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8 Best Gas Cooktop with Downdraft 2023: Reviews & Buying Tips

Whenever you don’t wish to spend much in your own small-sized kitchen, there’s a far better choice to conquer the matter. Maintaining smoke and odor problems in the mind, the best gas cooktop with downdraft includes other benefits which you may not get to your traditional gas cooktop.

The gas cooktops with downdraft use an exceptional technique that brings the scents, smoke, heat, and steam while you’re cooking then expels them to the exterior of your home using the unique downdraft system.

There are plenty of features to take into account, for example, dimensions, burner purposes, and aesthetics, and which we will pay in the buyer’s guide under. But if you have got some cooking on the stove currently and you are in a rush, check out our top best gas cooktop with downdraft choice to find out exactly what we selected as our favorite item!

List Of 8 Best Gas Cooktop With Downdraft Reviews

1. GE Profile 30″ Built-In Gas Downdraft Cooktop

  • The GE Profile 30″ gas cooktop with downdraft is just one the type that comes with an all-purpose burner of 11,500 BTU. This permits you to rapidly cook foods and boil water.
  • It’s an edge-to-edge, heavy cast grates that let you transfer pots and pans between burners easily. The knobs are rather durable and come together with LED lighting. The LED lights asides from permitting you to know when burners are around, also supply the cooktop with a slick appearance.
  • The GE Profile 30″ has sealed cooktop burners that assist with containing spills. This implies you are able to wash the leftovers without hassles. For simple cleaning, the grates can be dishwasher secure. Simply set them in and allow the dishwasher to finish up.

2. Frigidaire Professional 30-Inch Gas Cooktop

  • If you are into cooking, then you have to be aware of how amazing it’s to prepare all of your favorite dishes in the shortest period possible. And if you are yet to experience this, then you don’t have any clue just how much you can achieve with a 30″ gas cooktop with downdraft.
  • The fantastic thing is that Frigidaire specialist 30-inch downdraft gas cooktop was created with cooking fans like you in your mind. Because it’s 5 heating components, it is possible to easily prepare all of your favorite dishes simultaneously. How awesome is that?
  • What’s more, it’s made from cast-iron grates which are hardy and durable. Thus, this gas cooktop with downdraft venting may manage heavy weights for many decades without wearing out. And in the long term, you may only need you to serve you for quite a very long moment.
  • The best part is the cast-iron grates have a stainless steel finish which adds to their life cycle. Hence, they’re immune to rust that could lower their efficiency. Thus, this stainless steel gas cooktop with downdraft is everything you will need if you’re searching for durability.
  • But that is not all! This package does not only incorporate the cooktop, but also a propane gas conversion kit along with a cooking griddle. As you can see, this can spare you the extra cost in cost if you’d like to go purchase them elsewhere.

3. Bosch NGM5655UC500 36″ Stainless Steel Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop

  • The Bosch NGM5655UC500 36″ Gas Sealed Burner Cooktop is equipped with stainless steel grates and includes a very simple design. The constant grates are making cleanup a simple job.
  • If need be, the five strands are spaced out to allow the stove to use them concurrently. This cooktop was set by a sort of metal knobs. This creates a replacement being durable rather than required by the scope.
  • Bosch is targeted to producing this cooktop, the one that you’ll ever want, by giving a comprehensive warranty. The warranty provides replacements and repairs within the covers and time security.

4. KitchenAid KCGD500GSS 30″ 4 Burner Stainless Steel Gas Downdraft Cooktop

  • This item combines cast iron and stainless steel to allow it to fit your present kitchen appliances, and also the cast-iron grates make an even surface to cook that enables the pots to slip easily. The four burners have two high profile possibilities, one medium-powered alternative, and also a low-powered alternative.
  • There’s a burner cover that enables you to heat things to cook more easily, and you get an excellent temperature regulation capacity with this item. The downdraft is stainless steel which resists corrosion and rust when pulling out odor and fumes, and this item has an extremely quiet exhaust fan outfitted.
  • You are going to find a superb cooktop that unites aesthetics, performance, and cost in a single eye-catching and durable design. You get exactly the very same advantages that you’d get using a wall-mounted stove hood port at a fraction of this space.
  • The automated re-ignition setting ensures it’s always on and ready to use. You obtain a propane conversion kit once you purchase this KitchenAid cooktop, and this system is quite simple to clean between uses to help keep it looking new.

