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15 Best Fat Separators 2023: Reviews, Buying Guide and FAQs

While refrigeration can help to remove fat from liquids, it takes fat hours to solidify. A dedicated fat separator is much more efficient and quicker to use during cooking.

These devices take advantage of this and allow liquid to flow from the bottom. This makes it easy to extract flavorful liquids without too much fat. Some of the best models have strainer tops to remove aromatics such as chopped onions, carrots, and peppercorns. We compared fifteen of the most popular models to find the best fat separator.

There are 15 incredible fat separators available that can hold up to 4 cups. They can also withstand hot liquids and are extremely durable. These are the best fat separators for 2021. Feel good about removing fat from your sauces.

What are Fat Separators?

fat separator is a tool used to separate fat from gravy. A strainer is crucial in making smooth gravy. Gravy is made from the leftovers of a turkey.

Gravy can be made as a complement to turkey fats by adding flour, milk, and salt. These products help smoothen the gravy and reduce unwanted elements or chunks. The process will not be complete until all fat has been removed. It is not possible to eat turkey fat as part of a balanced diet.

There are many types of fat separators and they can do additional tasks to produce the gravy you want. We’ll be listing some of the most popular fat separators available and then going on to discuss the various elements that you should look out for in a fat separator. We will also discuss pricing and how to find the best models.

List Of 15 Best Fat Separator Reviews

1. Cuisipro 4 Cup Fat Separator

  • Another bottom draining fat separator is our runner-up choice. The silicone plug prevents the separator from leaking and can be easily removed by pressing the thumb release located in the cup’s handle. This separator is made of heat-resistant Tritan material and can hold up to 4 cups of liquid. It is dishwasher-safe.
  • When pouring pan drippings, a high-lipped filter lid can help separate liquids from larger food solids. Some reviewers were disappointed to discover that small pieces of meat, vegetables, and herbs can get through the filter, blocking the bottom drain. It’s better to pour slowly and carefully. You can easily see the measurement markings on the cup so that you can quickly count how many cups you have.

2. OXO Good Grips Good Gravy 4-Cup Fat Separator

  • Our favorite fat separator is the OXO Good Grips 4-Cup Fat Separator. Because the fat floats at the top of bottom-draining separators, it is almost impossible to pass large amounts of fatty liquid through them.
  • Although some models have temperamental triggers, this trigger is very easy to use. The silicone-lined hole at the bottom opens when you press the trigger on the handle. This helps to minimize splashing and creates less mess than other models.
  • The OXO has a pour spout at the top. This makes it easier to drain the fat from the separator, unlike other models. The strainer at the top has the smallest holes and caught most of what we tried to strain through it, even the majority of the thyme leaves.
  • We had no issues cleaning up after we strained everything, as the lever mechanism is on the outside of the separator. All this makes the OXO our choice for Best Overall.

3. Küchenprofi Glass/Stainless Steel Gravy Separator

  • The Kuchenprofi Gravy Separator can be used to remove all fat from delicate sauces or gravies. The borosilicate glass construction allows for easy pouring of the juices. It can withstand heat and is clearly marked in cups and ounces.
  • It can hold four cups of liquid and comes with a stainless-steel strainer. This is my favorite, thanks to the stainless steel strainer as well as the heat-proof, high-quality glass. Glass is my choice for hot liquids. It can be washed in the dishwasher.

4. HIC Harold Import Co Glass 32 Ounce Gravy Strainer

  • This glass fat separator is available in a pitcher design with a large opening. It’s made entirely of borosilicate glasses that can withstand heat up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • This fat separator is certainly the most appealing looking on the list. It looks almost like it belongs in a laboratory or pharmacy. It includes a fine mesh filter, a silicone- and stainless steel-pierced strainer.
  • This 4-cup pick is dishwasher-safe and has measurement markings. Although highly rated, this pick does not come with a stopper to the spout. This helps keep fat out of the initial pouring process. It also doesn’t have a high pouring shield.
  • Its handle is made of glass so it might not have the same non-slip grip that other options. Reviewers who prefer to avoid plastic agree that this product is of superior quality and much easier to clean.

5. 4 Cup Gravy & Fat Separator with Strainer

  • The Vondior Fat Separator’s red handle button will allow liquid to be released via the central drainage hole. The price for this four-cup fat separator, which is only around $20, is very reasonable.
  • It is made of durable, heat-resistant plastic with a strainer that keeps out any dirt. It also comes with a shaving/slicing knife as a bonus. Anyone for roasted potatoes and gravy?

6. OXO Good Grips 4-Cup Fat Separator

  • The OXO Good Grips 4-Cup fat separator cuts the fat. The strainer attachment allows you to pour pan juices and stock through the strainer attachment. Watch the fat rise to the top. The strainer is heat-resistant and BPA-free.
  • The stopper prevents fat from getting into the spout. After the fat and lean juices are separated, take out the strainer and stopper and pour. For added convenience, the Separator has a non-slip handle with bold measurement markings.

