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Top 17 Best Aroma Rice Cookers in 2024

Aroma has crafted a range of rice cookers designed to satisfy different market tastes. They present snug designs ideal for single residents, economical varieties for budget-conscious customers, and sophisticated, state-of-the-art choices for culinary enthusiasts. They also supply multifunctional, all-in-one models for users seeking a rice cooker that can perform a variety of tasks.

If you’re trying to find a reliable, reasonably priced Aroma rice cooker, then look no farther than that product in our post. This reliable brand is famous for its cheap food prep tools, and its own rice cookers are no exception.

Though they are unsophisticated and affordable, there are a lot of testimonials about Aroma rice cookers and individuals are extremely pleased with their big capacity and operation to cook rice. Let us have a peek at our listing together with the best Aroma rice cookers with delay timer and testimonials.

Is Aroma a Good Rice Cooker?

Aroma is a superb selection of rice cooker manufacturers, as a result of their lineup of advanced, professional, and flexible cookers. This new has a rice cooker for everyone and anyone, whatever your own wants and tastes are. They have a few and affordable cookers, in addition to larger and more high-tech versions for kitchen specialists.

The attractiveness of Aroma rice cookers is based on their own innovative construct and useful functions and attributes. Each and every version is created carefully and thoughtfully in order to guarantee a much better, more pleasing rice cooking experience.

However, so as to get the maximum from Aroma appliances, it’s crucial that you first consider your alternatives. Due to the huge variety of special versions with identifying features and functions, you have to create a wise and educated decision about which is excellent for you.

To do so, think about the following:

  • What kind of features and functions do you have to cook rice? Do you want a high-tech version? Or are you really after rapid cooking without all the bells and whistles of complex buttons and navigations?
  • Are you wishing to cook various kinds of rice, such as brown rice, some white rice, sushi rice, or any jasmine rice? Or are you set on cooking rice?
  • How much rice do you would like to yield in one cooking cycle? Have you got a large family? Or are you living independently? This can allow you to figure out how big cup ability of your perfect rice cooker.
  • How much counter space do you need on your rice cooker? Is there sufficient space for a massive bulky appliance? Or do you rather have a rice cooker with a little construct?
  • Do you need your rice cooker to double other kitchen appliances, like a toaster, pressure cooker, vegetable and meat cooker, and meals steamer? Or do you simply need a very simple rice cooker that just cooks rice?
  • Do you need one that is non-stick and is not a hassle to wash?

These are only a couple of questions that you want to ask yourself. Keep reading to find out more about Aroma rice cookers and how perfect they are for your wants and tastes.

Top 3 Best Aroma Rice Cookers

  1. Aroma Housewares 2-8-Cups Digital Cool-Touch Rice Grain Cooker
  2. Aroma Housewares ARC-743-1NGR 6-Cup Rice Cooker
  3. Aroma Housewares ARC-1120SBL Rice Multicooker Food Steamer

List Of 17 Best Aroma Rice Cooker Reviews

1. Aroma Housewares 2-8-Cups Digital Cool-Touch Rice Grain Cooker

  • Possessing a terrific price, you need to buy this unit which yields around 8-cup cooked and 4-cup raw rice. With user-friendly functions (programmable electronic controls with Steam, White Rice, Brown Rice, Delay Timer around 15 hours, along with automated Keep-Warm), the Aroma rice cooker includes a few accessories: steam tray, rice measuring cup, serving spatula, and distinctive coupons and recipes for Mahatma along with Carolina Rice.
  • It’s necessary that you understand when the cooking is completed, the interior cooking pot and accessories remove for simple cleanup. Deciding on this rice cooker, prepare yourself to cook some other range of rice with technical functions for both White and Brown Rice.
  • You can avoid spending time with the Quick Rice work that cuts cooking time by around 50 percent or you’ll be able to use the programmable 15-hour delay timer that’s very good for families on the move as it provides delicious rice prepared when it’s necessary.
  • Additionally, regardless of when rice is completed, the cooker will automatically change to Keep-Warm for handily flexible meal preparation. In the press of a button, Aroma requires out the cooking of house cooking, turning kitchen time in your time since you may get restaurant-quality rice, healthful cooked meals, and tasty one-pot dishes. And you may make certain it is very easy to use.

