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Top 7 Best Carbon Steel Woks in 2024

Woks made of carbon steel have proven their worth over time, providing exceptional advantages in culinary settings. These indispensable kitchen items can be found in households everywhere. They are not only excellent for preparing stir-fries, but these multifaceted pans can also handle numerous other cooking duties.

Whether stir-frying, smoking, steaming, deep-frying, or perhaps carbonated, a carbon steel wok can allow you to add pleasure to your own cooking whilst adding taste to your food at precisely the exact same moment.

Its substance composition makes all of the difference. Both cast iron and carbon steel contain carbon within them but carbon steel has a lower proportion of carbon compared to cast iron. This leaves carbon steel pliable, resulting in the lighter and more better-curved wok while keeping it is fast and even heat distribution properties. Carbon steel woks will also be more economical and readily form their own non-toxic coating.

Inside this carbon steel wok inspection, you are going to find a listing of the best carbon steel wok on the current market and a comprehensive purchasing guide that will assist you to make the ideal option.

Top 3 Best Carbon Steel Woks

  1. Craft Wok Traditional Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Pow Wok
  2. Souped Up Carbon Steel Wok
  3. Joyce Chen Carbon Steel Wok

List Of 7 Best Carbon Steel Wok Reviews

1. Craft Wok Traditional Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Pow Wok

  • This is only one of those commercial-grade traditional carbon steel woks that supply all the qualities of a delicate utensil that assists in cooking. It consists of a 1.8millimeter carbon steel sheet that offers par caliber of quality.
  • This is among those true designs of the Craft Wok. With this round underside conventional Chinese wok, you can obtain compatibility with virtually all these cooktops whether it is electric or gas.
  • Just remember this isn’t favored for apartment electric cooktops as a result of the curved shape of the foundation. An individual can find the very best in class customer support for this work.
  • This is only one of those cooktops which have been hand-hammered through its entire body. The hand beating allows you to acquire a precise shape that may offer efficacy whilst cooking any kind of dish.
  • This carbon steel wok has shown its quality since it’s widely favored but most professional chefs. It has a steel assistant handle that empowers you to have a durable grip whilst cooking anything.

2. Souped Up Carbon Steel Wok

  • Souped Up Recipes created a new her own and produced this very best carbon steel wok for an electrical stove. The lightweight and best-rated wok includes 12.5 inches in diameter and made from heavy-gauge carbon steel.
  • In comparison to other wooden handles and loops that this one has much more efficient and modern pieces. The black round-shape wooden grips and loop is suitable and looks appealing.
  • Now the operation. You may try out any wok recipes on it. The kettle has sufficient depth that warms up really fast and retains the heat for better cooking. But use low to moderate flam in case you don’t wish to burn anything.
  • You have to wash the expert carbon steel flat bottom wok with warm water only. For eliminating brunt foods, then use warm water and a scouring pad. If you use soap, then the seasoning is going to be eliminated. For greater functionality wipe with couple of drops of oil prior to leasing.

3. Joyce Chen Carbon Steel Wok

  • This beautiful Joyce Chen wok has a diameter of 14 inches and includes a 25-year guarantee, which demonstrates how positive the producers are with this item. The surface of the best carbon steel wok is smooth, scratch-free, and manages very nicely. Made from carbon dioxide, the inside of the item is non-stick.
  • It’s a pretty thick wall in 1.5mm. It’s a metal frame and birch wood grips. These grips make it easy to pick up and reverse. There’s a large deal on both sides, and also a bigger “helper” handle right contrary to it. This is just another reason it is excellent for flipping.
  • The wok is horizontal in the base. This usually means you could put this to use on electrical, gas, and electric stoves. Although it’s fairly smooth, the curved sides prevent food from spilling from it once you turn or flip it.
  • Like most kitchen cookware, the carbon steel wok comes with an oil coating on it if it arrives. It was employed to avoid some rust from forming during storage and transit. This coat has to be scrubbed off using water and soap.

4. 14 Inches Carbon Steel Wok with Helper Handle

  • On the lookout for a cooking wok that could sit nicely on a grill or even an electric stove? Then this wok out of Wok-Shop might be a wonderful selection for your cooking requirements.
  • The wok is created with unseasoned thick carbon steel that allows for quick, even distribution of warmth when preparing your own foods. Its wooded manage, blonde, side spool manage, and layout, make you’re cooking a breeze and fun.
  • Not forgetting the slight little spot in the center that prevents the wok from fully sitting on a level surface which makes it more secure. The flattened diameter approximates to 6″ and enables even distribution of warmth on the induction array.
  • One characteristic which adds a bonus for this particular wok is its capability to not just enable even distribution of warmth but also even cooling system. Seasoning is needed before utilizing the wok to provide it mileage and protect against rusting.

