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Top 17 Best Ice Cream Scoops in 2024

Have you ever considered the importance of ice cream scoops? You may feel that a big spoon is sufficient. But, an ice cream scoop is more effective as it lowers the chances of muscle tension and hand cramps. Therefore, using a scoop simplifies the task of serving ice cream, making it less taxing and more direct! Ultimately, the experience of relishing ice cream should always be hassle-free and not wear you out.

Scoops can also be used to shape food, such as ice cream, muffin batters, cookie doughs, and meatballs. These scoops also make it easier to work with hard ice cream.

Ice cream scoops have become more innovative in recent years. Many ice cream scoops contain an anti-freeze liquid inside that is non-toxic and safe for the environment. It raises the temperature outside, which allows it to penetrate ice cream easily. A similar one has a liquid within that activates when heated.

This makes it easier to scoop hard ice cream without straining. The scoops with a pointed tip are also available. These are the best ice cream scoops, they can be used to cut hard ice cream, and even make a more elegant presentation.

What’s an Ice Cream Scoop?

Ice cream scoop is a kitchen tool that is used to form ice cream into round shapes. It is removed from its container and placed in a bowl, cone, or on top of a cookie, waffle, or another dessert.

There are two types of ice cream scoops.

  • There are two types of mechanical bail. This slides between scoop and cream, separating them. There are two types of mechanical scoops. The trigger location is what makes the difference. One trigger is located near the thumb while others use the whole scoop handle.
  • These are those that rely on heat and conductive metallic to keep the cream from sticking. These can be heated by heating hot water or electrically. These can even be coated with Teflon.

There are many ways to make ice cream scoops. Each model is the same, however, they all do the same job. The only difference is whether the scoops have a perfectly round or slightly rounded end. This depends on how you use the tool.

An advantage to buying an ice cream scoop? It can be used for more than just serving ice cream. It can also be used as a baking tool to make perfectly shaped meatballs or mashed potatoes. An ice cream scoop is a great tool to keep your hands clean in all these situations.

List Of 17 Best Ice Cream Scoop Reviews

1. Wilton Summer Ice Scoop

  • The Wilton ice cream scoop is the perfect choice if you have an efficient freezer that produces superhard tubs full of ice cream. The scooping edge has been designed to maximize your leverage and cutting power.
  • The handle is ideal for cutting through hard desserts. Wilton’s handle offers cushioned control and is stronger than other scoops. The scoop head is what really makes Wilton stand out. It’s oblong and has slightly pointed sides.
  • This scoop cuts through ice cream cleanly and efficiently, producing perfectly shaped scoops every single time. This kitchen aid is solid in materials and has a great design.

2. ZYLISS Right Scoop Gray

  • Although it might seem strange that the largest scoop, 8.7 ounces, is best for small hands; however, its well-balanced weight gives you great leverage to cut through hard ice cream and sorbet. The Zyliss Ice Cream Scoop’s ergonomic handle is extremely comfortable, making testers feel secure in their grip.
  • The scoop is too large and blunt to extract the last bit of ice cream from the corners of containers; sometimes ice cream sticks and needs to be pushed off the scoop. Also, the scoops aren’t quite as beautiful as Zeroll’s. The scoop also yields larger portions than other models, which can be either a good thing or a problem depending on how you look at it.

3. Spring Chef Ice Cream Scoop with Comfortable Handle

  • The scoop is made of heavy-duty materials and does not contain any gimmicks. The scoop is dishwasher-safe and has no moving parts. This scoop is designed to provide the best scooping experience, easy and satisfying. You can also get it in five colors. You can have perfect spheres of ice cream!

4. Gorilla Grip Large Ice Cream Scoop

  • Ice is a delicious treat that’s enjoyed for its flavor, taste, and aesthetic appeal. This Gorilla Grip ice cream scoop will make it easy to create stunning ice cream scoops. This scoop is made from heavy-duty material and will not bend even when you have the hardest pint.
  • This scoop has many uses. It can scoop watermelon, pumpkin seeds, and meatballs. This scooper can also be used to make pancakes or cookies of equal size. The scooper is made of a mixture of different metals so cold can travel to the handle. To resist the freezing cold of the ice cream, the ergonomic handle has been made from hard plastic.
  • The scooper can also reach every corner of the container thanks to its flat edges. The multi-functional ice cream scoop can be washed in the dishwasher.

5. Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop

  • How many ice cream scoops were designed by aerospace engineers? This was the one! This scoop is the most well-engineered and best-designed you will find. It’s elegant and high-end. This scoop is perfect for those who love their ice cream.
  • This scoop doesn’t require you to use your wrist to pull, poke, push, or pull the ice cream from the container. Instead, you can use your arm muscles and shoulders to do so. Although it’s still a lot of work, you can do it with stronger muscles.
  • Although this scoop is quite expensive, many users agree that it is worth it. It is almost indestructible so you won’t need another one.

6. SUMO Ice Cream Scoop

  • Metal ice cream scoops are often made with a plastic handle and have metal scoop ends. If you’ve ever had one of these snap in half while you were digging into your favorite flavor, this is the culprit.
  • This one is made of full stainless steel and has a rubber-coated handle that’s BPA-free. They have never received a single snap from customers.
  • This tip can be used to dig into firmer churns. It can also be color-coordinated in SUMO’s rectangular ice-cream containers.

7. Professional Stainless Steel Ice Cream Scoop

  • The BALCI Ice Cream Scoop uses the same efficient chisel-shaped spoon ends as the Midnight Scoop, but has a rubber grip. The handle of the stainless steel spoon extends into its handle and is one piece. It won’t break or bend even after repeated use.
  • The spoon is smaller than the other models, so it won’t get as much ice cream out each time. The easy scoop design means that you’ll be happy to dig in for more. This scoop is well-priced and should last a lifetime. You can choose from six different colors, including pink, lime, and purple.
  • The Balci Professional Ice Cream scoop is the perfect scoop for professional chefs and bartenders. This scoop is perfect for those who have struggled with traditional spoons when serving ice cream. Balci features a non-slip rubber handle and a stainless steel scooper knife. This product is high quality and performs just as well as an ice cream scoop. You can feel the strength and quality in this utensil from the moment it is picked up.

8. Zeroll 1020 Original Ice Cream Scoops 

  • Since the 1930s, Zeroll scoops have been used in ice cream parlors across the country. Jeni Britton Bauer from Jeni’s Splendid ICE Creams is a pro at using them.
  • The secret to the Zeroll scoop’s success is in its handle. It contains a special liquid that transfers heat from your hands and defrosts the ice cream while you scoop it.
  • Aluminum Ice Cream Scoop is heat-conductive and has a sealed handle. Original Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop allows for a larger portion and eliminates compression. This gives you 20% more scoops per gallon.

9. Vollrath 4 oz. Stainless Steel Disher

  • The dishes are made of fully colored polypropylene handles with stainless steel components. To prevent slippage, the handle has a ribbed surface with a stopper notch built-in. Agion antimicrobial protection is included on the handle.
  • The handle construction is one piece and does not allow bacteria or water to collect in crevices. To ensure consistent capacities, the bowl dimensions must be exact. For easy identification, capacities must be clearly marked on the top of the rear rack.

10. HOMURE H 3 PCS Cookie Scoops for Baking

  • The bright multipurpose set from Homure is ideal for any type of food. They come in three sizes: small (1.6 inches), medium (2 inches), and large (2.8 inches). The scoops are made from food-grade stainless to resist corrosion and metallic aftertaste.
  • For a better grip, the handles are made of sturdy plastic and have grooves. The trigger system allows food to be released from the scoop by releasing each handle.
  • Homure H’s scoops can be used to make ice cream, rice pudding, or mashed potatoes. You can also use them for baking cookies, cupcakes, and meatballs. This scoop is suitable for either right- or left-handed people.