2. Aroma Housewares ARC-743-1NGR 6-Cup Rice Cooker

  • Enjoy simple home cooking with an Aroma 6 Cup (Cooked) pot-style rice cooker and food steamer. Restaurant-quality rice. Healthy steamed meals. Delicious one-pot dishes. Prepare all of this and more in the flip of a switch! Aroma requires the”cook” from cooking- turning kitchen time in your time!
  • Help the children with homework, get creative in playtime, or select up that book you have been expecting to dive into. All while providing hot, hearty, and wholesome foods the whole family will adore. This handy cooker’s compact capability perfectly cooks two to 6 cups of almost any range of rice. When the rice has completed, it will automatically change to stay warm so there is no requirement for stirring or monitoring.
  • The steam allows for healthful steaming of vegetables and meats, even as rice drinkers under. Additionally, it is ideal for bread, oatmeal, jambalaya, soups, and much more! When the cooking is completed, the interior cooking kettle pot and all accessories eliminate for simple cleanup from the dishwasher.

3. Aroma Housewares ARC-1120SBL Rice Multicooker Food Steamer

  • This is the era of smart and smart cooking apparatus. What’s the purpose of owning a rice cooker whenever you need to sit and do exactly the guesswork or spending your own cash on a cooker which just can cook rice and nothing else?
  • Aroma Housewares ARC 1120SBL smart card is a smart electronic programmable rice cooker, steamer, and multi-cooker which allows you to cook whatever you frequently love to get about the table. Aroma ARC 1120SBL isn’t your normal rice cooker however, a food steamer plus a multigrain slow cooker too.
  • The Aroma rice cooker and multi-cooker are fantastic for cooking 10 cups of raw rice (20 cups of cooked rice) which’s more than sufficient for nearly 20 people. It cooks foods together with the click of one button for the whole family with excellent flavor and feels.
  • If you’re concerned about carbohydrates in rice, then the Aroma rice cooker includes a stainless steel inner pot that drains roughly 30% carbohydrates from the rice and permits you to cook an assortment of rice and whole grains. It can help to maintain all of the natural nutrients and minerals it must offer you.
  • Aroma rice cooker 20 cups ARC 1120SBL includes 8 preset one-touch programs. It is fantastic for grilling and sautéing many different whole grains, steaming fish and vegetables, legumes, and preparing soups. Preparing breakfast, dinner, lunch snacks or some other side dishes has never been so simple thanks to Aroma 1120SBL.

4. Aroma Housewares MTC-8008 Professional Rice Cooker

  • The MTC-8008 8-cup rice cooker is constructed for kitchen experts, with advanced features for cooking rice such as turbo cooking, Saute-then-Simmer technologies, cool-touch engineering, along with 13 other innovative menu configurations, such as slow cook, white rice, brown rice, steam, and soup, reheat, fast rice, delay timer, and keep warm, amongst others.
  • It is possible to use fast rice if you are in a rush, the steamer work for the meats or fish, as well as the delay timer in case you are having a hectic day. The very best part is its own easy-to-follow navigation, such as an instruction manual that’s ideal for novices.
  • The Aroma Housewares MTC-8008 cooker and steamer have unique characteristics that the manufacturer prides itself on. The turbo convection functions nicely with the touch round inner cooking pot so as to balance out the warmth and insulate the whole nonstick inner pot in order to make sure that the Aroma rice cooks evenly and also to prevent the rice from burning at the base.
  • The cutting-edge Saute-then-Simmer technology offers high-heat sauteing, followed by an automated simmer when the liquid is inserted. You may play your rice recipes and include savory flavors to your foods from the nonstick interior pot – that also means fewer meals to wash after cooking!

