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Top 7 Best Cast Iron Waffle Makers in 2024

Although it might seem like a significant transition to change from an electric waffle maker to a cast-iron version, the latter is actually not as antiquated as it may appear. The cast-iron waffle maker comes with various benefits that are not found in its electric counterpart. The beauty of using a cast-iron waffle maker is that it doesn’t require electricity to create delicious waffles. Instead, it offers versatility by allowing you to utilize a stovetop, campfire, or gas burner to create enticing, fluffy, and light waffles.

The waffle makers listed are 100% cast iron waffle makers with beautiful steel and wood handles. They can be used in any price range and come with many useful specialties such as a leather hanging strap, non-stick coating, antirust coating, leather waffle recipe book, leather waffle recipe booklet, small size, elegant black bodies, compact size, etc. Pick the best cast iron waffle maker that best suits your needs.

Benefits of Cast Iron Waffle Maker

  • Simple handling and cleaning: People are often curious about how to clean waffle makers. Are they prone to leaving a stubborn stain? No. The waffle maker, also known as a waffle iron, is one of the easiest appliances you can clean. Spray oil on the plates to ensure that your waffles come out clean.
  • Heating quickly: Waffle makers take less time to heat than an oven or stove. A quick heating feature in the thermostat system makes it possible to make waffles quickly.
  • Make multiple dishes: This miracle appliance will make your breakfast table look amazing every day. A cast iron waffle maker can make waffles, cookies, and pizzas.
  • It’s not messy or greasy: Waffle makers are easy to use and clean up after they have been turned on. After waffles have been made, there is no residue of grease or untidiness.
  • It’s not expensive: Waffle makers don’t have to break the bank. This electric counter appliance is ideal for those who want to make healthy desserts every day. Find the best cast iron waffle maker deals on Amazon and choose the machine that suits your needs.

Top 3 Best Cast Iron Waffle Makers

  1. Rome Industries Old Fashioned Waffle Cast Iron
  2. HAWOK Cast Iron Waffle Iron Waffle Maker
  3. Skeppshult Waffle Heart Shape Maker

List Of 7 Best Cast Iron Waffle Maker Reviews

1. Rome Industries Old Fashioned Waffle Cast Iron

  • A compact machine that is small, efficient, and can bake quickly will be an excellent choice if you make babycakes or breakfasts often.
  • The machine is easy to use. You just need to knead and then form the ingredients as you wish. Next, place the waffle on the waffle maker. Next, bake the mold on the gas or fire-wood stove for the correct time.
  • Rome Industries has a premium glossy design available in traditional gray tones as well as 3D reflective textures. A scratch-resistant coating protects the case and ensures long durability. Users can also use the automatic disconnect feature to prevent the cake from burning by heating up.
  • The cast iron waffle maker has five different baking capabilities, each with a different time and ripeness. It cooks quickly due to its large diameter and stable thermal conductivity.

2. HAWOK Cast Iron Waffle Iron Waffle Maker

  • This compact, reliable, cast iron waffle maker can be stored in an RV or camper van. You can also keep it in your backpack so you can take it on your next camping trip. This design is best used on a gas camp stove or a home stove.
  • The waffle iron measures approximately 6.7 inches in diameter. This means that you can make a delicious, 6.5-inch waffle at any time. To prevent waffles from sticking to the waffle iron, they must be properly seasoned.

3. Skeppshult Waffle Heart Shape Maker

  • Skeppshult’s Antique look cast iron waffle maker takes up very little space in any cupboard or cabinet. Its sleek, antique design will complement any kitchen decor. This cast iron waffle maker is completely eco-friendly and non-messy.
  • You can keep your countertop clean and tidy every time you use it. The waffle maker has a 5-inch heart-shaped design that makes it easy to make crispy, thin waffles at home. It’s nonstick, easy to clean, beautiful, and sturdy, and makes a great cast iron waffle maker.

4. Chuck Wagon Waffle Iron

  • This durable, nonstick cast iron waffle maker from Orvis makes waffles on the barbecue grill or campfire. The solid wood handles keep the iron cool as it heats up. This waffle maker is essential for outdoor cooks.
  • This cast iron waffle machine is easy to use and can be used anywhere you have a stove or gas oven. It also features a removable hinge system that makes cleanup easy and a hanging strap to store it.