5. Thorkitchen Pro-Style Gas Rangetop with 6 Sealed Burners 36 – Inch

  • It’s normal for many gas cooktops to be outfitted with four burners. This is to be anticipated for almost all gas cooktops with downdraft. This isn’t true with this Thorkitchen gas cooktop, as it’s six burners. This really isn’t the only great thing about it. The six burners on it are various sizes also, allowing for a great deal of versatility.
  • The burners on the trunk are the exact same size. On the front of the burners, the center burner is the lowest and is flanked by 2 larger burners. This produces that the Thorkitchen gas cooktop with downdraft very excellent for bigger homes which do a good deal of cooking for a whole lot of individuals.
  • Cooktops with all these burners can be an extremely valuable asset. However, they have their defects too. As anybody would likely guess, a cooktop with six burners is certain to be crowded, particularly when cooking a lot of things. This is a problem with all the Thorkitchen gas cooktop since there isn’t a great deal of room between every burner on the rear row.
  • The front row of leftovers is installed well, with a little burner flanked by two bigger ones. Nevertheless, the spine isn’t set up in such a way and it might cause some issues. The Thorkitchen gas cooktop with downdraft may also be quite hard to clean due to the deficiency of distance between burners.

6. Empava 36 in. Gas Stove Cooktop 5 Italy Sabaf Sealed Burners NG/LPG Convertible in Stainless Steel

  • Designed and Engineered in the USA with 2 Years US Based Manufacturer Warranty, DOUBLES the Standard industry guarantee for a superb quality Empava stovetop.
  • LPG/NG Convertible (Both Nozzles Included) provides the exact same maximum BTU power to gas and natural gas cooktops with downdraft – Works manually w/o electricity. Capable for multipurpose such as RVs, mild cooking household, little kitchen, mobile home and outside usage, etc. Compatible to put in over any Empava 24/30 in. Under-counter single wall mount.
  • The 5 World Class Made in Italy SABAF burner gas cooktops by Empava features among the most recent fire failure thermocouples auto shut off security technology which prevents gas flow to keep your house and family safe.
  • Enjoy minimum cleanup with sealed burners to prevent food from falling to them. Stain and warmth discoloration-resistant stainless-steel will supply you with a trusted cooktop for a long time to come.
  • The durable knobs and laser-cut full-width edge-to-edge hefty cast-iron grates can be washed in the dishwasher to get easy, easy cleaning and maintenance to improve the superior look.

7. Empava 24 in. Gas Stove Cooktop

  • The highly-rated Empava cooktop offers you five beers to fit your cooking needs. It supplies a variety of 4,000 BTUs to 12,000 BTUs.
  • Dishwasher safe – you are able to disassemble the iron and set them in the dishwasher for simple cleaning. It is possible to convert your cooktop from utilizing propane to natural gas and vice versa.
  • The version has hookups for propane or natural gas. Additionally, you can run it manually without needing to utilize power. This makes it a perfect cooktop version it is possible to find in the marketplace.
  • If your fire has problems with tripping, then you need to take into consideration that the auto-shutoff attribute to stop unnecessary gas escapes before they begin. It isn’t important if you’ve got a massive kitchen or enormous plans, together with all the 36-inch surface, you also have a great deal of room to enjoy your cooking.

8. Cosmo 850SLTX-E Gas Cooktop with 5 Burners

  • The Cosmo Cooktop is trendy and contemporary. This unit is supposed to execute its job exactly enjoy how it seems. The cooktop includes a quick burner, auxiliary burner, along other attributes to give you the advantages of styling and performance excellence. With this appliance, it is possible to prepare your food like a chef.
  • Designed to perform as well as it looks. A sleek stainless steel cooktop surface makes cleanup easy. Cooktop surface is constructed with a 304-grade stainless steel surface, front metal constructed knobs, and heavy-duty flat cast iron cooking grates.

How to Remove Downdraft Gas Cooktop

Buying Guide for the Best Gas Cooktop With Downdraft

The cooktops utilize an exceptional downdraft system that pulls the smoke, vapor, and smells downwards as you’re preventing them from entering the atmosphere in your kitchen.

With traditional cooktops, the warmth and odors rise into the atmosphere and that is the reason it fills the kitchen when you’re cooking that also steams the windows up as well as the cooking aromas then go anyplace around your residence.

Gas cooktops with downdraft make cooking simpler as they maintain the smoke and steam away from the face as you’re cooking so that you can certainly see what it is you do. The cooktops are readily linked to an extraction point on your kitchen to make sure that the entire steam and smells go beyond the home as you’re cooking.

Cooker Ventilation Systems

Downdraft systems, updraft systems, recirculating hoods, and ducted range hoods are typical ventilation set-ups for gas cooktops, each with its own benefits.

