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Top 13 Best Cast Iron Griddles in 2024

If there’s a type of kitchenware that can handle almost any cooking task, it’s certainly the cast iron. Built from an extremely robust blend of carbon and steel, the cast iron griddle heats and cooks uniformly, and is resilient to the everyday wear and tear like scuffs, dents, or scratches that often damage other pans.

It may sear a steak attractively, maintain a constant temperature for deep-frying, and may also be utilized as bakeware to your favorite cornbread recipe. While many different types of cookware need to be replaced after a time period, a cast iron griddle just gets better with time (provided that you keep them correctly ).

Based on which sort of foods you intend on cooking, then it is worth it to examine the cooking surface. Cast iron griddle includes smooth, flat surfaces that heat evenly, making them suitable for making sandwiches, paninis, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Grills, on the other hand, while made from cast iron, have increased “ribs,” which allow excess fat to drain out of the meals whilst concurrently searing (satisfying) grill marks on anything you are cooking.

Whether you’re interested in a budget-friendly purchase or are to put money into another family home, these best cast iron griddles have near-perfect evaluations and enthused reviews describing the reason why they’re so good – so it’s possible to trust they belong in your kitchen.

What’s a Cast Iron Griddle?

The foundation of cast iron kitchen utensils dates back into antiquity. The initial cast iron teapot emerged from the 7th century, but historians say it dates back much farther. Why are cast-iron skillets and griddles or skillets so significant now? Well, many chefs and gourmets around the globe have recently found that this substance is excellent for everyday use, not just due to its robustness and physiological properties but also for many reasons which we’ll discuss.

This substance has been popular before the 1960s when Teflon and aluminum kitchen utensils obtained thanks to the progress of technologies. As individuals turned to these materials of their future and using cast iron started to fade, it was rediscovered at the start of the 21st century. Famous chefs and chefs from all around the world started to discuss it, and the press made it popular. Even though it might seem somewhat odd, it’s currently utilized in both residential and business uses.

Even though it has its ups and downs in Western civilization, cast iron cooking utensils have not been confiscated or produced unpopularly in the Far East. Nations like China, Japan, Korea, and India have cast iron as a standard substance for their own kitchen utensils, while it’s a luxury restaurant or a tiny private property.

In other words, the technology supporting this exceptional material isn’t too complex. Contrary to other cooking surfaces and household appliances, cast iron may have an infinite lifespan, naturally, with appropriate maintenance. What distinguishes cast iron out from additional kitchen substances are particular rituals like holding an iron, keeping it if it isn’t employed for quite a while, or glue it. And obviously, among the most significant reasons for picking this material is its ability to withstand very substantial temperatures, even if subjected to heat sources like an open fire.

Type of Cast Iron Griddle

Comparable to their electrical sockets, cast iron cookware comes in many shapes and dimensions. The three most common are:


The hottest and most versatile model of cast iron cooking surface. Griddles can allow you to prepare a variety of meals. Although cast iron griddles are popular due to their breakfast-making capability, that’s merely the tip of this iceberg. Essentially, a cast iron griddle is a level surface that you set along with a heating source so as to prepare meals. This apartment surface is excellent for milder foods that solidify throughout the cooking process (eggs, pancakes, etc.), but could also be used to cook meats (polyunsaturated and fat ), vegetables, along with dough-based foods.


Some griddles arrive with an extra grilling attribute. This is made to be a reversible griddle-to-grill plate, or at times the maker just adds another cast iron grill plate on the medial side. The cast iron grill side is the most helpful when preparing fat meats or juicier veggies since the surplus juices and fat can be different due to its grill dents.


A skillet is nearly just like a pan. A cast-iron skillet is generally bigger than the ordinary pan, and its principal objective is creating food that has to be stirred a whole lot. Compared with cast iron griddles, skillets are somewhat limited in regards to the kinds of food that you may make. But there is a lot of approaches to cook with cast iron skillets for creating omelets and tender foods, using their protective sides to stop clogs.

