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Top 12 Best Cuckoo Rice Cookers in 2024

Cuckoo rice cookers are celebrated for their advanced and creative characteristics. The technology and multiple functions that these models seamlessly integrate are unmatched, effectively meeting all the essential needs.

By means of a cooking capability of 3 to 10 cups that you may have a rice cooker catering to your household needs. Cuckoo rice cookers are a number of highly innovative and advanced kitchen appliances. They’re an ideal mix of advanced technology and flexibility.

At first glance, they seem like an appliance of the future together with their technological navigations and switches. However, one thing of compliments is the ability of the brand to integrate these innovative techs while still supplying an easy-to-use and fool-proof expert rice cooker.

If you’re trying hard to find that’s the best cuckoo rice cooker at the marketplace we are here in order to assist! We’ve jotted down the list of the best cuckoo rice cookers and within this article, we will go over the qualities of each one of those goods. We’ll finish this article with a purchasing guide and in the conclusion, we’ll attempt to answer a few of the most often asked questions.

List Of 12 Best Cuckoo Rice Cooker Reviews

1. Cuckoo CR-0655F 6 Cup Micom Rice Cooker

  • This is just one hard-to-beat rice cooker. The Cuckoo CR-0655F is a 6-cup rice cooker (12-cups cooked) and warmer which is stuffed with features. It boasts 16 distinct cooking applications and is suggested for cooking white rice, brown rice, rice, Gaba rice, Porridge, and much more.
  • At its low price point, it has attributes like fuzzy logic, a non-stick Teflon coating, keep-warm style, delayed start, and automated steam cleaning. When cooking rice, the fuzzy logic is complicated enough to permit very particular softness and glutinosity.
  • Cooking styles comprise Glutinous (white rice), Mixed Rice, Brown Gaba, Porridge, Steam, Baby Food, Multi Cook, and Warm/Reheat. The only potential shortcoming we all can imagine is if you do not like the color as it is only available from the red/white blend shown. We believe it looks sharp, but the flavor is subjective so far as countertops go.

2. Cuckoo CR-0631F 6 Cup Micom Rice Cooker and Warmer

  • The Cuckoo CR-0631F is the correct selection for the majority of the simplest requirements we could anticipate from a rice cooker. Additionally, this is the best choice when you don’t have any special requirements but only need a reasonably priced apparatus with caliber performance.
  • Ability is among the most essential aspects affecting the standard of a rice cooker. And fortunately, for significantly less than 110 USD, you are already able to own CR-0631F together with the capability to cook up to 6 cups of rice in precisely the exact same time in comparison to only 3 to 5 cups of a number of different products. As a result of this, we can function up to 7 portions at precisely the exact same time with no difficulty.
  • A lot of men and women feel that the very best Cuckoo rice cooker may take some time to cook a comparatively large number of ingredients. However, you don’t need to be worried; together with the strong “Fuzzy Logic” technologies, the machine may restrain the right quantity of warmth for different cooking phases. This lowers the total amount of time you’ve got to spend on cooking.
  • Having a size of just 10 x 13 x 9 inches, then you are able to put or keep the machine everywhere from the kitchen counter into the cabinet without needing to worry about the pot consuming a lot of space.
  • A weight of 6.8 pounds additionally makes it possible for us to transfer the item quite readily, thus improving maneuverability. If you are able to spend the bud’s vivid pink paint, then this is among the greatest layouts a rice cooker may own.
  • The CR-0631F’s durability is also an amazing benefit. The machine body features a sturdy monolithic arrangement with a high-quality vinyl substance along with a cooking pot made from high-quality aluminum within the system, ensuring durability and security during the period that we utilize it.

3. Cuckoo CRP-P0609S 6 cup Electric Heating Pressure Rice Cooker

  • Hailed as one of the very best Cuckoo rice cookers, the Cuckoo CRP-P0609S Electric Pressure Rice Cooker & Warmer can make that warranty as a result of its revolutionary heating machine programmed to earn anything involving porridge and crispy rice. Additionally, it is equipped with dual rubber packaging which helps seal all of the yummy goodness of your rice and other kinds of food.
  • And anytime your household isn’t in the mood for a thick rice meal, then you can pick the multi-cook facet of this rice cooker to generate soup, bake bread, or even warmth your vegetables and meat at the aluminum stainless steel plate.
  • Meal flexibility is one big selling point of this CRP-P0609S. It’s 10 built-in smart apps that comprise: gluten rice, gluten turbo, brown rice, mixed rice, higher warmth, GABA rice, porridge, nurungji (crispy/ scorched rice), multi cook, and an auto-clean feature. The Cuckoo rice cooker has a capacity of 6 cups of raw rice, which may yield 12 cups of cooked rice.