5. M.V. Trading 12 Inches Carbon Steel Wok with Helper Handle

  • M.V. Trading provides you with the most effective flat-bottom carbon steel. It is made for anyone who has horizontal stove-tops additionally to enjoy stir-fry cooking in a wok since conventional woks can not do that.
  • Unlike conventional wok, this one also includes a lot of fancy layouts, giving it a contemporary and fashionable appearance that fits superbly into any kitchen.
  • The drawback here is that lacking a round floor means that you’re restricted in just how much salty and deep-frying you can perform with it. However, its flat bottom makes it usable by most, and therefore it is a fantastic trade-off.
  • You may put it in any of 3 sizes, such as 12, 14, and 16 inches, so as to accommodate the number of individuals that you intend to cook for in a go. Do note anyhow, the bigger versions are more expensive compared to smaller ones.

6. Joyce Chen Flat Bottom Wok

  • This apartment base 14-inch wok boasts a heavy gauge and uncoated carbon steel frame with a protective handle resistant to heat. The conventional household size wok is ideal for cooking a broad array of meals and is ideal for use on petrol, electric, and induction stoves.
  • The carbon steel wok is mild with just two phenolic handles on either side making it simple for the consumer to select it once cooking is completed.

7. Helen’s Asian Kitchen Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen Flat Bottom Wok

  • Carbon steel wok stems in the conventional wok-manufacturing new Helen’s Asian Kitchen. This carbon steel wok has a diameter of 14-Inches.
  • Carbon steel distributes heat quickly so foods cook evenly; the cooking surface collects a natural patina over time for non-stick cooking performance.
  • Flat bottom sits securely on any stovetop; works with gas, electric, and induction; high-domed lid retains heat and prevents splatters.
  • Among the noteworthy things about this wok is the fact that it is accompanied by an appealing lid, a bamboo-produced spatula along with a cookbook.

Buying Guide for the Best Carbon Steel Wok

The wok is among the most flexible cooking utensils that are ideal for stir-frying and cooking a huge assortment of meals. It may be used in elevated heat and is a favorite utensil amongst industrial chefs. But with the marketplace loaded with many distinct kinds of functions, it will become hard to pick the perfect and also the best one. If you’re interested in finding a perfect carbon steel wok, this is the guide that can assist you with your choice.

Steel Construction

The building of wok is the most significant point to think about as the equilibrium and its durability is based upon the material used for building. The uncoated carbon steel has become the most popular option as it assists in the rapid transfer of heat and its distribution throughout the surface. The carbon steel is made of commercial-grade durability, inexpensive, and can be rust-resistant when the seasoning is completed prior to storage.

The Form of this Utensil

The form of this utensil is quite critical as we need it to be compatible with induction, open flame, and electrical cooktops. The horizontal bottom shape of the carbon steel wok is the ideal one which is quite compatible and may be used for various food. The concave properties of this wok are extremely important consideration since it can help to radiate heat uniformly and intensely to ease rapid cooking.


When cooking with a carbon steel wok, you’ll most probably be dealing with rather substantial temperatures that need you to take care of, so it is a good idea to have handles that are resistant to some high temperature to assist in tackling the wok. It’s ideal to look at purchasing a carbon steel wok that’s wooden grips that you may find to be quite handy when maneuvering the wok.


When searching for the very best carbon steel wok, there’s a good deal of alternatives. The most significant elements of a fantastic steel wok are even heat supply, security (in the kind of a helper handle), the suitable size for your requirements, and suitable seasoning and attention.

In comparison to other cooking utensils, cooking by means of a carbon steel wok is easy, healthful, fast, and energy-efficient. Nothing may conquer the cooking encounter utilizing carbon steel woks. The works are produced to coincide with all cooking needs.

Just half of this wok equation is your wok. Another half is seasoning and upkeep. Follow the directions for seasoning into the letter. And do not rush it. Seasoning a carbon steel wok (or some other carbon steel ) is labor-intensive, however, if done correctly, it shouldn’t be done another time. And remember never to use detergents or soap in a bowl that is seasoned.


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