5. Aroma Housewares 20 Cup Digital Rice Cooker

  • Very easy 12 cooking choices which have a Sauté then Simmer function, which permits you to attain a higher temperature to sauté (or brownish ) your meals.
  • Once your Aroma rice cooker has attained the sauté temperature, then it is going to stay like that till you add liquid into slow-cooking the meals. This rice cooker also includes steam to prepare steamed fish, vegetables, egg rolls, and even more.

6. Aroma Housewares 60-Cup Commercial Rice Cooker

  • In case you’ve got a large or celebration in your home where you need to serve a lot of people at the same time, then Aroma 60-Cup business rice cooker Aroma ARC-1033E is your ideal option.
  • Aroma housewares rice cooker includes a large potential for cooking rice around 60 cups. If you’re in charge of a little food company, it advocated because it is possible to utilize and saves your attempt.
  • The cooker comes with an automated heating system which may keep your food warm until you’re ready to serve it. Its aluminum cooking kettle and stainless steel lid service defy continued use so you are able to count years to get the best results. The cooker accessories comprise an Aroma rice cooker measuring cup, serving spatula, and steam.
  • Best for commercial usage and its owners have countless buyers. As a result of the generous capability, many clients are happy after using this particular stove, which saves a great deal of their time.

7. Aroma Housewares ARC-6206C Professional Digital Rice Cooker

  • The ceramic is a healthy and natural solution to strands with a non-stick coating. Ceramic enables meals to be readily removed without the stress of additional compounds, which means it’s possible to feel great about what you feed your loved ones.
  • Cook with no stress of leaving a hot appliance outside on the countertops. Our cool-touch outer coating allows the stove to be managed at any given stage throughout the cooking process without the probability of encountering a surface.
  • Whether you are cooking Soup, steaming veggies, or preparing conventional rice, then this cooker can manage all of it without difficulty. This cooker also provides unique choices which take your cooking experience one step farther. It’s possible to prepare several sweet snacks such as tarts, cakes, and even yogurt utilizing the 12 distinct functions available.
  • There is also the choice to steam vegetables and meats while rice is cooking beneath for the best single-pot meals. Additionally, this appliance includes easy-to-use, programmable digital controllers using an automatic Keep Warm setting, low and high slow cook configurations, a cake feature, plus even more.

8. Aroma Housewares Aroma Professional Rice Cooker

  • Being my absolute favorite rice cooker on the market, the Aroma Professional MTC-8010 is a semi-permeable, high-capacity rice stove which doubles as a multi-cooking powerhouse. This monster has a 10-cup dry capability (20 cups cooked), enabling you to easily prepare tasty dishes for small groups or massive parties.
  • By employing cutting-edge convection technologies, the MTC-8010 ensures evenly distributed heat for perfect cooking every time. Another wonderful advantage of this rice-cooking powerhouse is that it utilizes induction heating.
  • In comparison to conventional direct heating, induction allows for more even cooking and saves energy. This is the best way to solve the issue of owning a pot of rice that’s dry and crispy around the ground and soggy on the top. Rather, as a result of the induction heating attribute, every grain of rice will cook perfectly every time. The MTC-8010 also offers a “saute then simmer” setting that is very good for preparing dishes that include meat as the primary ingredient.
  • You may use this function to absolutely substituting steak or chicken before incorporating your other components for finely prepared stews and sauces. Contrary to the case with the majority of slow-cookers, your seared meats are going to have gorgeous golden-brown crust which helps to seal all the flavorful juices.