4. Cuckoo CRP-P1009SW 10 Cup Electric Heating Pressure Cooker & Warmer

  • Cuckoo Pressure Rice Cooker CRP-P1009SW is the best choice for Cuckoo households. It’s most appropriate for you in the event that you’ve got a huge family. You are able to serve up to ten individuals and the algorithm that it uses has got the rice right each time. It switches to heating mode after cooking is completed. The bundle contains a measuring cup and a rice scoop so that you make certain that you acquire the ideal amount each time.
  • Cuckoo Pressure Rice Cooker CRP-P1009SW not only makes rice also has added apps to make porridge, steam vegetables, cook beef, dessert, and much more. Its non-stick surface prevents things from getting cluttered, cleaning is handy, simply add two cups of water, then press on the auto-clean button and the machine will do the job for you.
  • When the cleaning cycle is complete only wash the interior clean. Its stainless steel lid is removable, the interior pan is removable and the dishwasher safe. The majority of people have great experiences utilizing this Cuckoo machine; a couple had difficulties in understanding and learning the documentation and that is normal because directions can be somewhat hard to follow initially.

5. Cuckoo CR-0351F Electric Heating Rice Cooker 

  • If you’re a man who wants faster rice cooking, then you must opt for this rice cooker. It may cook your rice over 15 minutes readily. This is famous as Cuckoo’s one of the quickest rice cooker outlines. It’s amazing alternatives for choosing the rate of rice. You can choose between different cooking rates. If you’re in a rush and you would like something that’s the quickest, proceed to your TURBO speed. It will make your rice quickly!
  • The very best Cuckoo rice cooker is that the rate never impacts the quality of the rice. Whether or not you create the rice at a standard rate or faster rate, the rice will be well-cooked anyway. The TURBO rate cooks the rice over 5-10 minutes which may save you time. The feel of this rice is wonderful. If you’re concerned about the remaining moisture from the sides, then you can remain worry-free.
  • There’ll be nothing like this whatsoever! You won’t ever see splattering or boil if you’re with this Cuckoo rice cooker. Putting the time is extremely straightforward. The lithium battery guarantees your cooker functions for a lengthier time period.
  • The wonderful reality is that you are able to create your entire meal inside this cooker. The auto-steam cleaning system makes the cleaning process easier than ever. The size is excellent to produce perfect rice for you and your loved ones and it fits in your kitchen suitably. With 1.5 gallons of water, it’s the potential of producing cups of rice.

6. Cuckoo CRP-P1009SB 10 Cup Heating Plate Electric Pressure Rice Cooker

  • Concerning cooking ability, this version is exceptional as it can adapt 10 cups of raw rice. This is perfect if you enjoy throwing parties or with people around all of the time.
  • FCC certified it’s an X-wall diamond-coated internal cooker made from aluminum to guarantee the perfect temperature is attained. The stainless steel interior lid is removable which makes it effortless to wash. The cooking algorithm and programmable system additionally make certain that cooking is ideal constantly.
  • Furthermore, the keep warm function lets you enjoy your rice a complete day with minimal change in the flavor. In the end, it includes tags in English and Korean but the announcer is Korean simply.

7. Cuckoo Electric Induction Heating Rice Pressure Cooker

  • Cuckoo rice cookers are famous all over the globe and for good reason. They’re the”cream of the crop” when it comes to creating the perfect rice every time! This Korean firm has been producing rice cookers for over twenty-five decades and continues to get rave reviews even though the item is somewhat pricey.
  • Whatever version of the Cuckoo rice cooker you opt to utilize, you may cook rice-perfect rice each time you use this device. It’s possible to find a cooker that will all from cups of raw rice to stoves which can do 10 cups of raw rice.
  • This firm has a product for everybody and for everybody’s needs. The voice manual on those cookers is in three different languages, Korean, English, and Chinese.

