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Top 11 Best Camping Coffee Makers in 2024

Enjoying nature and embracing the great outdoors is fundamental to camping, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your daily dose of caffeine! There’s an array of excellent camping coffee makers now available which allow you to make your favorite brew right at your campsite. So, if you aim to kickstart your camping day perfectly, you might want to consider one of these fantastic coffee makers.

The best camping coffee maker would be one that brews quickly and easily, and you don’t need any power sources for it. The most popular option is an instant pot with a built-in ceramic cone filter. This electric appliance can make about 14 cups of delicious coffee in about 10 minutes without needing electricity or batteries! It’s also good if your camping stove has a warming plate on it because you can keep your coffee warm while enjoying breakfast too!

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best camping coffee makers on the market, so that you can enjoy your morning cup of joe even while roughing it. Whether you’re looking for something simple and lightweight or something more durable and heavy-duty, we’ve got you covered.

List of 11 Best Camping Coffee Maker Reviews

1. Coffee Gator French Press Coffee Maker

  • The Coffee Gator French Press is the perfect way to make coffee. It’s made of stainless steel and insulated, so it keeps your coffee warm for 60 minutes longer than a glass coffee press. The double-screen filter ensures a clean cup of coffee, and the cool-touch handle makes it easy to hold.
  • The Coffee Gator French Press coffee maker is perfect for those who want a delicious, hot cup of coffee without having to wait long. This coffee maker is made with double filtration and vacuum insulation, which helps to keep your coffee warm for up to 60 minutes longer than other glass press makers. The cool-touch handle and spring-loaded filter also make it easy and safe to use.
  • Brew the perfect cup of coffee with the Coffee Gator French Press Coffee Maker. This insulated brewer is tough, durable, and rust-proof, making it perfect for camping or outdoor adventures. The unique design keeps sediment out of your cup while letting in delicious coffee oils, resulting in a richer, fuller-bodied brew.

2. Secura French Press Coffee Maker

  • The Secura French Press Coffee Maker is the perfect way to make a delicious, full-bodied cup of coffee. The exterior and interior are made from top-quality 18/10 stainless steel, ensuring that your coffee maker will last for years. Plus, the three-layered stainless steel filter structure traps the smallest coffee grounds, resulting in an exceptional cup of coffee.
  • Then meet your new best friend: the Secura French Press coffee maker! This bad boy is made from top-quality stainless steel and is built to last. Plus, it has a three-layer filter structure that traps even the smallest grounds to give you an exceptional flavor.
  • The Secura French Press Coffee Maker is perfect for making delicious coffee. The 50-ounce capacity makes plenty of coffee for you and your friends, and the 18/10 stainless steel construction ensures that it will last for years. The included stainless steel screen keeps your coffee tasting great, and the Cool touch handle and knob make it easy to pour.

3. MIRA 34 oz Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker with 3 Extra Filters

  • The MIRA Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker is perfect for the coffee lover who wants a durable, high-quality press that will last. The 18/10 stainless steel construction means this French press is unbreakable and shatterproof – no more broken glass and dangerous shards! The insulated design helps keep your coffee hot and ready for your next cup. Quick and easy to use, our metal French press makes delicious pots of hot coffee in minutes. Simply measure out your grounds, heat water, let steep, plunge, and enjoy!
  • French press features an ultra-fine mesh filter that eliminates the taste of a paper filter, while the included three extra filters ensure you always have a fresh cup of coffee on hand. Plus, our French press is perfect for making large quantities of piping hot coffee or cold brew coffee, making it the perfect choice for any coffee lover.
  • The MIRA 34 oz Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker with 3 Extra Filters is the perfect way to start your day. The Bolder Flavors & Aromas of the French press come from its ultra-fine mesh filter that eliminates acids and tastes like you’re drinking coffee or tea straight from the source.

2. Coleman Camping Coffee Maker

  • The Coleman Camping Coffee Maker is the perfect way to start your day while camping. This coffee maker quickly brews up to 10 cups of coffee on a camp stove and fits on most traditional 2- and 3-burner camp stoves. The included 10-cup glass carafe allows for easy pouring, and the removable swing-out filter basket fits 8- to 12-cup filters. The Pause ‘N Serve feature lets you pour a cup before the brew cycle is complete.
  • Wake up and smell the coffee with Coleman’s Camping Coffee Maker. This handy device quickly brews up to 10 cups of joe on a camp stove, making it the perfect accessory for your outdoor adventures. The steel base fits on most traditional 2- and 3-burner camp stoves, while the included 10-cup glass carafe allows for easy pouring.