A stove using a downdraft system will pull on the atmosphere down to the ground or into the rear of the cooktop utilizing built-in vents. They’re different from hoods in this manner since they’re frequently incorporated into the appliance instead of being independent, making them suitable for kitchens or islands with limited space to get a ventilation hood.

It’s possible to select between options like telescopic downdraft ports or built-in downdraft vents, as well as versions that match a vast assortment of cookers, downdraft systems are a powerful and a more aesthetically-pleasing method of eliminating unwanted fumes and odors out of the kitchen as you cook.

Updraft techniques pull scents and vapors beyond the house to eliminate any damaging by-products out of cooking, which can be cost-effective but previously has meant a demand for big, un-aesthetically pleasing hoods. Newer versions have elegant this, however, and now you can find slick designs or hoods that tuck off after use.

Recirculating range hoods, also called ductless hoods, additionally filter several impurities in the atmosphere but don’t remove them meaning they are less powerful than other possibilities, and a few pollutants may stay. Furthermore, as a result of the discharge of carbon dioxide, recirculating hoods aren’t suggested for gasoline stoves.

Ducted range hoods, in contrast, rely on lovers that awaken the atmosphere and pull off any cooking by-products upward and from the exhaust duct. Efficient blowers can enhance this system because they cause less turbulence and permit more of an up pull within the duct.


Gone are the days of bulky, unsightly cookers which take up unnecessary space in your kitchen, however, the plan of the appliance is 1 facet that’s surprisingly overlooked by clients.

While they say looks are not everything, it’s very important to take into account the appearance and design of your cooktop, particularly when considering how easy it’s going to be to wash. Many cooktops include surfaces that are easy to wipe down after use, like stainless steel, but on a few cooktops, the burners can be tricky to wash around. Removable grates or leftovers are helpful, but check in case your grate is dishwasher safe before trying to wash it this way.

Some manufacturers might be more susceptible to dents or marks, so take care to not use any abrasive cleaning products on your cooktop. Also consider its size, thickness, and whether there is a drip tray to help capture overspills or sealed burners to stop clogs leaking to tricky-to-reach crevices since this will make cleaning easier.

As time passes, the accumulation of fumes and smells can affect more than just your stove, along with your walls or kitchen cabinets may require updating with a new coat of paint often as a consequence, so make sure you wash your filter for optimum ventilation.

Cooktop Size and Burners

Often the exact same size as a traditional cooker, yet another advantage of a gas stove using a downdraft system is they remove the need for a bulky, awkward extractor taking up unnecessary kitchen area. Standard sizes range from 30″ to 36″ and you’ll be able to pick from 5, 4, or, on some bigger versions, 6 burners, though you’ll usually just find this many on a 48″ cooktop geared toward more experienced chefs.

Even though the notion of burners is appealing, it can on occasion lead to your cooktop feeling overcrowded if they’re positioned too tightly together.

It is well worth choosing a gas cooktop that’s burners with distinct BTU output alternatives since this allows for different cooking methods and temperatures. The BTU output signal can vary from 10,000 to 19,000 and may provide rapid boiling or reduced simmering choices too like optimism. The higher the BTU output in your own burner, the faster you are able to achieve high temperatures for boiling or if using bigger pots.

Various versions provide various purposes, like an electrical spark or pilot light, and a few provide automated re-ignition. Electronic pilotless ignition is just another helpful option on a few cooktops, saving electricity and significance that leftovers can nevertheless be ignited manually whenever there’s not any electricity.

Controls and Safety

Gas burners are controlled by dials or knobs, with stainless steel being the most durable material and plastic that the most likely to damage. Although gas cooktops with downdraft could be harmful because of the open fire, many versions now have in-built security characteristics of their own, like push-turn knobs which prevent accidentally turning your burner changes to the temperature after cooking.

LED lighting is also a favorite means to indicate the burner is on even in the event that you cannot find the fire whilst also adding a modern, contemporary feel to your cooktop which may be a true feature in your kitchen.


The gas cooktops with downdraft are a terrific procedure to get rid of the steam and unwelcome scents after cooking, frying, or grilling. The streamlined and appealing designs available give you a wonderful option, therefore it is possible to pick the perfect design for your kitchen because it’s likely to select from many ceramic, glass, and stainless steel materials.

Using gas cooktops with downdraft also supplies you with additional space since they could possibly be utilized efficiently without a need to acquire an extractor fan and they also offer a kitchen with a spacious appearance without needing to mount a lover over the cooktop.

Hopefully, your search for the best gas cooktop with downdraft has come to a conclusion. Regardless of which one you prefer to purchase, make sure it fulfills your needs perfectly. Do not undermine the exhaust system to get a cheap one, since a costly version would not be as pricey as installing a port or kitchen hood.


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