8. Cuckoo CRP-HV0667F 6 Cup Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker

  • This version is 6 cups strain rice cooker. The benefit of a stress rice cooker is that it empowers the rice to be cooked quicker and it raises the nutrient value of rice.
  • The inner pot is diamond coated whereas the outer pot is coated with titanium which raises the quality of the cooked rice and the existence of the coating together with the overall sturdiness of the stove itself.
  • There are push buttons accessible to restrain the cooker. This version also includes a voice manual within it (It may socialize in English, Chinese and Korean languages).

9. Cuckoo CRP-HS0657F Induction Heating Pressure Rice Cooker

  • Developed by the best of specialists, the induction heating technology is specially designed to cook incredibly delicious rice with exceptional consistency and enhanced cooking occasions.
  • CRP-HS0657F is still another distinctively constructed rice cooker out of Cuckoo. The capacity of the model is comparable to the preceding versions we discussed (6 cups raw rice) but what sets this rice cooker apart from its peers is its own performance.
  • This version features 11 different cooking settings such as a multi-cook quality that lets to cook several distinct kinds of rice. This rice cooker has a voice manual but with this particular model, the voice manual can be obtained just from the Korean language.
  • The interior pot of the model is coated using x-wall diamond as well as the outer pot is coated with titanium. Additionally, it features two rubber gaskets to make sure that the pressure doesn’t escape the stove.

10. Cuckoo CMC-QSB501S, Q5 Premium 8 in 1

  • The smart-built apps of this cooker are certain you purchase quality rice in a little time period. There are 13 attributes to go for some time managing this Cuckcoo rice cooker. The LED screen is added to your convenience in cooking rice.
  • That can be 8 in 1 multi-cooker for you. You may make vegetables, soup, browning fry, and meat together with rice inside this cooker. There are 9 different heating technology added for this cooker. The timer makes it possible to pick the period before you begin cooking.
  • It’s a steam-released valve to maintain the food warm for a longer time period. If you despise bad odor then this stove is a GEM for you! Yes, this cooker includes a water draining system so, it can continue to keep the terrible odor from you! Cook extended grains, short-grain, or blended rice, the standard of the rice will probably remain ideal.
  • The interior pot of the cooker is assembled of stainless steel. So, there’s absolutely no possibility of burning the rice in any way! The novices will see this cooker as simple to use not just for rice but also for different things also.
  • The timeless design can be appealing and you’re able to continue to keep this cooker everywhere in your kitchen. You receive lights, solid, and whistles as symbols of your rice!

11. Cuckoo CMC-ASB501F Multi Pressure Cooker

  • Featuring 18+ cooking menu settings which range from the cook, steam cook, slow cook, and all of the way to sterilization, this handy 8-in-1 multi-pressure cooker includes various cooking choices to bring flexibility to your kitchen.
  • It may cook rice and other dishes perfectly well. The 2PLY clad interior pot comes with a composite of stainless steel and aluminum. This not only helps protect the inside of your multicooker but also simplifies the cleaning procedure.
  • The multicooker is quite safe to use with its automated steam release method. The water drain system prevents germs and bad smells, and also the water dew dish accumulates excess vapor to keep the taste of their food. It includes a scooper as a free thing too. If you’re looking for flexibility in your stove, this multi-pressure cooker could just be the perfect one for you.

12. Cuckoo CR-0632F 6 Cup Micom Rice Cooker

  • The pressure cooker is your best Cuckcoo electrical rice cooker which matches best for your kitchen. In case you wanted to cook various dishes using a hassle-free task, then this is the ideal kitchen appliance at which you are able to plan the cooking choice. When there are cookers that match just rice, the Cuckoo is sold as a multi-cooking function choice to cook different varieties of food apart from rice.
  • Enjoy popular menu choices like white rice, multigrain/brown rice, and porridge in Addition to versatile choices like slow and steam cook. Whether you like sticky rice, tender rice, sweet rice, or salty rice, My Mode Permits You to take control of your cooking together with 16 unique rice taste and feel choices.
  • Keep your rice cooker fresh along with your rice tasting fresh using all the removable nonstick inner pot, detachable inner lid, and auto clean work, and surplus water drainage dish.

