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15 Best Hard Boiled Egg Cookers (2023 Reviews and Buying Guide)

Boiled eggs are an excellent breakfast course since they are simple to make, inexpensive to purchase, and easy to prepare. Besides all of the arrangement advantages, eggs can also be packed with protein and other nutrient values, promoting a healthy lifestyle in addition to a searchable one.

Contemplating how to boil them onto a pot takes ages, and we are too busy to wait patiently, investing in an egg boiler system is the ideal thing to do. Additionally, the very best egg yolks will even steam, poach, and also make omelets so you will have an egg-exquisite meal each moment.

Together with our range of the very best hard-boiled egg cooker of 2021, cooking eggs only got simpler. We will not guarantee they can create eggs a hundred distinct ways, but they sure are flexible. In reality, a number of them even include egg recipes so that you may make breakfast your own time to shine.

List Of 15 Best Hard Boiled Egg Cooker Reviews

1. DASH DEC005BK, Poached, Scrambled Eggs

  • The best-selling egg cooker on Amazon is that this Dash Rapid Egg Cooker. Along with also the second-bestselling egg stove is your two-tiered variant that cooks up to 12 eggs simultaneously.
  • The bigger one, which cooks six eggs, has over 11,200 five-star testimonials and shoppers say it is a game-changer, an entire time-saver, and an all-around pleasure.
  • The biggest gripe, however, is the alert is loud, so you may want to utilize the device before bed versus in the daytime while individuals in your home continue to be asleep.

2. Cuisinart CEC-10 Central Egg Cooker

  • Churning out totally cooked eggs every single time is easy unless you’ve got this Cuisinart CEC-10. The gorgeous appliance has tens of thousands of glowing reviews on Amazon, with most stating how it makes ideal easy-to-peel eggs.
  • That is no surprise since Cuisinart is possibly the very best kitchen appliance manufacturer globally, and it is only fair that their egg manufacturer is this great.
  • The very first thing we like about the CEC-10 is its own high capacity- it is possible to create 10 boiled eggs in precisely the exact same moment. Based on the way you like mushrooms, you can create hard-boiled, moderate, or soft-boiled eggs at the touch of a button.
  • If you’d prefer some poached eggs or omelets instead, this egg manufacturer does this also. You may poach four eggs and also make three omelets at precisely the exact same time to look after every member of your loved ones.
  • As you would expect from some other Cuisinart appliance, this hard boiled egg cooker includes an integrated cable so that your kitchen will not have a lot of wires on the countertops. In terms of extras, the gadget includes a measuring cup to make certain you cook flawless eggs every time.

3. Dash Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker

  • Boil a dozen eggs at a flash with the Dash Deluxe Egg Cooker. Makeup to 7 poached eggs or personal omelets at one time, or use the significant omelet menu to earn a one-of-a-kind walnut. When it’s soft, moderate, hard-boiled, poached, scrambled or an omelet, this egg cooker has you covered!
  • This exceptional kitchen appliance lets you warm tortillas and steam veggies too! Unprocessed your meals now together with the recipe book that’s included with purchase, and gains access to our database of thousands of recipes at no cost!

4. Nordic Ware Microwave Egg Boiler

  • NordicWare’s convenient Microware TM string for your microwave provides home chefs the resources that they require for clean, slender, and speedy cooking. This exceptional egg boiler gradually warms up to four tough – or soft-boiled eggs inside its white, oval shell.
  • To use, just place whole eggs to the small grooves of the inside shelf (piercing not mandatory), then place on top and cook. No longer hot water and delicate maneuvering to maintain the delicate products undamaged! The plastic boiler is high-heat tolerant and extends conveniently into the dishwasher.

5. Dash Rapid Egg Cooker: 6 Egg Capacity Electric Egg Cooker for Hard Boiled Eggs

  • The Dash Rapid is one of the best hard-boiled egg cookers on the marketplace. It is a reputation for being one of the easiest and most reliable to use. It has simple hamburgers and controls six eggs at the same time.
  • The Dash Rapid is not difficult to load since the tray distances eggs far enough apart. Because of this, you might receive them out without breaking up. Moreover, all you have got to do is measure the water utilizing the cup to discover the very best results.
  • There is a buzzer that will permit you to understand whether your eggs are ready. Furthermore, there’s a very convenient auto-shutoff quality that prevents your eggs from overcooking.
  • Dash is one of the oldest brands in the enterprise. You are getting something that’s backed by a company that’s invested in making sure that your egg cooking experience goes perfectly. A whole lot of attention went into the plan of this cooker.
  • Many egg cookers are meant to boil eggs since it is a favorite way of preparing them. There are quite a few different methods to make eggs, and the Dash can conduct some of them using the specific same machine. Apart from salty eggs, it might also poach eggs. ‘It might even create extraordinary omelets thanks to its accessories.