List Of 13 Best Cast Iron Griddle Reviews

1. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet With Assist Handle

The major point of the 10.25-inch, 5-pound skillet is its own user-friendly dimension. “Weighing a pound less than rivals puts this Lodge skillet in a course of its own, and I’m more inclined to reach with this particular pan period and “.

In regards to pre-seasoned, and our expert says it is quite simple to wash. Additionally, it will come with a Nokona leather handle holder, but our tester believed that this “additional” is not worth the extra cost and believed it ought to be marketed individually.

2. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle With Easy-Grip Handle

This version is somewhere between a cast iron skillet along a cast iron griddle. It’s a skillet, but bigger, very similar to a griddle. This skillet-looking griddle has a well-designed cast iron grip, which has a hole in the center, for quicker cooling. The substance is already experienced, and it’s about to go after you get your hands on it.

The maker, which can be about the cookware market since the 19th century, also meant with this griddle to be utilized for food. Curved edges make this cast iron griddle perfect for foods that need a great deal of stirring while cooking. Omelets and cut meat will be the foods that this griddle shines on.

The heating is 10.5 inches in diameter and.5 inches deep. Cast iron handle can also be designed for a hook grip, in the event that you would like to hang the griddle someplace dry.

3. Lodge LSRG3 Cast Iron Single-Burner Reversible Grill/Griddle

This is Lodge LSRG3 Cast Iron Single-Burner Reversible Griddle the sole square cast iron griddle we’ve included in our listing. This 10.5 x 10.5 inch cast iron plate was made to cover one furnace burner or electrical heating unit. The iron griddle is reversible also has a smooth side for bacon, eggs, and breakfast generally along with a broiled side for meats, hamburgers in addition to juicy vegetables.

This version is handmade by an organization that’s been in the marketplace for more than a century. The griddle is currently experienced so that you may begin cooking right in the beginning go. As a result of its streamlined double-sided layout, this reversible cast iron griddle could be transformed into a big oven plate. This implies it is also feasible to cook a number of pizza dishes around the table. There are two handles on the square griddle.

This dish is excellent for cooking recipes for 2 individuals at precisely the exact same time and is a superb addition to the kitchen utensils such as breakfast.

4. Cast Iron Square Grill Pan with Glass Lid

This square cast iron skillet includes a handy glass lid to prevent splatters; a detachable, non-slip, heat-resistant silicone cap to the handle; along also a free scraper to generate cleanup cinch. Once it includes pre-seasoned (even though it’s uncertain with what oil), the producer still urges seasoning it yourself before use.

It is excellent for preparing meats, however, it is also possible to use it to cook sandwiches, vegetables, and whatever else you want to grill. In addition, it is acceptable for indoor or outdoor use, which means that you may use it in your home or even take it camping.

5. Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Signature Iron Handle Skillet

Few manufacturers inspire loyalty and enthusiasm rather like Le Creuset. The French firm is renowned because of its ultra-high-quality cast iron, and its enameled cast iron pans are no exception. Cast individually in sand molds and hand-inspected by specialists, the skillets include a black enamel interior that requires no extra seasoning.

What is more, the enameled cast iron additionally provides exceptional heat retention in contrast to other nonstick skillets and can be dishwasher-safe for easier cleanup.

Le Creuset’s skillets also contain a massive loop helper handle for simple lifting (even with oven mitts!), in addition to spouts on either side to get drip-free pouring. Pick from a huge array of colors, such as brilliant cherry or chic oyster.

6. Lodge Pro-Logic 12 Inch Square Cast Iron Griddle

The Lodge Pro-Logic is a superb way to acquire professional-style grilled steaks. This pre-seasoned square griddle pan gives a wide cooking area with sufficient room to prepare everything. The warmth is dispersed across the entire surface to make it less difficult to cook every meal.

Unlike a lot of cooking surfaces, the pre-seasoned cast iron from this Pro Logic makes it effortless to keep the non-stick skills, so that you may continue to utilize this skillet for a lifetime. It’s possible to maintain the original appearance of the cast iron griddle pan with routine seasoning using vegetable oil to even heating and excellent cooking performance.