5. Presto 03512 Stuffler Stuffed Waffle Maker

  • The aluminum alloy cast iron waffle maker is lightweight and comfortable to hold. The nonstick coating on the cake tray makes it easy to clean.
  • Mold is very efficient in terms of thermal conductivity, uniform heating, and rapid temperature rise. This helps to save fuel costs. You can bake with confidence thanks to the long, well-insulated handle.
  • You can make different cakes, fried eggs, sausages, and other baked goods. Belgian waffles can be baked on the machine’s waffle tray. You can save time and have more options for your breakfasts.
  • Non-stick ceramic material is used in the machine’s baking tray. This gives it five times more durability and allows for faster cleaning. Two replacement baking trays are included, as well as a powder measuring spoon.

6. Dash DMW001CU Mini Maker for Individual Waffles

  • Are you longing for potato or hashbrown waffles? You can forget about all your worries and enjoy the delicious waffles you make. You can order the Dash mini waffle maker from Amazon to make delicious waffles for your children and guests in just 3 minutes. This model allows you to access hundreds of waffle recipes and allow you to create new desserts every single day.
  • The Dash mini waffle maker dmw001cu is a great example of a versatile appliance that can be used to make many delicious delicacies. Start with Panini, hashbrowns, and biscuit pizzerias. You can put anything in this machine, and you will enjoy waffles made from any batter or dough.
  • This appliance measures 5×6.4×2.8 inches and weighs in at 1.41 pounds. This model comes in a copper color and is a great addition to any of your kitchen appliances.
  • It is easy to use. It is easy to connect the machine. The machine can be connected and switched on in just a few minutes. This appliance has nonstick plates that allow the batter to stick to the surfaces and cook evenly.

7. Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Non-Stick Belgian Waffle Maker

  • This Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Nonstick Belgian Waffle Maker will make delicious waffles. This appliance can make waffles, but it’s also great for making other delicious treats. This miracle machine can transform your breakfast menu into a gourmet feast. It can also make waffles and hash brownies.
  • The Belgian Waffle Maker is a versatile waffle maker that’s a top-selling product in the US. This machine can transform any batter into delicious homemade waffles, which can be made without harmful chemical preservatives.
  • This top-rated Belgian waffle machine makes fluffy waffles in minutes. Browning Control is an option that allows you to customize the waffle according to the user’s linking. This model has important features such as power on and preheats lights. They indicate when the waffle iron has been preheated and when batter should be added.
  • This compact appliance’s design is admirable. Its sleek style makes it a great addition to any kitchen. The stainless steel handles can be safely handled. The appliance’s non-stick coating is designed to be easy to clean without creating any mess.

Buying Guide for the Best Cast Iron Waffle Maker


It is important to be clear about how you intend to use your waffle maker. For those who enjoy camping, a good product should be able to adapt to different environments. There are some brands that can only be used with certain stoves. This can make it difficult to use the recommended heating element and could leave you feeling vulnerable. We have flexible products, such as Rome’s 1028 Chuckwagon Cast Iron Waffle Maker that you can use wherever you are.


Durability is what really matters, no matter how cheap or expensive a product. This can be loosely translated to the material used, so you should focus on heavy-duty materials. Trusted brands and sources are one way to ensure durability. That’s basically what I did when reviewing the products. Quality can come at a price, but you will get value for every dollar that you spend on the product.


Castle iron waffle makers generally require extra care when cooking, cleaning, and maintaining the cookware. This is what will determine how durable the product will last. Seasoning is the most important thing. It should be done consistently and with the correct oil. To ensure the waffle iron’s durability, make sure you have the instructions in the manual before you finalize your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I use a Belgian waffle machine?

Plug your Belgian waffle machine, and press the ON button. You will see a ready-to-use indicator when you close the lid. If necessary, open the lid and grease the plates. Pour the batter into the pan. Sometimes, Belgian waffle makers need more batter. Flip Belgian waffle makers will require you to flip the plates upside down so that they cook evenly. Your waffle will be ready in about 4-6 minutes. Take the waffle out of the oven and use a knife or fork to cut it.

2. How to use a cast iron waffle maker?

Heat your cast iron waffle maker to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. To evenly heat both sides of the waffle iron, turn it upside down. Heating takes between 8-10 minutes. Apply a thin coating of butter/oil to both surfaces. Next, pour 1/4 cup of the prepared waffle batter into your waffle iron. Close it. Cook both sides for about 2 to 3 minutes. For crisper waffles, cook for a longer time. Take the waffle iron out of the oven and use a fork to poke the middle.


These cast iron waffle makers were the best to test and review. We had the most fun with them and we hope you have as much fun. It was the easiest to prepare, cook with, and clean up. Cast iron waffle makers are easy to use, and you don’t need much else.

Cast iron waffle makers at home can save you money while creating more healthy dishes. Although it is simple, this machine can make delicious cinnamon shells and many other cakes. There are many quality waffle makers on the market.

This best cast iron waffle maker article will help you to choose the right machine for you. It is also affordable.


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