6. Chefman Electric Egg Cooker Boiler

  • The Chefman electric egg cooker may make 12 difficult or soft-boiled eggs once. This cooker includes a measuring cup that will assist you to have a specific number of water based on the kind of eggs you are cooking.
  • This egg cooker out of Chefman includes a streamlined design and is simple to use. It is made from BPA-free substances and contains cooking and scissors trays which are dishwasher safe for quick cleaning.

7. Elite Gourmet EGC-007B Easy Electric 7 Egg Capacity Cooker

  • Elite Gourmet electric egg cooker is the best overall product. With large capacity, it may cook seven eggs in precisely the exact same period in 3 levels: soft, medium, and hard-boiled eggs. At precisely the exact same time, this cooker includes high cooking functionality, saving water and time.
  • In addition, with this particular stove, eggs are constantly born ideal, the eggshell isn’t hard to peel, and also the clean-up is also very simple. It’s not difficult to use. You simply have to fill the measuring cup with water to your desired level then press the power button. After a couple of minutes, your egg will probably likely be “Egg-Celent”.
  • On the flip side, it’s an integrated timer, vibrator, and auto-off that constantly do the job nicely. Its varied attributes, whether you blend with butter toast or prepare a ripe egg to get a blended hotpot, this egg cooker is an all-in-one egg cooker, blended coated kettle, and much more.

8. OXO Stainless Steel Good Grips Steamer

  • Freshly cooked vegetables really are a cinch using the OXO Good Grips Steamer with Extendable Handle. The telescoping handle extends and locks into place for filling and hauling, and retracts to adapt pot lids while still steaming. For an additional advantage, a fork can be inserted into the deal.
  • The toes on the Steamer fold for storage and also open around 1 3/4″ so lots of water may be used for steaming. Just remove the deal when the whole basket is required for steaming big items such as fish fillets. The sturdy, stainless steel Steamer is dishwasher safe.

9. Sistema Microwave Cookware Easy Eggs

  • From time to time, you might not have the counter area to maintain an additional appliance. This Sistema Microwave Cookware creates the best hard-boiled egg cooker for those who have limited counter space, pupils who reside in hostels, and those who prefer to consume a fresh egg in the workplace. The streamlined egg cooker is really a masterpiece and among the quickest ways to make scrambled or poached eggs with the microwave.
  • The gorgeous egg cooker includes a BPA-free container using a steam-release port to minimize splatter and keep moisture when microwaving your egg. It’s not hard to use with easy-lift tabs, and you’ll be able to throw it in the dishwasher.
  • This easy-cook apparatus is so popular with shoppers that it made itself the enviable Amazon’s Choice recommendation. As one reviewer stated, it is a far healthier option since you don’t have to use butter or oil to create the eggs. With this particular stove, you do not need to take your egg salad prepared from the house since it is simple to create a new one in the workplace.

10. Hamilton Beach Electric Egg Cooker

  • Perfect eggs very quickly. Among the most bought hard-boiled egg cookers, Versatile, with 7 1, Rapid egg cooker tender and moderate, compact space-saving. Safe Removable Parts: 7 Egg Tray, and Two Egg Poaching Tray.
  • 3-egg All non-stick poaching tray. Eggs come out always perfect. Hard-Boiled Egg Cooker and additionally with Auto Shut off and Buzzer. They’re so natural to strip! You may adore the frittatas and poached eggs too. It is possible to use it continuously.
  • The Automatic Easy Egg Cooker lets you concoct 7 eggs at one time. It features a water measuring cup that enables you to align with the water amount helping set the eggs up into your need; delicate, moderate, or hard-boiled. In addition to steaming, It includes an audible alert to avoid overcooking. It barely takes six to eight-minute.

11. FunPa Microwave Egg Boiler

  • Food grade vinyl quickly heats transfer aluminum interior coating, security and wellbeing, heat resistance. Steam-cooked eggs are tender and tender.
  • Make your perfect boiled eggs, that may be stored soft, fresh, and healthy by way of steaming, 4-6 minutes for soft to medium boiled up to 5 minutes to get hard-boiled.
  • Great for all ages and cooking with children. On a morning, you can quickly boil eggs for salad dressings, breakfast casserole, simple egg salad, breakfast burritos, improving lettuce, pasta, and more.

12. KRUPS F23070 Egg Cooker with Water Level Indicator

  • People who love pure fashion and convenience are sure to appreciate this compact egg cooker. The KRUPS F23070 Egg Cooker boasts a modern and slick layout. This really will help to make it the perfect fit for any kitchen.
  • One of the great things about this particular version is that the very simple truth that it takes up minimal space. The power chord might even be wrapped around the foundation for easy storage. And, people who are overdue for work would have the ability to cook their own eggs in the office if they needed to.
  • With an adequate area for seven eggs, users can also bring about egg whites to receive their co-workers. This is a superb solution for the ones that are looking for easy and healthy lunchtime ideas. In addition to chopped eggs, the machine is excellent at creating and interrogate omelets.
  • There is no need to develop into an egg ace to use this convenient model. It features a narrow measuring cylinder to create picking the perfect amount of water really straightforward. After the eggs are ready, a buzzer will look that customers will not need to waste time.
  • The only real catch is the KRUPS F23070 Egg Cooker does not shut off automatically. It follows that customers may have to make certain to unplug the hard-boiled egg cooker after use.

