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Top 9 Best Cupcake Corers in 2024

Making tasty cupcakes can be easy when using a corer or a plunger cutter. By using the right corer or cupcake plunger, you and your children can swiftly make delicious cupcakes. There is a variety of cupcake plunger cutters and corers available, here are the top five choices.

You can add delicious fillings to cupcakes by coring them. You can add fillings such as custard, frosting, or jam to your cupcakes by coring them. This is a great tool if you’re baking for an event.

Cupcake corers make it easy to remove small pieces of cupcakes. It is easier than using a knife or spoon. You will enjoy the delicious end product. Here’s a list of the 9 best cupcake corers reviews you can try.

Top 3 Best Cupcake Corers

  1. Norpro Cupcake Corer
  2. OBTANIM 4 Pack Plastic Cupcake Corer
  3. GXHUANG 2pcs Cupcake Corer

List Of 9 Best Cupcake Corer Reviews

1. Norpro Cupcake Corer

  • Although it may not be as stylish as the OXO, or as beautiful as the Cuisipro Cup Cake Corer, the Norpro Cup Cup Cake Corer is a great tool for plunger cutting and coring.
  • A typical plunger cutter can only core one size. This handy little red Norpro has both small and big interchangeable corers that allow you to fill mini and jumbo cupcakes with confidence.
  • It’s also easy to use, just like other great kitchen gadgets. Simply place it in a muffin or cupcake, twist it, then fill it with whatever you want. You can make 100 cupcakes with it and you’ll feel like you’ve just begun! This cupcake corer is great for home bakers who want to get a lot for their money.

2. OBTANIM 4 Pack Plastic Cupcake Corer

  • Safe and durable, made of high-quality, food-grade plastic. It is easy to use and wash. It is easy to use and clean.
  • This is the perfect kitchen tool for all your baking needs. This simple gadget will help you create your favorite cream- or jelly-filled pastries.
  • To eject the core from a cupcake, simply twist it into the middle. Frost with cream, jelly or jam, chocolate frosting, or whipped cream.

3. GXHUANG 2pcs Cupcake Corer

  • This tool is designed to create the perfect hole for filling with icing. It is easy to use and clean. Size:6x6cm. Diameter:2cm. Simply twist the muffin or cupcake into the middle, then remove the corer. Fill with the frosting, frosting, or whipped cream.

4. HONJIE Cupcake Corer and Filler Set

  • Cupcake core removal 2.44×2.32 inches /62x59mm To eject the core from a cupcake, twist it into the middle and remove the corer. It’s much easier to fill the cupcakes with cream, jelly jam, frosting, chocolate, or whipped cream than using a spoon.
  • This kitchen tool is perfect for all your pastry baking needs. This simple gadget will help you create your favorite cream-filled pastries or jelly-filled pastries.

5. Kole Corer Clip Strip

  • It’s not easy to want a specific product but only have one choice. The Evri Standard Cupcake Corer Set makes it possible to make mini and regular cupcakes.
  • The Norpro’s serrated cutting teeth and thick feel are missing from the Evri, but the cuteness of this Evri cupcake plunger set makes up for it.
  • These cute little cupcake cutters, which are pink and in the form of flower petals, will make it easy for your kids to join the fun. This Evri cupcake corer set is a great choice if you are looking for a practical and cute plunger cutter.

6. LAP 5 Cupcake Plunger Cutter Pastry Corer

  • Safe plastic 5 cupcake corers (Red, Blue). You can easily remove the middle of cupcakes without any hassle.
  • To eject the core, remove it from the cupcake. Push the plunger down until the core is removed. It’s much easier than using a knife with your finger to create unique cupcakes and muffins. You can use the center space to make the frosting, pie filling, jam, custard, caramel, mousse, or pudding.

7. Cuisipro Cupcake Corer

  • It’s difficult for most people to get excited about corers. Most corers do a good job and don’t make cupcakes into mush.
  • This Cuisipro corer might be the perfect choice if you are looking for corers or plungers that create perfectly shaped holes in cupcakes or muffins.
  • This cupcake plunger is a popular tool that makes filling delicious cupcakes easy! Bake a batch of cupcakes, let cool, then twist the corer into the middle of the cupcake. Push down on the plunger to cleanly expand the removed core. It’s that simple.
  • Cuisipro’s clever design and rave reviews are not enough to convince you. Cuisipro is a cupcake plunger cutter that’s utilitarian. However, it will bring a bit of fun to your kitchen and make you smile every time you use it.
  • This cupcake plunger is a great product and deserves to be at the top of our list. It’s rare that we come across a product worthy of five stars across the board.

8. Joie Cupcake Corer

  • Joie’s Cupcake Corer removes the middle of muffins or cupcakes quickly for filling and stuffing. Made of 18/8 stainless steel.
  • You can easily core cupcakes and fill them with frosting, pastry cream, or cores from other flavors. To eject the core, simply place the blade on top of the cupcake and press down.
  • Core size 1.25 inches; strong and durable; easy to use; hand washed with warm, soapy waters.

9. DLOnline 5 pack Cupcake Plunger Cutter Pastry Corer

  • Made from high-quality, food-grade plastic. It measures 2.4 inches in length and 2.4 inches in height. It weighs 16 g. The cupcake corer will give you the perfect hole to fill your muffins and cupcakes. To remove the core of the cupcakes, the plunger must be turned.


Are you passionate about baking cupcakes? Are you looking to make more than just cupcakes? You will need a cupcake corer to create the perfect cavity for filling with your filling. There are many best cupcake corers available, so get one and make delicious cupcakes!


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