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Best Artisan Cutlery Sets Available in the UK

Artisan knives and cutlery exhibit distinctive patterns reflecting exceptional skill and top-notch performance. The most commendable artisan cutlery brands are certainly worth keeping in mind. In particular, Far & Away (that’s us), is highly praised for its distinctive design and artistic workmanship. Users of our cutlery set experience no disappointments, as it is made from the finest quality materials.

Unlike other brands, it includes artisan knives that also sports a unique high-performance style blade that strikes that perfect balance in tasks that involve cutting, chopping, or slicing. With comfortable foot blades and make, each piece also comes with a comfortable grip and ergonomic handle that makes it easy to carry. These features make this a solid choice for users who are looking for all-rounded artisan cutlery and blades for everyday use to complement their dinnerware sets.

What Should You Know About Artisan Cutlery?


  • Artisan cutlery pieces are made by reliable manufacturing companies.
  • Artisan companies and brands provide efficient high-performance cutting tools that answer the needs of chefs, institutions, households, and businesses.
  • With the use of ultra-modern technology and artistry, artisan cutlery brands create a profile of masterful designs in the highest quality materials.
  • Bespoke cutlery and knife sets come in styles and variations that cater to customer-specific demands.
  • Artisan cutlery sets usually come in superior craftsmanship, convenient ergonomics, and a profile that’s fit for everyday carrying.
  • This cutlery and knives come in a versatile and lightweight construction that makes them great for outdoor tasks and high-performance EDC knives.
  • The artisan cutlery knives come in a weight-forward balance that makes them such outstanding choppers.
  • They also incorporate proven manufacturing methods that are powered by either steel makes such as S35VN or D2 providing incredible hardness and strength to effortlessly work through any tasks.
  • Using an anodized titanium handle, artisans make their cutlery with excellent gripping for incredibly smooth and fast slicing.
  • Most artisan cutlery strikes the perfect balance between form, function, craftsmanship, and design.

Below we look at some of the well known and respected artisan cutlery brands with their cutlery sets options for potential buyers:

1. Far & Away Cutlery 20-Piece Set

If you’re looking for cutlery set with more than the cutting tools, the Far & Away 20-piece cutlery set is definitely where you should start. The whole set is made from 18/10 premium European stainless steel to assure you of maximum durability. With a brushed semi-matte finish that’s hand-finished by Northern Portugal artisans, this is a cutlery set design that screams contemporary elegance. This set comes in a classic but modern aesthetic by combining a premium choice of raw materials and sleek curved lines.

This cutlery set includes timeless pieces that will last you a lifetime in anti-corrosive and rust-free pieces. In addition, these pieces are dishwasher safe, so they’re easy to clean but should be immediately dried to minimize the watermarks.

The Far & Away cutlery set is a 4-person set consisting of 4 dessert forks, 4 teaspoons, 4 knives, and 4 tablespoons. In addition, each piece has an ergonomic, well-balanced handle to help improve the overall dining experience.


  • Fully dishwasher safe
  • Made using the premium 18/10 European stainless steel
  • Comes in a sleek semi-matte brushed classic but contemporary finish
  • Artisan hand-finish
  • Rust-free and can’t mark the ceramics


  • Set of only 4 pieces each

2. Artisan Cutlery Tactical Knife Proponent (1820P)

The Tactical knife by Artisan Cutlery is water-resistant, temperature resistant, non-conductive, non-reactive, and exceptionally built tough. It comes in a distinct angled Wharncliffe blade shape that makes the knife an excellent tactical option. This large tactical knife makes one of the most effective and high-performance EDC knives.

The Tactical knife Proponent has a robust full liner construction and a liner lock that makes it exceptionally strong. With its absolutely stunning 4″ Wharncliffe blade, its overall length is almost 9″, making it such a massive but impressively built cutting tool compared to most conventional folding knives. This knife is truly a statement pocket knife that you can utilize whenever, especially for self-defense, helping you be ready for anything.


  • Distinct angled Wharncliffe blade shape makes it an excellent tactical self-defense option and effective large EDC knife for its users
  • Sturdy 1.75″ wide Proponent blade with great cutting power
  • Tough handle
  • The blade is made out of D2 steel for excellent edge retention, durability, and toughness
  • The thick blade and substantial blade length makes it great for EDC tasks and multi-uses
  • Great ergonomics and accessibility
  • Temperature resistant, water-resistant, non-conductive, non-reactive, and exceptionally tough design


  • Quite large EDC knife

3. Artisan Cutlery Folding Knife SIRIUS (1849P)

The Sirius Artisan Cutlery is one of the newest collaborations with Ray Laconico. This is a folding tactical knife is equipped with a flipper opening mechanism that allows you to operate your knife using one hand. Additionally, its drop point style blade is crafted using durable AR-RPM9 steel; in total, the blade measures 3.54 inches long.