9. Aroma Housewares Select Stainless Rice Cooker 

  • Aroma ARC-838TC has the potential of producing 16 cups of cooked rice employed for large families and groups. It an electronic rice cooker that means its LCD allowed on it together with the delay timer to place the time of cooking based on the requirement of the user.
  • This type of programmable and incredibly easy-to-use electronic control panel. So you can now organize your meal anytime all you will need is some water and unripe rice.
  • The product measurement is 12 x 12 x 11 inches and contains a white color. Cooker weights are 7.3 lbs and also the substance of plastic. Overall the plan of this cooker is quite straightforward and refreshing. As revealed, it is also a food steamer, therefore it is a bundle of multiple items in one bag. It requires the ability of 650 watts. These attributes make it the best Aroma rice cooker.

10. Aroma Housewares MI 3-Cup Cool Touch Mini Rice Cooker

  • The Aroma Housewares MI Cool Touch Mini Rice Cooker is similar to some other little rice cooker we have seen on the marketplace. That is especially why we called it the best Aroma rice cooker.
  • It merely measures 6.75 x 6.25 x 7.25 inches, weighs only a teensy 2.45 lbs, and yields 3 cups of cooked rice. A collapsible handle lets you transfer and take this mini rice cooker everywhere you wish to – if for a picnic, a celebration, or a small gathering in your garden.
  • Small as it is, the Aroma Housewares MI Cool Touch Mini Rice Cooker & Food Steamer shouldn’t be underestimated. Its compact size can nevertheless supply you with all of the functionalities a larger version can.
  • Using its own operation, it is possible to cook various different meals using a push of a button. Whether you are craving brown and white soup, rice, pasta, celery, omelets, quinoa, or cake, then this 3-cup cooker may prepare for you.
  • The little capacity and absence of additional features such as a delay timer, menu settings, etc. can appear to be a bummer for a few, but smaller households and Royal dwellers will enjoy this attribute.

11. Aroma Professional ARC-1230B Grain

  • The Aroma professional 20 cup ARC 1230B rice cooker is a multi-function programmable rice cooker equipped with an electronic screen that’s super user friendly, and its 11 preset cooking apps that permit you to make delicious, wholesome and nutrient-rich dishes in the fastest possible manner.
  • The applications include rice, nuts, slow, celery, slow cook, steam, STS (sauté and simmer), soup, cake, yogurt, keep warm, and also the prime characteristic i.e. delay timer. The very clear view glass lid allows you to observe the meals being cooked.
  • It sports a stay-cool handle so that it is easy to transfer it out of the stove-top to the table-top without needing to worry about burning your hands. When the meal is prepared, the machine will automatically turn its keep-warm manner on and the meal will probably remain at serving temperature for hours.
  • The delay timer function is useful in case you do not need to cook, simply add the components and inform the rice cooker exactly what you desire. It will ensure you get a warm meal without needing to lift a finger following feverish office hours.
  • In regards to cooking capability, Aroma specialist rice cooker ARC 1230B doesn’t fail either. It may cook 10 cups of raw rice (20 cups cooked rice), 2.5 pounds of meat, and also a complete chicken letting you cook virtually anything your soul desires. The capability is best suited for big families, friends, parties, picnics, and a lot more.

12. Aroma Housewares ARC-980SB Professional 20-cup

  • Aroma Housewares ARC-980SB Professional 20-cup (Cooked) Digital Rice Cooker is the perfect rice cooker for everybody who seeks an item that prepares great-tasting rice.
  • It’s created using Sauté-Then-Simmer (STS) work; as you are probably aware, it supplies high heat sautéing that automatically switches into a simmer when the liquid is inserted.
  • With this product, it’s likely to produce cereal-based porridges. But when creating rice porridge a single shortcoming of the cooker, you can’t check on the amount of doneness.
  • And the very best aspect of all is it is really very simple to use. You get perfect rice dishes each time along with the compliments from family and guests only keep coming. Just make sure you wash your rice before the water runs clear before you set it on the stove.
  • This Aroma is simple to wash: you simply wash out your bud with water and soap or place it all in a dishwasher (plastic top rack). You may also quickly wash the removable steam port lid along with the condensation collector should you discover starch or hard water residue.