The Pro Logic can heat up to 500 degrees, therefore it may be used on gas or electric cooktops, ovens, as well as campfires.

7. Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

The 12-Inch Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet provides both elegance and flexibility to your kitchen. Whether you are learning to cook or a seasoned expert, this pan is classic.

If well cared for, it could be passed from 1 generation of chefs into another. This skillet translates beautifully in the kitchen into the dining table as you create every meal a memory.

8. Reversible Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle 24″

The cooking surface of the model is the biggest of all. Most clients are happy with the cooking outcomes and the simple use of the goods. The simple fact that they can cook several foods to get a significant family is quite convenient.

On the downside, some have been frustrated since the iron has not kept it together for long. Being a cast iron griddle, people expect it to last for a very long time. But it has not been standard as well as the vast majority of folks have had it without a fracture.

9. Victoria Rectangular Cast Iron Double Burner, Reversible Griddle Grill Seasoned

The end on the Victoria Rectangular Cast Iron Reversible Griddle and Grill is a lot more superior compared to other comparable pans in the industry. This pan has fewer defects. We love the way it reaches the perfect temperature immediately, and the way it cooks food evenly too.

Cleanup is a breeze however, you shouldn’t ever soak it in water. Considering that the durability of cast iron is so durable, it is something you could use for a long time to come.

10. Broil King 11221 Cast Iron Griddle

Another reversible cast iron griddle for petrol stove on the record is from the home of Broil King. For more than a hundred decades, Broil King was creating top-quality kitchen and BBQ appliances. Promising a zero compromise with quality, the 11221 griddle is really a masterstroke in their own production.

The skillet consists of highly durable cast iron griddle. It includes a normal cooking side along with a ribbed side on the other part. While the normal level surface is for conventional cooking, the ribbed surface is devoted to searing.

So enjoy any sort of cooking at any event together with all the Broil King 11221. A simple reverse can make it incredibly easy for you to make the ideal meal at the ideal moment! It is accompanied by an outstanding cooking surface. Measuring almost 15-inch from 12.8-inch, the pan is enormous. It’s possible to home any food – make it that the veggies, beacons, chicken, or whatnot!

Again, the increased border bars are extremely helpful once you’re opting for cooking. The pubs are certain that you don’t throw the food beyond the pan at all.

11. Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Crepe Pan with Rateau and Spatula

Like the remainder of Le Creuset’s cookware, this cast iron crepe pan does not disappoint when it comes to durability and aesthetics. It’s a stunning enamel outside and a high-quality nonstick surface, meaning that, unlike raw cast iron, so it does not have to be experienced before use and may be hauled into the dishwasher.

But, in accordance with our expert, it will require a little bit of training to produce the perfect crepes. That is because, although the pan retains heat exceptionally well, it is not even, together with the regions of the pan which unifies with all the stovetop being warmer than the borders.

12. Home-Complete Cast Iron Pizza Pan-14” Skillet for Cooking

This durable, heavy-duty cast iron pan is pre-seasoned (with vegetable oil), and while it is ideal for producing crispy, equally baked pizzas, it may also be utilized for grilling vegetables, baking biscuits, broiling, or even as a skillet.

Its convenient side grips allow for simple maneuverability, though, a note of warning, they’ll get hot, so use the contained silicone hot manage holders.

13. Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Single Burner 10X10 Reversible Grill Griddle

This 10″x10″ cast iron griddle comes pre-seasoned, making them more ready to cook from the minute they arrive in your kitchen. Whether you intend on carrying your cast-iron baskets into the camp, cooking together in your own kitchen, or pitching them on the grill, using at least maintenance this will last a lifetime and provide you all of the advantages of cast-iron cooking.

On one side it is possible to cook a whole breakfast of eggs, sausage, and bacon to get you personally. Flip it to Grill beef, chicken, or sandwiches. With the combo of the cast iron griddle, you’re all set. The griddle includes a broad grip handle for simple handling. This griddle can help foods cook faster and more evenly.

