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best bike wall mounts

Top 5 Best Bike Wall Mounts in 2024

Bike enthusiasts face challenges when it comes to storage, especially if they happen to be limited on available the space at home. At this stage, where bike wall mounts very much becomes a necessity. The hanging racks provide a space-saving solution for storing bicycles to lift them from the floor and clear the rooms.

We have put in hours crawling and testing a variety of bike wall mounts to pick the ones that did the job best, providing a good mix of utility, ease of use and durability. In this article, we will conclude with our final thoughts and guide you to make the best bike wall mount decision for your bike.

Top 3 Best Bike Wall Mounts

  1. Vibrelli Bike Wall Mount – Horizontal Storage Rack for Hanging Bicycles in Home or Garage
  2. Gootus Bike Wall Mount Hanger
  3. Vibrelli Swivel Bike Wall Mount

We understand last thing that you would want is your bike to get stolen and, subsequently, keeping your bike organized and safe is particularly critical when there is a scarcity of space. It is for that logical reason that we would like you to check out these best wall mounts on Amazon. Such racks are hardwearing, user-friendly and ensure that your cycle is not lying everywhere on the ground nor parts of it are obstructing the movement. Our designs cover more area regardless you are looking for a simple snare or a fishing proven siatov system. You might give it a try after reading our recommendations.

1. Vibrelli Bike Wall Mount – Horizontal Storage Rack for Hanging Bicycles in Home or Garage

If you’re looking for a sturdy and reliable bike wall mount, the Vibrelli Bike Wall Mount is definitely worth considering.


  • The adjustable design of the wall mount rack accommodates different bike sizes and shape.
  • The multipurpose storage feature allows you to store not only bikes but also tools, accessories, and more.
  • Made from sturdy alloy steel and aluminum, the wall mount is built to last and withstand the weight of heavy bikes.


  • The installation process may require some effort and time.
  • The compact size of the wall mount may not be suitable for larger bike frames.

It is less than half a month ago that we purchased the Vibrelli Bike Wall Mount for our garage installation, and we’re excited to say that the product is of a high quality and has a great functionality. With its adjustable arms that hold many bike sizes, it is a multi-purpose rack, and the extra space to place other things is an added plus. The wall mount is also pretty hard and I have a good impression that my bikes would be good in placement.

Nevertheless, this meant some effort of mounting, and it resulted with the additional hardware being purchased for a secure installation. With the consideration concluded, we would address the Vibrelli Bike Wall Mount as a durable, as well as multi-functional bike storage option to everyone in need of such a solution.

2. Gootus Bike Wall Mount Hanger

If you’re looking for a bike wall mount that saves space, is easy to install, and securely holds your bike, then the Gootus Bike Wall Mount Hanger is worth considering.


  • Fits most bikes, including road, mountain, cyclocross, hybrid, and kid bikes
  • Space-saving storage solution for apartments, homes, garages, and sheds
  • Adjustable mount allows for convenient storage and removal of your bike


  • Not suitable for step-through frame bikes or bicycles with wide handlebars over 31.5 inches
  • Installation instructions may be vague and lacking in detail

We were astonished by the latest item we tested. It refers to the Gootus Bike Wall Mount Hanger. Its versatility and durability are really cool. The multiple mount option gave us the ability to flop our bike and stored it uprightly, thus allowing us to remove it quickly. Hanger beam could be expanded to fit handle bars within the range from 16 inches (narrow handlebars) to 32 inches (wide handlebars), and hook could be tilted to an angle up to 30 to keep stability of the bike.

Steel strong wall mount had ability to resist to the maximum weight of 48.5 pounds. The humane cycle hook was covered completely by foam and if nothing was done, we would not have dinged it on the floor. In addition, the rack was appreciated by us as a convenient storage solution in the garage, which certainly helped us to keep the environment of our garage neat and tidy. 

Nevertheless the mount stayed to be untested for the platform of step-through frame bike, bicycle with width handlebar more than 31.5 inches. Furthermore, installation instructions were not that specific and adequate enough to distinguish the procedure from the other practices.

3. Vibrelli Swivel Bike Wall Mount

If you’re looking for a space-saving bike storage solution, the Vibrelli Swivel Bike Wall Mount is a great option.


  • The angled hook design makes it easy to mount and dismount your bike.
  • Rubber coating on the hook protects your bike from scratches and pressure.
  • The swivel feature allows you to store your bike in the center, left, or right-angled position.


  • Not suitable for deep wheels over 3.54 inches.
  • Only install on solid stud, beam, masonry, or concrete walls.

Installing the Vibrelli swivel bike wall mount was a breeze, highly impressive with its simplicity. The step-by-step description provided was precise and simple for me to trace. Though it took me five minutes with the tools readily available, this solar panel was simply installed on the wall of my garage.

While after the installation we realized that the triangular hook structure of the rack made the bike mounting and dismounting very convenient. We had rubber coated the bicycle hooks, and that saved our bikes from scratches and squishies. Furthermore, this was nice for us because now we have the option to store our bike in the middle, left, or right-angled positions, and we’re always assured of having them safe and intact. 

However, our investigation gave us the results that the Vibrellis Swivel Bike Wall Mount can not be used for bikes with wheels deeper than 8.99cm of which. Moreover, make sure that the mount is only installed on the solid wall (stud, beam, masonry, concrete) or hollow wall with 2 TapCons(R).

4. monTEK Swivel Bike Wall Mount

If you’re looking for a sturdy and secure bike wall mount that can hold up to 66 lbs, the monTEK Swivel Bike Wall Mount is a great option.