13. Aroma Housewares ARC-5000SB Digital Rice Cooker

  • The ARC-1120SBL can do whatever that the ARC-150SB can and more. Apart from exactly the very same purposes, the ARC-5000 also contains choices for rice, fast rice, quinoa, soup, sauté-then-simmer, and oatmeal.
  • These options, together with the choice to postpone the timer for up to 15 hours, so means it is possible to cook a lot more different foods at precisely the exact same time by pressing a few buttons. Whereat the ARC-150SB you are able to earn fish and rice at precisely the exact same time, the ARC-500 lets you additionally steam dumplings while creating soup.

14. Aroma Housewares ARC-954SBD Rice Cooker

  • A compact construct can nevertheless perfectly prepare 8 cups of almost any range of rice. In addition, it can be utilized to prepare steamed vegetables and meat while rice drinkers below.
  • This Aroma rice cooker includes easy-to-use, programmable digital controllers with automatic Keep-Warm plus also a 15-hour delay timer to organize your meals ahead.
  • It gives Aroma’s unique technology that lets it sauté foods in high heat and switch on to its own simmer mode when the liquid is inserted. Made from stainless steel, its measurements are 8.50 x 9.25 x 9.13 inches.

15. Aroma Professional ARC-1126SBL 12-Cup Smart Carb Rice Cooker

  • This rice cooker & multicooker is excellent for producing enough rice for 12 individuals and sufficient carb-reduced rice for 6 individuals with all the press of a button. Cook rice fast with excellent flavor and feel and create meals for the whole family.
  • The best Aroma rice cooker includes a Stainless Steel Pot that drains around 30% carbohydrates from the rice giving you the liberty to cook and enjoy a Wide Array of rice and whole grains while keeping all of the minerals and nutrients it has to provide to create its ideal for daily use.
  • With 8 unsalted noodle works, this cooker Is Very Good for steaming, cooking, and sautéing a Wide Array of whole grains, steam fish and veggies, legumes, hearty soups which makes it Perfect for cooking Healthier homemade slow-cook recipes for breakfast, dinner, lunch, snacks, or sides.
  • Thanks to this programmable 15-hour delay timer and automatic keep-warm operation, the rice cooker will be certain you have a bowl of hot cooked rice prepared whenever you require it. You can easily cycle between the various cooking presets using one-touch.

16. Aroma Housewares NutriWare 14-Cup Digital Rice Cooker

  • Aroma Housewares Nutri ware rice cooker is both digital and professional, and food steamer is a wonderful product that has the ability to produce 14- cups. Its measurement is 12 x 9.5 x 12.4 inches and contains a white color. The cooker weighs just 6.2 lbs. Its substance kind is steel and there’s absolutely no delivery price.
  • NutriWare 14-Cup by Aroma is made very precisely and correctly. The controllers on the other hand are simple to comprehend and you are able to make white and brown rice and you also can steam any other items. The automated keep-warm attribute is added to maintain heat for the rice after cooking it.

17. Aroma Housewares 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker

  • Aroma rice cooker arc-914sbd is an electronic rice cooker and steamer it is simple to create restaurant-quality brown and white rice. It prepares 2-8 cups of (cooked) some other kind of rice using dedicated roles for white and brown rice.
  • Aroma rice cooker arc-914sbd isn’t only a rice cooker but you can steam healthful dishes and hearty soups and stews for this Aroma 8 Cup rice cooker and food steamer.
  • Its built-in steamer function enables you to prepare a nutrient-rich meal while the rice or soup cooks below. It has a programmable 15-hour delay timer that lets you add rice and water in the morning plus a schedule for cooking to begin in the day and once you get home you may get your favorite rice without needing to lift a finger.
  • This Aroma 8 Cup rice cooker not just cooks rice but it features attributes such as Slow cook, Saute, simmer STS which allows you to create your meal yummy, rich in nourishment, and household preferred.

