosch 500 Series 36″ Stainless Steel 5 Burner Gas Cooktop

  • Starting off our record is your Bosch 500 Series 36″. This simple cooktop is about functionality, making sure that you will receive enough cooking area and energy whenever you make the tastiest dishes on your loved ones.
  • Its fuss-free design makes it quite simple to wash, which means you’re able to spend additional time and effort in producing the most delicious foods rather than tiring out yourself during cleanups.

4. Cosmo COS-965AGFC 36 in. Gas Range with 5 Burner Cooktop

  • Cook dishes quickly with Cosmo COS-965AGFC stainless steel gas stove. It features 5 sealed burners with two on each side and one in the middle. And above these are heavy-duty cast-iron grates that maintain your pots and pans correctly.
  • In any case, the cast-iron grates possess a fantastic heat-retention capacity in addition to spreads heats evenly for best outcomes. These 5 sealed burners include one 17400, one 8200, two 6900, and one 5000 BTU auxiliary burner. From slow cooking to elevated heating sauteing, you are able to prepare many different cuisines using the Cosmo-only oven gas stove.
  • The high-quality steel structure of COS-965AGFC makes it worth purchasing. Even though the cooktop and sidewalls are of metal, fitting stainless steel knobs would be the cherry on the cake. These steel knobs provide a continuously elegant look and contemporary aesthetic that’s extremely durable. Additionally, stainless steel doesn’t need much upkeep. Only wipe clean the surface using a soft moist cloth for a glistening look.
  • Beneath the cooktop is a 3.8 cubic ft. oven comprising rapid convection. The only electrical demands are a standard 3 prong plug with 120 V, 60 HZ, 15 A to operate the oven. When the installation is complete you can use the oven to bake yummy desserts. You can certainly do convection baking, baking, or broiling. Both enormous metal racks could be adjusted to 4 distinct positions depending on the height of their meals.

5. Verona VEFSGE365NDSS 36″ Pro-Style Dual-Fuel Range with 5 Sealed Burners

  • The cooking system acts as a toaster, and it resists oxidation and also a durable device. It features a storage basket for storing tools and appliances for maintenance.
  • The gas stove is made up of a digital clock and clock to receive efficient meal preparation. The machine sits on four metal racks and is accompanied by an anti-fire attribute.

6. DRGB3601 36″ Pro-Style Gas Range With 4 Sealed Burners

  • Having a gorgeous silver coating that reflects the attractiveness of the kitchen decorations, this system is the basic workhorse of the house kitchen. This stainless steel gas cooker includes 4 Sealed Burners and ringed with heavy-duty cast-iron grates to encourage even the heaviest kettle of stew you’ll be able to possibly make!
  • With Infrared Griddles and a very high BTU rating of 18,500, cooking jobs are going to be a breeze. Just be cautious with the iron when cooking!
  • Having a 5.2 cubic feet quantity to get a convection oven, you can bake the biggest cakes your heart needs and never need to think about using too little space in the oven!

7. Frigidaire DMAFRIGFFGC3626SS 36-inch Gas Cooktop

  • This brushed silver 5-burner unit includes constant corner to corner. Slide your utensils from 1 burner to another without raising a pan!
  • You will find five heating components. The middle burner creates 18,000 BTUs value of warmth. A set of dual burners are effective at generating 9,500 BTUs each. The rest have the potential of 12,000 and 9,000 BTUs. The energy burner eases faster emptying moment.
  • This 36-inch gas cooktop by Frigidaire is a winner when it comes to cleaning and upkeep. The cooktop itself is brewed secure. The cast-iron grates are dishwasher-proof. The gasoline grills are sealed.