  • The heavy-duty solid steel construction provides a strong and safe way to store your bike.
  • The 150° swivel design allows for convenient storage and removal, even in tight spaces.
  • The rubber-coated wall bike rack helps protect your bike from unwanted scratches and damage.


  • The swivel wheel part is made of plastic, which may not be as durable as the rest of the mount.
  • It may be difficult to install on certain wall surfaces, such as plasterboard walls.

The ground-breaking wall mount by monTEK lived up to our aspirations as it helped us open up space on the floor and definitely improved the overall appearance of our garage that was previously untidy and messy. Installation of the mount was very easy when followed the detailed step-by-step instructions which also came by it. Finally, we loved the swivel feature and it came in handy as it enabled us to store our bikes in a central, left or a right angled position and since we didn’t have to worry about parked cars and apartment interior, this became a pretty useful storage solution for us.

The cantilevered construction of the rack was heavy-duty structure which gave us the peace of mind of bikes would stay secure. The wall bike lot was rubber coated thus relieving pressure on the wheels, rims, and spokes. The mount was a dream that came true for us since most bikes could fit, including road, MTB, cruisers, the bikes with fenders.

Hence, the area where we did notice the crack maybe that the articulating plastic wheel part may not be long-lasting as other mount-parts. In addition, we observed that it could hide tenants behind the plastic shields due to inappropriate wall surfaces, such as plasterboard walls. Lastly, the minimum crew number is two to handle the heavy bikes. The bikes are lifted up/taken off the mount.

5. HANAMO Swivel Bike Wall Mount

If you’re looking for a durable and versatile bike wall mount, the HANAMO Swivel Bike Wall Mount is an excellent choice.


  • The 180-degree swing feature allows bikes to be stored almost flat on the wall.
  • The rear wheel holder comes with stoppers to prevent the tire from moving when swinging the bike, as well as keeping the wall clean and free from tire marks.
  • Made of heavy-duty solid steel, this bike wall mount can hold up to 50 lbs.


  • The anti-scratch rubber hook is not suitable for bicycles with tire widths over 2.2 inches.
  • The mount should only be installed on concrete walls, brick walls, and studs on wood walls, not directly on plasterboard or drywall.

The HANAMO Swivel Bike Wall Mount system is a perfect arrangement for indoor bike storage in the garage, apartment, home, or small-sized room. Installation simple is ensured in this product making it user-friendly and comes with explicit instructions and screws for mounting of the device. We simply cannot end our recommendation of this product if someone is tight on space and looking forward to a fantastic bike lock.

Buying Guide

When it comes to choosing the best bike wall mount, there are a few key features to consider. Here are some factors to keep in mind before making a purchase:

Type of Bike Wall Mount

Bike wall mounts differ in that one can mount their bikes hanging vertically, horizontally or simply fold them up when not in use. All of these methods have their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the requirements and the space you would be using. Transversal supports are perfect, if you face the problem of floor space occupation, but not with bigger bikes.

Weight Capacity

When it comes to bike wall mounts, it is essential to go for one with the courage to suppot the weight of your bike. Make sure the mounting hardware you are buying can hold the weight of your kayak and all your equipment. It is quite commonly supplied by the manufacturer, and this fact very often may be looked up in the technical specs.


The bike wall mount usually fabricate from the elements of metal, plastic, or the combination of these. An options between the metal mounts which are stronger and more long-term but are expensive ones and the other plastic mounts which are economical but durable are the alternatives. Plastic shelves are commonly of lower cost, while remaining rather fragile.


Ask what challenge does the bike wall mount installation bring, if any. A variety of mounts come with wall-spiking, others with adhesive strips for mounting. See that you select a mount able to put on your wall type and which you can install it without any difficulty.

When looking into all these factors, you can pick the most reliable and appropriate wall mounting for your bike and so make sure that it will be stored safely and securely.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most durable bike wall mounts for frequent use?

For repeated or everyday use, steel bike wall mounts should be opted for since they are very durable. They are rigid enough to withstand the load of lightly weighted bikes. You should opt for the mounts made of high-quality steel, which have powder-coated finishes to prevent rusting and corroding.

How do I choose a bike wall mount that saves space in a small apartment?

For those who are living in apartments and have limited spaces, the best option for safely storing your bike would be vertical bike wall mount. This fit up helps you to keep the bike vertically, which would not occupy much of your floor space. Try to find a wall mount that is small, the design allows the mount to be attached to the wall on the corner or on the wall’s side.

What are the advantages of vertical vs. horizontal bike wall mounts?

A vertical bike wall mount which is an efficient space saver is a good idea for an apartment that doesn’t get enough space. In addition, they help with the storage and accessibility of your bike i.e. they can be folded which makes it easy to carry or fit the bike into a small space. In opposition, bike wall hangers position horizontally are more convenient in installation and also fit bikes with any dimensions and formats.

Can hanging a bike by the wheel damage it over time?

Hooking your bike by its wheel could result in the damages accumulation over time if the mount you have isn’t made to bear such weight. Make sure to buy hinges that have wide hooks or cradles which can bear the load of the bike wheels, not the frame.

Are there any innovative bike storage solutions that minimize wall damage?

Yes, there are so many inventive ways to reduce wall damage caused by the bikes that it would be impossible to mention them all. Go for hangers or frames that use a clamps or attachment tapes to tighten the hangings rather than using screws or bolts.

What is the most secure type of bike wall mount for expensive road bikes?

When we talk about the security of road bikes that are expensive, a horizontal wall mount with a lock sticking out, or the horizontal wall mount with a bridge lock is the most secure ones. Try to look for mounts that employ a locking mechanism that holds the frame rather than just the wheel, at least for your initial investment.


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