7. Swing-A-Way 4-Cup Easy Release Fat/Gravy Separator

  • A separator is needed to facilitate fat separation. A separator that doesn’t offer this benefit isn’t ideal. The Swing Away separator makes it easy for cooks. This utensil features a spring bottom, which allows for the easy release of excess fat from your food. Grease-free meals are now possible with one of the most powerful fat separators available.
  • Swing Away features a removable lid and a very soft-grip hand handle. Simply squeeze the lid to release liquid. You can choose from a 2-cup or 4-cup size. You may need to order the 4-cup size if you make a lot of sauces and gravies. Large storage makes it possible to filter fats quickly and efficiently in one batch.
  • Swing Away is flexible and affordable. You can add this kitchen marvel to your cookware collection for a few dollars.

8. TIYOORTA Fat Separator and Gravy Oil Separator

  • This fat separator uses cutting-edge technology with a 4 cup capacity heat resistant body and easy-to-read markings that won’t crack under normal cooking conditions.
  • A convenient lifting strainer that removes large pieces of gravy drippings and broth. Easy to read measurement lines, measure how much gravy fat or oil you are separating with the easy-to-read measuring cup lines.
  • The cleverly designed, leak-free plug at its bottom makes it easy to separate oil and fat from liquids. No more oil spillage and no more leaks.

9. Best 4 Cups Gravy Separator and Fat Separator 

  • VEBO has the ideal size fat separator for you. This fat separator makes it easy to make healthy soups and sauces. Its large 4 cup capacity makes it extremely functional and easy to use.
  • The fat separator also features a clear plastic window that is leak-free, which makes it easy to see the contents. It also has a plastic filter lid making it a durable product. The fluids can be released by a drip plug. The silicone plug makes it easy to separate sauce and fat.
  • You don’t have to worry about your safety because the separator is made with safe and healthy materials. They also offer a 100% customer satisfaction warranty. They offer a 100% refund if you aren’t satisfied with the product.

10. Oil Fat Separator Bowl Gravy Separator

  • Plastic separators can be amazing if made from heat-resistant and food-grade plastic. But if you prefer classic kitchen tools such as stainless steel, this DYEY fat separator will appeal to you.
  • This fat separator was created by DYEY with 304 stainless. The kitchen appliances made of stainless steel are strong, durable, and resistant to corrosion and cracking. This simple, classic silver design will go well with your other metal kitchen tools. It is polished with Polishing Technology, which makes it easy to clean and dry and doesn’t stain.
  • It is ideal for making gravies, sauces, and soups. Its clever dual-outlet design allows liquid to be separated from fat quickly and efficiently. One outlet can be used to release soups without fat, while the other is for oil and fat.
  • Despite being made from stainless steel, it is extremely lightweight. It is only 0.32 ounces in weight so it won’t be too heavy to lift even when full. The ergonomic handle provides full control and a firm grip. It is large enough that your hand does not touch the jar. This eliminates the possibility of getting hurt.

11. Fox Run Gravy/Fat Poultry, Separator

  • Do you want a low-cost fat separator? This fox-run fat separator is the best choice. It is extremely affordable and is perfect for those who don’t plan to use the fat separator often. This product is perfect for small families as it can hold 1.5 cups.

12. OXO Good Grips Roasting Set

  • This set is ideal for those who are starting to prepare big holiday meals or if you’re looking for a replacement for an old fat separator. This set includes a fat separator as well as a baster, plus a cleaning brush. You’ll be prepared for any type of turkey or roast at any time of year.
  • The separator holds four cups and is dishwasher-safe. The integrated stand that attaches to the baster tube holds the curved tip straight up on the counter to not drip or make a mess.

13. Fatsoff Soup Scoop Fat Skimmer

  • A skimming spoon is a great idea for fat separation, especially when using pitcher-style separators. Once you are able to see that the liquids have been reduced and the fats have increased, push the Fatsoff Fat Skimmer Spoon into the top and watch the unwanted fats fall into the bowl. You can also scoop out the fat from the top and remove it with a spoon.

14. Fat Separator Measuring Cup

  • Kitchen Geek makes fat separation simple with no hassle. This separator was designed to give users all the confidence and comfort they need during cooking. You no longer have to rely on guesswork in removing fats from food.
  • This utensil makes cooking more enjoyable and easier. Kitchen Geeks includes a strainer and measuring cup. The measuring cup will ensure that you have the right measurement for your meal. You will never drain your food of too much fat or too little.
  • Comfortable grip lines ensure that your hands are not fatigued when you use the separator. The base is sturdy and flat. It can be placed on any countertop or anywhere else you like. It is also protected from cracking by its solid, sturdy base.
  • If you have the right tools, it doesn’t have to be difficult to separate food fat. Kitchen Geeks is a top-rated fat separator that will make meal preparation much easier.