Through innovation and proven manufacturing methods, the blade materials used to make this pocket knife is Artisan Cutlery’s patent AR-RPM9 powder steel and black PVD. The handle material also consists of a lightly textured black G10 that also helps improve the grip and prevent slipping. For the perfect visual appeal and performance, this knife comprises several premium elements.

It also sports several signature clean lines and sleek styling by Ray, giving the Sirius an elegant shape that’s well suited for the office or field. Much like previous designs with Ray Laconico, this knife also features the signature low-profile front flipper that also allows users to snap open their blades with a quick roll of the index finger or thumb.


  • Made up of proprietary black PVD AR-RPM9 steel for perfect edge retention, ease of sharpening, and corrosion resistance
  • Drop point blade that comes with a swedged spine that’s ideal for long accurate cuts or that can do delicate work
  • Smooth, sophisticated lines that come in a minimalistic style profile, making it perfect for EDC enthusiasts and a collectors collection
  • Premium accessories made from fully milled titanium
  • Copper pivot collar with a hidden lanyard pin
  • Excellent handle material that’s water/temperature resistant, non-reactive, non-conductive
  • Design that’s exceptionally tough


  • Flipper blade profile that makes it more suitable for use outdoors than daily use

4. Artisan Cutlery AR-RPM9 Tactical Knife Sea Snake (ATZ-1842)

The ATZ-1842 tactical knife is another of the best high-performance cutting tools, which comes in a blade made of AR-RPM9 Powder steel. The powder steel gives you the perfect balance that you need your knives to have; strength, toughness, and hardness than the ordinary stainless steel.

It’s widely used since it can be used in different styles, such as an excellent EDC, tactical, or pocket knife. It has the kind of profile that works effectively with textiles, meat, sticks, and other materials, so you won’t have to carry pocket knives with multi-tools. This sort of knife is an excellent tool to carry when you go hiking, hunting, fishing, or any other outdoor activity.

Since it’s portable, it’s easy to navigate with a survival knife that also comes with a Kydex sheath to protect you from its sharp blade. It comes with an Atwood lanyard on its sheath to make it easier for you to carry.

As one of the best high-quality knives that’s fit for harsh conditions, the Sea Snake is outfitted with new proprietary steel, the AR-RPM9, for maximum corrosion resistance and edge retention. It also comes with a G10 handle with great resistance, making it well adaptable to all kinds of environments. In addition, the Sea Snake is perfectly designed as an everyday carry fixed blade that’s still stronger and more reliable than a regular folding knife. This knife also comes with a simple handle that’s easy to clean.


  • AR-RPM9 proprietary steel for maximum corrosion resistance and edge retention and
  • The blade is exceptionally thin and comes with a fine tip
  • Perfectly small everyday carry a knife with a fixed blade
  • Features a Wharncliffe style fine pointed blade


  • Small blade size that might not be ideal for others

What To Consider As You Buy the Best Artisan Cutlery and Knives?

A) Price

Always consider the price of whatever knife designs or sort of artisan cutlery and blades you have your eyes on. The price is a great indicator for the construction and durability of cutlery pieces and high-performance cutting tools, but it’s not always a reliable metric. Always compare the prices from multiple sellers to get the best deal of quality products at an affordable price.

B) Brands

When getting cutlery pieces and knives for your home, artisan cutlery brands are one of the best and most reliable to suit your needs. There are different cutlery pieces and knives sold by different sellers, and to make the right decision, it’s important that you dig a little more about the brands available.

C) Function

Always consider the functionality of your cutlery pieces or knives. The functionality of your artisan cutlery is usually determined by the number of specifications it comes with and the attributes it contains. Generally, the more the specs, the more the functionality in use, for more versatility.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Artisan Cutlery and Knives

1. How to test if the artisan’s stainless steel is of good quality?

Nickel is used in the formation of austenite stainless steel. One way to test is to use the ‘magnet test’. Put a magnet next to your stainless steel cookware, if it sticks, then it’s ‘safe’- which is an indication that no nickel is present. But if it doesn’t stick, then it contains nickel (austenite steel) which is probably not safe.

2. What’s AR-RPM9 steel?

The AR-RPM9 steel is a value-priced powdered stainless steel that functions well between the 14C28N and D2 by design and origin. It has the corrosion resistance of 14C28 and the hardness of a D2 that holds an edge and is easy to sharpen.

2. Does the 440C blade hold an edge?

As many knife makers would agree, the 440C blade takes quite a sharp edge and holds it for quite a while compared to other blade materials. As a result, it’s generally rated at 58-60 on the Rockwell Hardness scale.


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