3. COLETTI Bozeman Camping Coffee Pot

  • COLETTI has you covered with its Bozeman Camping Coffee Pot – a hardwood handle, 18/8 stainless steel percolator coffee pot that is designed specifically for outdoor use. Whether you’re roughing it in the great outdoors or just want an easy and classic way to make camp coffee, this pot is sure to deliver. Plus, with a lifetime replacement guarantee, you can shop with confidence knowing that your purchase is backed by top-quality materials and workmanship.
  • Made with only the finest materials, this coffee percolator is tough enough to take anywhere and easy enough to use even for beginners. With a robust flavor that will get you going in the morning, this is one camp coffee pot you won’t want to be without.
  • The COLETTI Bozeman Camping Coffee Pot will make your outdoor adventures that much more enjoyable! This camp coffee pot is made of 18/8 stainless steel and tempered glass, with hardwood handles, so it’s tough enough to take anywhere. Plus, the medical-grade filters ensure a robust and hot cup of coffee.

4. Eureka! Camp Café 12 Cup Portable Camping Coffee Maker

  • The Eureka! Camp Café is the perfect way to brew coffee while camping. Its 2.5-liter boiling kettle with patented Flux Ring technology boils water twice as fast as a standard kettle, and the pour-over filter holder and 12-cup coffee carafe nest inside for easy transport and storage.
  • Its compact design nests together for easy transport and storage, and it brews quality coffee quickly and easily. Plus, the pour-over filter holder ensures that everyone gets a good cup of joe, and the 12-cup carafe can brew up to 60 ounces of coffee at once.
  • Eureka! Camp Café has everything you need to make fresh coffee on your camping trips. Made of hard-anodized aluminum, the pot and carafe are both durable and lightweight. The integrated lid strainer makes it easy to drain pasta or rice, while the food-grade, BPA-free polypropylene construction ensures your safety.

5. Coleman 12-Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator

  • This sturdy, corrosion-resistant percolator is perfect for regular outdoor use, brewing up to 12 cups of hot, delicious coffee on a camping stove or grill. With its lightweight and durable design, it’s easy to transport and set up wherever you go.
  • This durable, lightweight percolator is designed specifically for regular outdoor use, and can quickly produce up to 12 cups of hot, delicious coffee. The stainless steel construction resists corrosion and wipes down easily, making it ideal for cooking outdoors. And cleanup is a breeze – just remove the base, tube, basket, and basket lid and give everything a good rinse.
  • This durable percolator is built to last, with stainless steel construction that resists corrosion and wipes clean easily. Whether you’re hitting the campsite or spending a weekend at the cabin, this percolator is ideal for groups big and small. Brew up to 12 cups of coffee on your camping stove or grill in minutes – fresh coffee for everyone!

6. GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Steel Percolator Coffee Pot

  • The GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Steel Percolator Coffee Pot is perfect for campers and coffee enthusiasts alike! This ultra-rugged percolator is built from corrosion-resistant Glacier Stainless steel and can withstand ground impacts. Watch your coffee brew through the PercView glass dome, then stay caffeinated with this must-have outdoor accessory.
  • The GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Steel Percolator Coffee Pot will make sure your coffee is hot, strong, and tastes great. Plus, it’s built to last with a lifetime warranty.
  • This ultra-rugged pot is made of stainless steel, meaning your coffee will always taste as it does at home. Plus, the lifetime warranty guarantees that this pot will last you for years to come.

7. Texsport Stainless Steel Coffee Pot Percolator for Outdoor Camping

  • Make your morning coffee while outdoors with this stainless steel percolator from Texsport. It features a heavy-gauge seamless construction that heats quickly and comes with a percolator stem and basket. The top and side handle to make it easy to transport, and the pour spout ensures you don’t spill a drop.
  • This heavy-gauge pot is made of seamless stainless steel and quickly heats up, so you can enjoy a hot cup of coffee while camping. It comes with a percolator stem and basket, so you can make fresh, delicious coffee right on the campfire. Plus, it has easy-pour spouts so you won’t have to worry about spilling your coffee all over the place.
  • Made of heavy-gauge seamless stainless steel, it heats quickly and is perfect for camping or other outdoor activities. The included percolator stem and basket make it easy to brew up a pot of coffee, and the easy pour spout makes it easy to serve.

8. WACACO Pipamoka Portable Coffee Maker

  • This all-in-one device lets you brew and drink coffee on the go, making it perfect for busy commuters or adventure seekers. The patented pressure brewer ensures a consistently clean and full-flavored cup of coffee every time, while the innovative twisting mechanism makes it easy to operate with just one hand.
  • The Pipamoka was designed for people on the move. Its all-in-one design lets you brew and drink from a single device, making it easy to enjoy hot, freshly brewed coffee wherever you go. The patented construction and innovative twisting mechanism generate vacuum pressure inside the mug, which draws hot water downwards through the coffee grounds to produce a consistently clean, full-flavored cup of coffee.
  • This ingenious little device uses vacuum pressure to brew a fresh cup of coffee in minutes, and since it doesn’t rely on disposable paper filters, there’s no waste produced. Plus, the included stainless steel micro-filter is reusable, so you can enjoy your Pipamoka time and time again.