How to Use Aroma Rice Cooker

Buying Guide For Best Aroma Rice Cooker

Cooking rice using the conventional stove-top method needs continuous and constant attention and a great deal of guesswork to assess if the rice has been cooked correctly rather than burnt. Here’s the listing of everything you need to think about while buying the very best Aroma rice cooker.


Each rice cooker and steamer is a bit more different from one and another however they have many similar attributes which we’ll find below one. High-end models include a long list of innovative features and applications, which might impact your choice of which one to purchase

Variety of Cooking Options

Most rice cookers especially progress ones not cook rice but can prepare different dishes simultaneously. Some Rice cookers just can cook a couple of kinds of rice others may cook many sorts of rice without difficulty. Advanced cookers have menus & preferences such as Brown Rice, GABA rice, blended, Porridge, soup, slow Cook, and More.


Deciding on a rice cooker, think about how much rice you need to cook. If you simply cook on your own you ought to find a cooker which has a little capacity. If you’re a huge family unit and also have more visitors to feed after a massive capacity rice cooker. Rice cookers are available with two to 20 cups of rice ability.

Sensor Technology

One button functioned rice cooker and warmers don’t use AI or even MICON technology which controls and keeps the warmth while cooking rice. Advanced rice cookers and steamers are outfitted with MICOM or Fuzzy logic technology that provides you restaurant-quality equally cooked rice.

Digital LCD control panel

Virtually all of the contemporary rice cookers and steamer are programmable and also have a digital LCD screen showing all of the preset menus and programs you can pick from. This attribute helps a simple comprehension of the machine also makes it user-friendly.

Design and Accessories

Keep in account the color scheme, outside, design, and dimensions of this unit in agreement with your eye for aesthetics and kitchen area. Mostly rice cookers include a measuring cup, a serving spatula, and a steaming tray.

Construction Material

A lot of men and women prefer rice cooker versions manufactured from Aluminum or stainless steel using non-stick coating as they’re simple to wash. Some might prefer pans made from clay or charcoal that are non-stick naturally with no synthetic coating.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take to cook rice in a rice cooker?

It changes slightly by machine, however, Aroma rice cookers normally take 10 to 12 minutes per cup of rice. With white rice, the exact amount doubles alongside the time: 2 cups require 20 to 25 minutes, four cups require 40 to 45 minutes, etc. The ratio is not the exact same for rice. 2 cups of brown rice require over half an hour, and five cups require at least an hour.

2. Is my rice ready to serve once the timer goes off?

Ideally, you ought to let fully-cooked rice sit at the stove, lid, for 10 minutes following conclusion. Doing this allows the moisture to dissipate through the pot, resulting in fluffier rice using a much better feel. After 10 minutes, then lift the lid and fluff the rice with a fork. Never stir the pot earlier this stage or you also discharge its own natural starches and danger-generating gloppy, gooey rice.

3. What is the proportion of water in a rice cooker?

1 ratio is the perfect ratio in the rice cooker. That means 1 cup with 1 cup of rice.

4. Why I use aroma rice cookers?

Aroma rice cooker provides you a healthy and refreshing meal in 1 pot for the entire family. The multi-function of the cooker makes it exceptional. The steam work is the thing that makes your meals exceptionally lively and oil-free. It helps for cooking rice, vegetable, and meat at precisely the exact same moment. That what’s the Aroma rice cookers target would be.


  • The Aroma rice cooker manufacturer is among the very finest in providing quality support and fantastic capabilities. They are available in various shapes and sizes, all with fantastic features that provide you with a wide selection to pick from. This new offers you all that you need in a rice cooker and a whole lot more at excellent costs of as low as $60 that’s a fantastic deal for an excellent appliance.
  • Since the manufacturer puts its clients and listens to your requirements, it is possible to discover the best Aroma rice cooker version that is suitable for your lifestyle. If you like experimenting with meals in the kitchen or you are a busy person who wants to cook your foods in your home, you are certain to get the model you want. Each version is outfitted for assortment, also, which means you are in a position to cook a few brown rice onto a whim or try out a few rice if your heart desires.


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