8. Empava 36 Inch Gas Cooktop Professional 5 Italy Sabaf Burners

  • The Empava Gas Cooktop is a 36-inch stovetop with built-in tempered glass. It’s five burners which arrive in high quality from Italy. The largest deal-breaker for this particular version is that the auto-shutoff protection technologies. So next time you walk out of your home and wonder if you turned off the cooker, you do not need to drown in stress. Since your cooker manages it for you.
  • The Empava gas cooktop includes 4 distinctive-sized burners, making it a fantastic match for many distinct kinds of dishes. It may be utilized with both LPG and natural gas as both the nozzles are contained in the design. Additionally, it works with power.
  • To proceed with this, I discovered the T-fal Double Burner Griddle for a tasteful option. It is an 18-inch griddle that will fit perfectly with all the Empava Gas Cooktop. You can use it on the huge center burner or even the double burners on the medial side.
  • Does the T-fal Griddle include a nonstick surface which makes cleanup painless, but additionally, it functions with ovens. You may use it to bake a lot of cookies or scramble eggs. This blend of a 36-inch gas cooktop using a griddle just needs your imagination to use.

9. Frigidaire Gallery 36 Inch Stainless Steel Gas Cooktop

  • The Frigidaire FGGC3645QS is just another wonderful alternative if you’re partial to the caliber this classic brand has to offer you.
  • It provides more power than that which most ordinary households desire, so in the event that you like cooking, this may be a fantastic match for you.
  • Additionally, it is supposed to be very simple to wash, which means you should not worry about cleanups.

10. NXR SC3611 36″ 5.5 cu.ft. Pro-Style Natural Gas Range with Convection Oven

  • NXR professional fashion gas stove is ideal for your kitchen. While its contemporary aesthetic blends nicely with modern kitchens, the more sturdy steel construction provides exceptional functionality. It attracts the look and feel of a commercial array to your house.
  • Not only does this appear commercial but in addition, it functions just like you. The charge goes to 6 full-size single-stack burners manufactured in Germany. All these NXR SC burners give the best flexibility and every burner has a goal.
  • There is a high-power 18000 BTU burner for quick large heat cooking. While others are low electricity 6000 BTU, 10000 BTU broiler burner, plus a 22000 BTU oven burner.
  • From boiling water fast to simmering fine sauce, this NXR 36-inch pro-style gas stove enables you to cook a vast array of meals. Additionally, there aren’t any electrical controls to proceed. It’s a great gas stove using a convection oven with a re-ignition system.
  • The digital re-ignition process is a security feature that protects against gas buildup. At the base of the gorgeous German-style cooktop is a highly effective convection oven.
  • The oven includes a convection fan on the trunk that promotes even cooking. The oven’s butterfly broiler exposes the meals straight to heat. This guide exposure to warmth is very good for cooking thin cuts of beef. It can help to sear better with tastes locked in.

11. Cosmo 36 in. Gas Range with 5 Italian Made Burners

  • This Freestanding gas stove is possibly the easiest design of those three which are being contrasted. But don’t let its simplicity fool you! Under its modest exterior lies a potent center of cooking power plus plenty of functions.
  • Astonishingly, this 36-inch gas cooktop is a lot lighter than its counterparts; weighing in at just 180 lbs, it might seem that its producers understood to cut unnecessary, extra weight to generate a practical, yet easy to run the machine.
  • The 5 sealed gas burners could be put with BTU ratings from 3,500 BTU all of the way around 13,000 BTU, therefore it may be utilized for various cooking/reheating functions. The control knobs can also be made from stainless steel, therefore it is not a delicate piece that will break up as it becomes too hot. A word of warning, however; Despite the knobs’ durability, even should you suspect it is becoming a little too sexy, make sure you use a moist towel to run the knob to avoid burns!
  • Additionally, the gas stove may be accommodated to utilize LP (Liquefied Petroleum) gas, which is quite awesome! It’ll burn hotter, and cleaner, leaving soot and fouling in your stovetop. While the gasoline stove does not arrive with a griddle, it may completely support cast iron pans onto its surface. Last, its own oven includes 3.8 cubic feet of room that you utilize, therefore baking medium-sized cakes wouldn’t be an issue in any way.

12. CookRite ATO-6B Commercial Manual Natural Gas Range 6 Burner Hotplates With Standard Oven 36″

  • The Cookrite Ato 6-B is just another name for heavy-duty cooking. It’s a 6-burner gas oven stove with a stainless steel exterior. This fire-safe unit includes burners boasting humungous electricity. The best burners are capable of generating 25,000 BTUs every time the oven burners produce another 27,000 BTUs.
  • Regulate the oven temperature from between 175 degrees F to 550 degrees F to produce your baking experience feisty and no-fuss. This unit is not only intended for some critical work just. It’s intended to make your life simpler. This may fit into almost any kitchen, and the classic stainless steel appearance will match any decor.
  • In addition to this, the legs are flexible to match the preferred height of its fighter. Drip trays beneath every burner and the enamel inside of the oven make it quite simple to wash this kitchen stove.