9. Wacaco Minipresso NS Hand Camping Coffee Maker

  • This machine is easy to use and clean, and it delivers delicious espresso with generous crema. Pump a few strokes to pressurize and extract your coffee, then add hot water if needed. Enjoy your perfect cup of coffee on the go with the Wacaco Minipresso NS!
  • This portable espresso machine is compatible with the Nespresso Original capsules and allows you to enjoy a delicious cup of espresso anywhere, anytime. Featuring high precision grinding, measuring, and tamping, there is very little left for error – making it more convenient, mess-free, and easier to clean after use. Simply add any compatible capsules into the outlet head, add hot water into the water tank, unlock the piston from its travel position and pump a few strokes to pressurize and extract delicious espresso with generous crema.
  • This little machine is quick and efficient, making it the perfect choice for on-the-go coffee lovers. It’s also compatible with Nespresso Original capsules, ensuring that you get a great cup of espresso every time. Note that some non Original capsules might not work well with our machines – but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our selection of compatible capsules. Plus, accessories are sold separately so you can customize your experience exactly how you want it!

10. Wacaco Minipresso GR Portable Espresso Machine

  • Unlike other bulky and electric espresso machines, this little guy is small, lightweight, and manual-operated only. You can use any variety of coffee beans/roast with it, giving you more flexibility in trying new flavors. Plus, it’s easy to operate! All you need to do is add ground coffee to the filter basket (with the help of the integrated scoop), apply slight pressure to level the grind, add hot water into the water tank, and finally unlock from its travel position the piston and pump a few strokes.
  • Compact and lightweight, the Minipresso GR is easy to take with you wherever you go. Plus, it’s compatible with any variety of coffee beans or roast, so you can always enjoy your favorite flavor. All you need to do is add hot water and pump a few strokes to create an amazing cup of espresso.
  • Wacaco has your solution: the Minipresso GR. This portable espresso machine is perfect for taking with you wherever you go. It’s compatible with ground coffee, so you can enjoy a delicious cup of espresso anywhere, anytime. And because it’s small and lightweight, the Minipresso GR is easy to transport and store.

11. Stanley French Press 48oz with Double Vacuum Insulation

  • The Stanley French Press with Double Vacuum Insulation is a perfect choice! It features two layers of naturally BPA-free 18/8 stainless steel walls to provide superior insulation, so your coffee stays hot for up to 4 hours and your cold drinks stay cold for up to 9 hours. Plus, the tough and durable mesh plunger is strong enough to keep animals in their field but fine enough to keep grounds out of your cup.
  • It’s made with double vacuum insulation to keep your coffee hot for up to 4 hours, and it also has a mesh plunger to keep grounds out of your cup.
  • Look no further than the Stanley French Press 48oz with Double Vacuum Insulation, Stainless Steel Wide. This durable and easy-to-clean press is perfect for coffee lovers everywhere. With its lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that your Stanley Press is built to last a lifetime.

How to Choose the Perfect Camping Coffee Maker for You

If you’re a coffee-lover, camping is the perfect opportunity to enjoy your favorite drink while enjoying the great outdoors. But not all camping coffee makers are created equal – there are a few factors you’ll want to consider before making your purchase.


The first thing to consider is the size of the coffee maker. If you’re planning on taking your coffee maker camping with you, you’ll want to make sure it’s small and lightweight. Conversely, if you’re only using it at home, you may want something a little bigger that can brew a larger batch of coffee.


Depending on the size of your camping group, you’ll want to make sure you get a coffee maker that can brew enough coffee for everyone. If you usually entertain large groups, you may want to consider getting a 12-cup coffee maker instead of an 8-cup model. Alternatively, if most people just have one cup of joe at breakfast and you’re only making it for yourself, then an 8-cup model might be perfect.


The materials the coffee maker is made from can have a big impact on how it performs. Aquamarine makes good camp stove coffee makers, stainless steel is great for keeping your water hot and plastic won’t impart any flavors into your coffee.


You may want to consider purchasing a camping coffee maker that comes with its own reusable filters. This will keep you from having to carry around stacks of paper filters and it won’t introduce any funky flavors into your coffee.


If you plan on taking your coffee maker camping with you, make sure it’s easy to clean. You don’t want something that requires special brushes or scrubbing pads; an immersible coffee maker is ideal because all you have to do is rinse the parts under running water to get them squeaky clean.