13. Alcyoneus Rapid Egg Cooker, Electric Egg Boiler

  • The Alcyoneus egg cooker is intended to cook eggs in a number of various ways. It features different inserts so that you may create boiled eggs, poached eggs, scrambled eggs, and omelets. The stove comes in many colors.
  • This egg cooker is lightweight and compact. It may boil up to 7 eggs at the same time. All of the included accessories may be kept within the stove when not being used.

14. Copper Chef Want The Secret to Making Perfect Eggs

  • Together with the exact one-touch cooking style, Copper Chef automatically shuts off the egg cooker and provides you the best hard-boiled egg dish seconds. It provides you more options for how you want to cook legumes: soft, medium, and hard-boiled eggs.
  • In any case, its measuring cup is indicated, which makes it effortless to pour just the ideal quantity of water that you want. With this cooker, you don’t have to use a timer or application. Engineered Chef egg cooker utilizes egg-right technologies to rotate vapor when cooking and turn off when completed.
  • Its components are dishwasher safe and assist you to wash quickly as nothing adheres to the surface, therefore there is no need to wash or scrape. In addition, it may avoid clutter in contrast to creating eggs at an electric pressure cooker, on the stove, or in the microwave.

15. PowerDoF Multifunctional Double Layer Rapid Electric Egg Steamer Boiler

  • Are you thinking about locating an hard-boiled egg cooker that can also be utilized to create healthy meals? The PowerDoF ZDQ-702A Egg Cooker is a versatile machine that makes it possible to cook a wide range of dishes. This machine needs to function speedily and boasts a huge range of extras that chefs will love.
  • This innovative machine actually boasts two tiers. This permits users to load the bottom tier and place veggies at the very top layer. The steam that is generated since the eggs boil will cook the veggies.
  • Meat, fish, along with a huge range of unique foods might also be put on the very best tier. In fact, with only a little imagination, there is almost no limit to what might be cooked. The system also has a very large capacity to ensure it is easy to prepare meals for the whole family.
  • The PowerDoF Multifunctional Egg Cooker comes with a very solid stainless steel base. This cooker warms up very fast and shuts off when eggs are done. On the flip side, the addition of an alarm is likely to make the process slightly more convenient.

How to use Egg Cooker to Make Hard Boiled Eggs

Buying Guide for the Best Hard Boiled Egg Cooker 

Quite a few products are seen in the business. That’s the reason you must learn more about the characteristics and functions before buying the best one.

You shouldn’t desire to buy the miss-matching product for your need. Therefore, take a look at the features that you need to think about to pick the very best hard-boiled egg cooker.


How many eggs do you really wish to create in a go? It’s true that you may pick a cooker that incorporates 5 eggs in a move and do it a few times, but in the event that you frequently must generate a huge batch of eggs choosing one with a greater capability is greater. To get a more compact family, however, a version that may make 6 eggs is more than sufficient.

Cook Type

Some egg cookers simply boil eggs, but others permit you to poach, scramble and create omelets. You need to pick a model based on the type of eggs you enjoy as a household. But it appears that picking a flexible egg cooker is much more prudent since you don’t know if you’ll want to use another cook kinds.

Special Features

The entire goal of purchasing gadgets and electrical devices would be to make your job simpler. The best hard-boiled egg cooker does not just boil, poach or scramble eggs; it makes it easy to achieve that.

Some features you may get within an egg cooker comprise a timer, automated shut-off, a buzzer to allow you to know that the eggs are prepared, along with a measuring cup.

If the version does greater than boiling eggs, then it ought to have a translucent glass lid so you can check out what’s going on in there along with your omelet or scrambles.

Benefits Of Use

Again, an electric egg cooker ought to make your life simpler, not harder. Pick a model with easy controls and easy-to-understand capabilities. If the cooker has an over one button and special attributes, it ought to have elaborate documentation to demonstrate just how you can utilize them.


Finding a suitable hard-boiled egg cooker for your needs can change the best way to cook in your house. Making breakfast might be a much simpler and faster task. The ideal egg cooker can save you a whole lot of time.

While searching for a hard-boiled egg cooker you need to compare the various choices based on ability. If you prefer boiled eggs for snacks and meals during the week, it is a great idea to buy an egg cooker that could cook several eggs simultaneously to decrease your food prep period. Egg cookers are modest and do not expect a great deal of room for storage or use. They are just designed and many can even be used by kids with very little oversight.

We hope that after studying our all-inclusive hard-boiled egg cooker reviews and comprehensive purchasing manual, you may have all the information you wish to choose the best hard-boiled egg cooker to suit your requirements.


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