Buying Guide for the Best 36 Inch Gas Cooktop

While most 36-inch gas cooktops have a lot of similar characteristics, it does not indicate they’re all made evenly.

So if you would like to make sure you’ll bring home the top one, you should pay close attention to these items:

Burner Count and Design

The number of burners at a cooktop can ascertain precisely how much you can perform it, particularly in the event that you are inclined to cook a good deal of food all of the time. But, it also does not imply you ought to go for the one with the maximum burners.

On occasion, it’s important that you become more burner distance than real burners. If you cook with big pots and pans, then this will make certain you will get to utilize all burners rather than getting your cookware overlap as you cook.


A non-negotiable in regards to cooking gear is your quality. Be certain that you receive a cooktop that’s durable and made from quality materials and structure. This will make certain you will receive your money’s worth.


First-time buyers may not understand they need powerful burners for efficient cooking, so be certain that you take note of the actuality. The BTU ratings recorded on an item’s page ought to clue you in on how successful it may be, so be certain that you listen to the detail too.


Because a 36″ gas cooktop is really major cooking gear, you could even find products that come with assorted add-ons. If you feel the extras will be convenient for you, choose them. If you just like them as they look fancy, then you do not actually have to receive them.


Last, your funding should also be taken into account when purchasing these products. Cooktops can be expensive but it does not signify that the priciest ones are the very best. Be thorough in picking and elect for the very best merchandise you are able to afford so that you can get the most from your buy.

How to Installation 36-Inch Gas Cooktop

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which is Better, an Electrical or Gas Cooktop?

Though both have their own advantages and disadvantages, nothing beats a gas cooktop in the view of the majority of chefs and home cooks. Gas cooktops are usually more fuel-efficient, and they cook meals evenly and consistently each time.

Preparing meals goes quicker using a gas cooktop, and cleanup is simple. Most gas cooktops include security features for reassurance also.

2. Are Gas Cooktops Secure?

Yes. Common sense also goes a long way when working with a gas cooktop. Ensure that your sleeves are brief or tucked off, and make sure you pull your hair back if it’s long. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a minimal risk, and security attributes on gas cooktops are designed to stop this from becoming a problem.

3. What’s the Best Brand for a Gas Cooktop?

The gas cooktop manufacturer appears to be Frigidaire. This brand is famous because of its own quality, and it’s existed for more than a century. Frigidaire makes quality cooktops in many different fashions which are cheap, which can be an additional bonus. Additionally, all the units include a guarantee if something goes wrong. They also supply installation choices when buying.

4. Do Gas Cooktops need more Venting than Electrical Cooktops?

Generally, no. Gas cooktops do not demand any more venting than another kind of cooktop. Largely the venting accessible for gas cooktops is supposed to get rid of any food or smoke aromas in the kitchen which result from cooking. Ventilation isn’t required as a result of anything linked to the combustion of the gas or boilers from the propane or natural gas.

5. What’s the Difference Between Gas Range Tops and Gas Cooktops?

The largest differences between a variety of tops and cooktops are the management panel positioning and their setup procedure. Range tops are often bigger and contain controls and dials on the front. Cooktops, on the other hand, have the controls on the cover of the unit. Though both may be installed into the countertops, range tops are usually bigger and need more room.


With their excellent performance and ease, the top 36-inch gas cooktop can truly enhance the performance of your kitchen. They’re also able to create dinner preparations a cinch, so they are definitely worth the investment. It’s possible to decide on the greatest 36-inch gas range which suits you the finest when it comes to materials, cost, quality, and also, needless to say, the dimensions of their family.

With luck, this guide can help you locate the best 36-inch gas cooktop acceptable unit for your requirements so that you may give your kitchen a pleasant and effortless update.


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