Buying Guide for the Best Cast Iron Griddles

We’ve noticed why some people today think cast iron is a primary option when it comes to cleaning materials. Today it’s time to experience the main elements and specifications that you need to factor in prior to deciding about the most-fitting cast iron griddle for your kitchen.


It’s necessary to keep in mind that, rather than aluminum ceramic griddles, cast iron griddles have a tendency to be somewhat heftier, and weigh more generally. That really is nothing to be fearful of. Just like any sort of merchandise today, thicker means sturdier. You can’t expect a griddle that lasts for a long time to weigh a few pounds just. The typical weight of a cast iron griddle is about 10-12 lbs, which is, considering everything you get in return, maybe not that heavy in any respect. These plates may endure a great deal, and those few added pounds really mean a good deal!

Concerning dimensions, the measurements of iron griddles/grills/skillets don’t ramble away from the other forms. Skillets are smaller naturally, and griddles manage to prepare foods for more people in precisely the exact same moment. A normal cast iron griddle could take care of a pair of 4-6 pancakes and sausages simultaneously, with a few bacon or veggies on the other side.

Overall, if portability is an important factor, you don’t need to be worried. As we mentioned in the section above, folks also consider cast iron skillets on biking excursions.

Heating Retention and Thermal Capacities

May be among the main specifications which distinguish cast iron as a substance from each other around the kitchen marketplace: the thermal capability. Iron, as a substance, can consume a great deal of heat, and it doesn’t allow it to move fast. Since you probably already figured out, gradually cooling is a much-wanted characteristic.

Primarily, it makes it possible to save energy without needing to include warmth all the time. Another reason you’d love to get a high-capacity griddle is regarding the food itself. When preparing meals for many individuals, some components get colder quicker than many others. Having a slow-cooling cast iron griddle plate, then you’ll have the ability to maintain these sections of your meal hot before everything is cooked. Imagine working out a half-cold meal for your home guests. Not with cast iron!

The upcoming major thing concerning the thermal capacities of cast iron griddles is that the endurance that this substance reveals. Don’t be weirded out when you notice that individuals use their cast iron skillets and griddles using their oven, another open flame, and stove burners. Due to the cast iron intense heat endurance, then you may even bake a complete pizza onto it. It helps the substance get stronger and more lasting in the long term. This opens a completely new universe of recipe experimentation and invention that’s right for you, so don’t hesitate to use it such as this, provided that your cooker can match it in, naturally.


This expression comes out a great deal when cast iron has been cited. The procedure for seasoning is really the procedure for fixing the griddle, grill, or skillet in order to coat it with a much-necessary coating of security. This protective film works both ways: keep your cookware rust-free and constantly wash, while retaining the”aftertaste” of foods cooked earlier, and also to secure yours from possibly ingesting part of their rusted/damaged material.

The sole procedure has a few carefully made measures (that we’re likely to deal with a little later), and also among the principal reasons it’s done would be to maintain the cast iron surface non-invasive. This produces the cooking process simpler and helps with maintaining the griddle clean.

Additionally, it’s very good to understand that seasoning of cast iron may act as recovery too. Old and damaged cast iron griddles could be repaired by seasoning correctly and making certain the damage does not repeat again.

Heat Source and Protection

With such a jelly-like substance speaking about heating resources may seem like a lot of. But you ought to think about the methods for heating that will dictate the way your food is cooked. Let us go through the most frequent heating sources and how to use them to create heat for your cast iron griddle.

Standard electric stovetop

If gas stoves are not available, it’s possible that you’re using a typical electric stove. By all means, griddles are favorable to be employed together, nevertheless, heat coverage won’t be as good as you would expect. Some griddles are designed to match precise stove forms, but if that’s not true, you’ll need to wait for a little on your griddle to warm up. And, regrettably, you won’t have the ability to use the borders of the cast iron griddle, since they’ll be colder than the rest.


As we already mentioned, cast iron griddles may be utilized as pans or baking trays too. You may bake cakes, biscuits, or any sort of dish which could fit along with the griddle plate, without falling off. This sort of warmth is evenly dispersed, but griddles frequently don’t have quick-cooling handles, so be careful when using it with a cooker.