11. Tiger Chef Set of 9 Color Coded Ice Cream Scooper

  • This nine-piece set by Tiger Chef is next on our honorable mentions. This set comes in every size and comes in a variety of colors. You don’t need to drop the scoop. Instead, your hand is all that’s needed to trigger the lever. It’s much simpler on your hands.
  • Universal dish has a long, lightweight, and simple-to-use squeeze handle operation. These food dishes can be used as a right or left-handed scoop. Your employees will find it easy to use. There is no spring. No trigger driver reduces pressure so that you can scoop faster and more efficiently.
  • This ice cream scoop can be used in everyday kitchen tasks. These scoopers are great for serving falafel, muffin and cupcake batters, cookie doughs, meatballs, cookie doughs, ice creams, and large cookie spoons that can be used to present rice and mashed potatoes.

12. Jenaluca Cookie Scoop Set

  • The Jenaluca kitchen tool is multi-purpose and can be used by both professionals as well as enthusiasts. It is made from heavy-duty 18/8 stainless and is extremely durable.
  • It is versatile and can be used to scoop ice cream, but it can also be used for portion dispensing in muffins, cakes, and pancakes. This tool is fast and easy to use.
  • Because it is rust-resistant, the Jenaluca will stand the test of time. Mirror-polished for an even better look, the Jenaluca is also available in a variety of colors. It will not lose its shine, even if it is washed in the dishwasher multiple times.
  • It is food safe and comes in velvet-pack packaging. This makes it a wonderful gift idea. The handles have been designed ergonomically and are ambidextrous. It can be used by either left- or right-handed people. This simple tool is available in three pieces per package. Simply scoop, squeeze, and release to enjoy. You get perfectly round balls every time, fast and efficient!

13. Solula-Stainless-Large-Cookie-Scoop

  • Ice cream scoop who are professionals know that not all ice cream spheres can be easily removed from the scoop. Relying on a weak trigger mechanism can cause delays in their workflow and disappoint customers.
  • Solula Ice Cream Scoop solves these problems with an intuitive and comfortable design that makes it easy to create the perfect scoop and deliver it. Its stainless steel construction ensures it will withstand the test of time.
  • It is easy to clean and can be stored in any drawer. This scoop can be used for many purposes, just like any other kitchen utensil. This scoop is perfect for scooping out melon balls and measuring cookie dough, without making a mess.
  • This is a simple design that maximizes the user’s hand strength and minimizes soreness. It’s also easy to clean. It can be put in the dishwasher and left to dry.

14. Good Living Ice Cream Scoop

  • Despite the many benefits, I wouldn’t recommend this product to anyone. There is one problem with this product that cannot be overlooked. Good Living’s ice-cream scoop includes a warning about chemicals that can cause cancer, congenital disabilities, or other reproductive problems.
  • This was enough for me. It was tested by me so I could write this review. However, I haven’t tried any food that came in contact with it. It is very affordable and comes in four colors. This scoop has a lever mechanism which can cause issues with cleaning.
  • This product is a sturdy and robust utensil that comes with a stainless steel ice cream scoop. It also has a non-sticky, non-slip plastic handle. Although it’s easy to use and does the job well, it is not meant for everyday use. You can use it as a baking tool to bake rice or mashed potatoes and just about anything else you can think of.
  • You should skip the ice cream scoop if you’re left-handed. Although this product has many positive sides and I was excited to try it, you can’t buy it without taking any responsibility.

15. Norpro, black Nonstick Anti-Freeze Ice Cream Scoop

  • The Norpro Nonstick Anti-Freeze Ice Cream Scoop, like the Zeroll, is filled with heat-conducting liquid that makes it easy to scoop and release. The scoop also features a nonstick coating that makes it easy to release the ice cream from its bowl.
  • If you want a self-defrosting scoop there is no reason to pick this one over the Zeroll. It’s easier to grip the handle than the Zeroll because it is thinner and has a nonstick coating. Because the bowl’s shape is more oval than round, the scoops don’t look as neat or pretty.