15. Simax Glassware Glass Fat Separator

  • Fat separators made from glass are elegant and fashionable, but they require more care and attention than plastic or stainless steel separators.
  • This Simax Glassware fat separator will please even the most cautious of users. Simax Glassware fat separator is another high-quality product from the brand Simax.
  • This fat separator uses borosilicate glass, which is safe for hot liquids. The glass is lead-free and does not contain any toxic chemicals which could be released into hot liquids.
  • The Simax glass fat separator has a narrow, tapered, and thin spout which allows for easy pouring. This ensures that juices get to where they need to. It can hold 32 ounces, making it ideal for stock, gravies, and broth.
  • The fat separator has an extra-large handle, which provides a firm grip to ensure your hand does not touch the glass jar. The measurement markings are clear and won’t fade from washing. It can be safely placed in a dishwasher, making cleaning easy. It is a great fat separator made from premium glass. Just make sure it doesn’t get broken!

Buying Guide for the Best Fat Separator

Most fat separator models appear very similar at first glance. You might even be tempted to buy the first one that you see. But there are key features that can make a difference in terms of performance. These are the top factors to consider when looking for the best fat separator on sale.

Heat Resistance

It is important to ensure that your model is heat resistant. You don’t want your new fat separator cracking or buckling when hot liquids are added to it. The handle must not heat up, as it can make it unsafe and difficult to hold.


Separators made from modern materials are usually made of plastic, glass, or stainless steel. Before making a decision, it is important to consider the strengths and weaknesses of each material. Although stainless steel is extremely durable, it can rust easily and can be quite heavy.

Plastic models are very affordable and durable. These models allow you to see the contents of the jug easily. To avoid chemical leaching, however, you must ensure that the model you select is BPA-free.

Glass fat separators are elegant and easy to clean. However, they should be treated with great care. Glass models can heat up quickly and are difficult to heat. They are also more fragile than other models.


To reduce accidents, it is important to have a firm grip on your fat separator. You run the risk that you will spill hot oil if the handle is oily. A model with a slip-resistant handle is a good choice.

You should be able to grip the handle comfortably. Keep in mind that the jug can be quite heavy when full of liquid. You should be able to fit your whole hand around the handle of the jug without having to touch it.


A strainer should be included with your fat separator. It should sit on top of the container. A strainer that is too small will limit your ability to pour the liquid through it. You should also ensure that the strainer holes catch any unwanted particles.


Your specific needs will determine the size of your needs. Are you looking to make large quantities of stock or just a few gravy dishes? You should carefully compare the capacities of the different models and then choose the one that best suits your needs.


As you need to keep your budget in check, it is important to also consider the cost of a fat separator. Many fat separators are affordable, yet they perform well. Look out for the best fat separators and choose one that is the most affordable but also the highest quality.

Easy to Clean

The ease of cleaning the fat separator is another consideration. You can also look for models that can be washed with the dishwasher to get an idea. These models are easier to use and much easier to maintain.


Make sure you get a stopper if you buy a fat separator that has a spout. This will prevent liquid from leaking back into the fat once it has been separated. Each model comes with a stopper.

Add-on Accessories

It is also possible to check whether you will be receiving an add-on accessory for the fat separator. Some brands will include an oil brush or a cleaning brush with their fat separators. These accessories can be very helpful in the kitchen, so make sure you check out the options.

How to Use a Pitcher Fat Separator

  1. You can pour your pan juices or stock into your fat separator container. Then, remove all debris. Most separators come with an integrated strainer. If yours does not, you can add a sieve to the filter while you pour. It is important that the spout stopper on your pitcher be installed before you pour in the stock.
  2. Let the mixture settle. The mixture will separate in the next two to three minutes.
  3. If you see a clear line between the juices at the bottom and the fat on the top, you can take out the spout stopper.
  4. Keep an eye out for any risen fats as you pour the juices out of the pitcher.

How to Use a Bottom-Draining Fat Separator

  1. The first two steps in using a bottom-draining fat separator are the same as those for a pitcher.
  2. You can remove the plug by using the release button. To avoid spillage or overflowing, make sure your separator is placed over a large bowl or pan.
  3. The juice should be easy to extract without any fats. Keep an eye on the juice level and make sure to close the plug before the fats reach the bottom.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What can I do to take care of my fat separator?

Fat separators are usually easy to clean. It is easy to clean it by either hand or in the dishwasher after each use, depending on what’s in the manual.

2. Why is it important to separate fats?

It can be hard to separate the fat from the juices in certain situations where fat is mixed with the meats’ after-salting, frying, or rendering. If you want to use the juices, then you will have to use the fat. You can still use the flavor liquids without using the oils with a fat separator.

3. How long does it usually take for a fat separator to separate fat?

Different fluids have different time requirements so there is no set time. A good time is 10 minutes to separate the fat.

4. Is there a better way to separate fat?

Technically, you can separate fat by pouring the mixture into a container and then waiting for the substances to separate. The fat can be separated by using a ladle. This can be cumbersome and take a lot of time.


Fat separators can be used to make healthy juices and food. You can make delicious juices in minutes with the kitchen tools. You should consider the materials used to build the fat separator, as well as whether or not it is durable. You should also look for models that have the ability to separate fat from soups, gravy, and fruits. Check to make sure the plastic model is free of BPA.

There are many options for the best fat separators, from cheap plastic to more expensive metal and glass ones. We’ve listed them all so that you can make an informed decision and pick the one that best suits your needs.


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