Standard gas stovetop

That is, undoubtedly, the most frequent heat source for the cast iron griddle. The flame beneath the griddle plate will immediately distribute and offer an entire (or nearly complete) heat policy. Some cooker producers have precise griddle types that may closely fit their gas stovetops. If that is true, you’ll have the best-cast iron griddle cooking experience.

Open flame

Yes, we can’t emphasize enough the wonderful heat resistance of cast iron. Bring it into camping excursions and have an expert cast iron griddle to produce the ideal breakfast camping or food bites.

The very last thing concerning the heated surface would be to assess whether the cast iron griddle you have your attention to covers one or two stovetop places. Skillets and more compact griddles always cover one stovetop area, which can be more than sufficient.

Glass stovetop

Though it’s possible, we don’t encourage the usage of cast iron using a stovetop made from glass. However hard the glass is, cast iron is heavy and usually robust, and it may hurt (or even in some instances violate ) the glass surface of your cooker. Some newer glass top stoves are intended to survive cast iron cookware, so ensure that you check before you begin cooking.

How to Cook on a Cast Iron Griddle

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Foods can be Cooked on a Cast Iron Griddle?

You can cook practically anything about a well-seasoned griddle from pancakes and hashbrowns to beef and hamburgers. Many griddles include a smooth side and a ridged side. The ridges may be utilized to create those yummy grill marks in your own steaks, hamburgers, or veggies.

If your griddle may be utilized in the oven, then it’s likely to sear your dish prior to completing it in the oven. This generates succulent meats or yummy vegetables. Therefore, if you would like to whip up a grilled cheese or make a professional fashion beef, a griddle may offer the ideal instrument.

2. Can I use Steel Wool to Clean My Cast Iron Griddle?

Absolutely not, and for good reason too. Steel wool is tough, and even if it’s the property we have to wash dishes, it hurts the cast iron, which is often irreparable. We advocate using a milder plastic brush to wash the dishes, or when you insist on using alloy, put money into a string disk. By carefully after the cleaning procedure with extra heating, then you are able to eliminate residual dirt out of the cast iron griddle plate.

3. Can I use a Cast Iron Griddle for the Glass Cooktop?

Most cast iron griddles may be used on glass cooktops, however, you need to be especially cautious. Wrought cast iron is heavy and you have to prevent dragging it around the outside or you risk scratching the glass. Again, it’s a great idea to inspect manufacturer recommendations to find out if certain models can work in your own glass cooktop.

4. How Long can I Keep My Cast Iron Griddle in the Heat Source?

The attractiveness of cast iron for a material is the fact that it can’t be damaged by traditional stoves. In training, you may keep it from the heat source so long as you want or desire. You have to remember, however, the cast iron griddle will get more and more hard to wash when cooked for longer intervals. Make certain not to leave the cleanup procedure until tomorrow.

5. Can I Clean My Cast Iron Griddle with Cold Water?

Although it’s possible, it’s never suggested. The sole explanation is the character of the substance metals or iron generally. In a cold environment, iron causes and soothes micro-perforations from the plate, and this causes increased harm.

To be certain that to are in possession of a durable cast iron plate, then wash it with warm or warm water. Particularly if your griddle plate is not cold yet. Large temperature differences can at times make the plate split. Because of this, it’s ideal to allow it to cool before washing.


A comprehensive guide on the best way best to select the best cast iron griddle for your kitchen. Making meals is something most of us do each and every day, so why don’t you try and make it as healthy and enjoyable as possible. There are various kinds of cast iron cookware on the market, and we’re certainly pleased to assist you to decide, together with our hottest cast iron griddle reviews.

It retains heat well so that you can sear meat in higher temperatures and will continue to keep your flavorful meals warm for quite a while. The negative reviews about it say that the deal gets warm (but using a potholder you need to be nice ) and that you might have to adhere to a few additional measures for good cleaning and attention.

We hope you enjoyed our manual, also in case, you’ve got something to ask or include, don’t hesitate to take action from the comment sections below.


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