Brew Type

There are two main types of coffee makers – drip brewers and percolators. Drip brewers are the most common type, and they work by dripping hot water over ground coffee beans. Percolators use a similar process, but they also circulate the hot water through the coffee grounds multiple times, which results in a stronger brew.


The most important factor in choosing a camping coffee maker is taste. If you’re not happy with the coffee it produces, you won’t enjoy your camping trip as much. Make sure to read reviews of different models before making your purchase, and go with the one that has the best ratings.


If you’re planning to backpack or hike during your camping trip, you’ll want to choose a coffee maker that is lightweight and portable. Some models are designed specifically for this purpose, while others are smaller and more compact than traditional coffee makers.

Ease of Use

You don’t want to spend your camping trip struggling with a complicated coffee maker. Make sure to pick one that is easy to use – all the functions should be straightforward and easy to operate.


A camping coffee maker is likely to take a beating, so it’s important to choose one that is built to last. Look for models that are made from sturdy materials and have a reliable heating element.

Types of Camping Coffee Makers

There are a few different types of camping coffee makers to choose from, each with its own unique benefits and drawbacks.

Brew Time

How quickly your coffee will brew depends on many different factors, including the type of camping coffee maker you choose. Most models take around four to five minutes to brew, which is perfect for when you’re just waking up and need that caffeine fixes fast.


The percolator is the most popular type of camping coffee maker. It is simple to use and produces a great cup of coffee. However, it is bulky and not very portable, so it’s not ideal for backpacking or hiking.

French Press

The French press is another popular option, thanks to its simplicity and portability. It doesn’t require any electricity or batteries, making it a good choice for campers who want to avoid extra weight. However, the coffee can be a bit weak if you’re not careful with the brewing process.

Thermal Carafe

If you’re looking for a high-quality cup of coffee, a coffee maker with a thermal carafe is the best option. These machines use insulated carafes to keep coffee hot for hours, ensuring that you’ll never have to drink a watered-down cup again. However, they are bulky and not very portable.

Campfire Coffee Pot

The campfire coffee pot is a classic option that has been used by campers for years. It is simple to use and doesn’t require any electricity or batteries. However, it takes longer to brew a cup of coffee and can be difficult to clean.


Your budget will also play a role in your decision-making process. Choose the model that fits your needs and your budget. There are plenty of affordable camping coffee makers on the market, so you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy a delicious cup of joe while camping.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long do you let coffee percolate camping?

When the water is boiling, move it away from the fire or turn down the heat to low. Allow the coffee to percolate slowly for at least 5-10 minutes before drinking; you’ll want a strong cup!

2. Is it safe to leave water in a coffee maker overnight?

Though there are certain risks such as a possibility of bacteria growth, water staleness, and potential contamination due to leaving your brewer on all night in hot weather conditions. Leaving the reservoir will not hurt anything but it’s better safe than sorry so if you’re going away for an extended period make sure that both heads have been removed before turning off for storage

A lot of people might think about what happens when they leave their coffee maker turned on overnight; namely drying out some parts like filters or heating devices which can lead to permanent damage over time.

3. How do you know when percolator coffee is done?

Watch as the coffee bubbles up through its glass globe on top. You should see some every few seconds and if there is steam coming out of your percolator, it’s too hot- turn down the heat! Serve with pleasure!

4. What is the coffee to water ratio for a percolator?

For the perfect cup of coffee, use 1 tablespoon per cup for strong brews and less if you prefer your drink lighter. For very weak pots or those with a lot going on at once in terms of flavors will require more than ¼ teaspoon total — almost like drinking from an espresso machine!

5. Why does my percolator makes weak coffee?

When coffee brewed in a percolator is exposed to higher temperatures, such as those that occur during heating of water for the brewing process or when heated containers are used after brewing (especially hot plates), acids from bean mix with other chemicals and create an unpleasant taste.

The best way around this problem would be using an accurate thermometer or by testing different temperature levels starting at 75 degrees Fahrenheit (24 Celsius). This allows you enough time before pouring through fresh grounds so they can adjust accordingly without burning them which produces bitter flavors instead tastes great!


If you’re camping and want to make coffee, what do you need? You’ll need a pot or pan for boiling water. A mug. Ground coffee beans (or instant). And some sort of filters like paper filters, metal mesh strainer, or even cheesecloth if your camp stove has an electric heating element that’s safe for food use! The best camping coffee maker would be one that brews quickly and easily, and you don’t need any power sources for it.

If you’re looking for the best camping coffee maker to suit your needs, then take a look at our top picks. Whether it’s something lightweight and simple or more durable and heavy-duty that you need, we have just what you are looking for. The right coffee maker can make all the difference in how well-rested and refreshed you feel after enjoying your morning cup of joe while roughing it outdoors. This is why we’ve done some research on these products so that choosing one would be easy as pie.


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