Buying Guide for the Best Cuckoo Rice Cooker

Each rice cooker seems great if you don’t have sufficient details on those machines. Here’s a guide to what factors you should think about while deciding upon the very best Cuckcoo rice cooker for your kitchen.


The majority of the Cuckoo rice cookers include a timer. This feature saves your time and energy. All you have to do would be to add water and rice to the machine and wait for the start of the cooking process around 24 hours. The delay timer level may differ from model to model or brand to brand new.

It’s a fantastic feature if you don’t have enough time to cook you may set dinner in the morning before going to the workplace and once you get home you’ve warm new deliciously cooked rice without having to spend time at the kitchen.


Normally, the capacity of the majority of Cuckoo rice cookers is clarified by cups. Some folks can find it somewhat confusing as some producers go by the raw cups along the remainder go by the cup. The fantastic news is that you may also discover the capacity mentioned in gallons and this can make things clear for you.

Before you finalize a version, remember the capacity you will need for your kitchen. If you’re a huge family unit you will likely require a large capacity machine if you would like to function in batches but you’re a little family again you need to go for a massive power cooker since it is going to keep your food warm and you will have it if you feel like. Proceed for a little power cooker if you’re single or a few.

Cooking Pot Material

Rice cookers’ inner baskets are made from non-stick coated either aluminum substance or stainless steel. Each choice has its advantages so, in the event that you’ve chosen pots earlier, this endeavor won’t be much difficult for you personally.

Aluminum non-stick baskets are easier to clean but they’re not sturdy as stainless steel. There’s not any fear of burnt rice in rice cookers therefore cleanup stainless steel is simple and it’s durable also.

Texture Settings

Everyone has their own tastes in regard to rice. Various kinds of dishes and rice need various textures. By way of instance, Indian rice ought to be a tiny firm in comparison with Thai dishes that need soft and sticky rice. Should you cook with several distinct styles you ought to go for a Cuckoo rice cooker since they are going to have distinct programmable settings. Such devices are going to be somewhat expensive though.

Intelligent Cooking

When you speak about high-end versions they’re not only better equipped but they are also equipped with innovative chips and can comprehend and track textures and temperature while cooking. Simply speaking, these devices will adapt and be certain that you receive good rice each time.

The majority of the Cuckcoo rice cookers available include induction heating or “Neuro-fuzzy logic” to make cooking simple for you. The induction heating system in our view is much better compared to fuzzy logic since it will correct and provide far better outcomes however fuzzy logic is much better than regular essential versions of rice cookers available.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I clean the rice cooker?

Most Cuckoo rice cooker include an automatic cleansing which creates steam in the kettle permits loosen any discoloration and residue. When the automated cleaning cycle is finished, you wash the kettle’s inner with a sterile cloth. It enables to wash the rice cooker’s backyard surfaces as quickly as in some time, also.

2. How long can Cuckoo Rice Cooker last?

Post-Millennium versions will continue for 2 ~ 6 years, based on the way you use and keep them.

3. Which is the best Cuckoo Rice Cooker?

Cuckoo Electric Pressure Rice Cooker (CRP-P1009SW) and Cuckoo CR-0631F Rice Cooker are Undoubtedly the best merchandise by Cuckoo electronic equipment.

4. Is Cuckoo Rice Cooker good?

Cuckoo Electronics produces a number of the very best rice cookers in the world that are outfitted with Fuzzy logic, LED touchpad controller, fancy appearing, and contemporary in design. So yes Cuckoo Rice Cookers are a few of the very best rice cookers available on the market.


If you’d like a high-tech and innovative rice cooker on your kitchen countertops, then Cuckoo is among the best options. Even though these versions boast advanced technology, all attributes are created simply to browse and control. You can not fail using a Cuckoo rice cooker which may do more than simply cook rice has in store a whole lot of distinct characteristics which produce the cooking experience more pleasurable and pleasant.

These reviews give you the very best platform for knowing the ideal merchandise that’s best suited to your own needs. Before you dash to advertise to receive an item consistently review the best choices. Cuckoo rice cookers reviewed features the very best functions and layouts. So go and get 1 now and you’ll understand what was missing in your own kitchen!


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