16. Zeroll 1012 Original Ice Cream Scoop

  • This ice cream scoop is a classic in kitchen history. This ice cream scoop was first created in 1935. It has a liquid inside the handle that absorbs heat and transfers it to its head. The scoop melts the ice cream slightly as it scoops.
  • To heat up the ice cream, even more, warm water can be used to dip the entire scoop. This heating feature has been praised by many reviewers who said they were able to scoop perfect balls even though their ice cream was frozen solid.
  • It doesn’t have moving parts that could break so it should last for many years if taken care of properly. It should be washed only by hand. Heat should not exceed 140 degrees.

17. Met Lux 4 Ounce Portion Scoop

  • It is not a good idea to buy a kitchen tool that cannot be used for multiple purposes. However, this ice cream scoop features variable functions. It can be used to decorate a meal or serve the perfect amount of food. The scooper is perfect for making biscuits and mashed potatoes. For sticky foods, press the squeeze button to release the food.
  • The handle is also made from plastic, so it won’t slip off your hand when you use it. It measures 9 inches in length and can comfortably fit your fingers. This item can be stored in a drawer. The brand claims that the item can be washed in a dishwasher, but we recommend hand washing it. There are small holes between the squeezer and handle that can allow food to get stuck. To prevent rust, a small brush can be used to remove any remaining material.

Types of Ice Cream Scoops

Buying Guide for the Best Ice Cream Scoop

While it may be tempting to buy the cheapest option right away, it is important to compare the type and material of each product. Although you can still find ice cream scoops at an affordable price that are made of high-quality materials, the slightly more expensive scoops will last longer and cost less peruse. Continue reading to discover the features that will make you a successful ice cream scoop shop.

1. Design

How well an ice cream scoops can be affected by its design. Scoop heads were traditionally round. However, newer models are either slightly pointed at their sides or oval. These are designed to give extra cutting power and are not dangerous. There are many options for handle design. The handles can be curved to make it easier for you to push ice cream instead of prying it loose. This will reduce injury and ergonomics. Scoop rests are available to stop drips and provide comfortable, hands-friendly grips.

Classic dippers that have no moving parts are the best for purists. These scoops can be used for frozen desserts such as sorbet, hard ice cream, and sherbet. The handles are welded seamlessly to the head for strength.

The handle of trigger scoops or dishes has a spring-release mechanism. This mechanism makes it easier to release sticky ice cream and other foods. Trigger scoops work well for multipurpose cooks. They can be used for baking cookies and making cupcakes, as well as for serving mashed potatoes and other favorite foods.

2. Material

Ice cream scoops are made with the highest quality ingredients. The scoop’s head, made from metal, is what does the actual scooping. There are many metal options available, including stainless steel, aluminum, nickel-plated metal, and coated zinc. Stainless steel is an excellent choice because of its durability and non-stick, non-coated surface. Metal-plated ice cream scoops are more susceptible to corrosion than stainless steel.

Most handles are made of a combination of plastic, metal, and nylon. Metal handles are strong and can be used to pry ice cream from containers. However, they can also cause grip problems when handling large amounts of ice cream. Rubberized grips on handles provide additional control and comfort.

Some ice cream scoop handles include antifreeze fluid, which helps melt ultracold cream. This makes it easier to cut. These ice cream scoops may not be dishwasher-safe and may not last as well as the fluid-free handles.

3. Cost

Even the best ice cream scoops are not necessarily cheap. Even the most expensive scoops on this list cost less than $50. Scoops between $20 and $30 generally have reliable materials, solid construction, and efficient, simple-to-use design.

Quality scoops are also available for less than $10. When it comes to kitchen tools, sustainability can often mean a higher upfront investment for long-lasting tools that will be both enjoyable to use and cost less in the long term.

Frequently Asked Questions

These frequently asked questions can help you answer questions about ice cream scoops.

1. How do you scoop ice cream the best?

The type of scoop you use will affect how much scooping is done. A round scoop should be used to scoop ice cream. Use an angled scoop and scoop in an S shape. Next, follow the tub’s an outside edge to scoop the next scoop. Spade-style scoops should be pushed into the top of the ice cream.

Hot water may help you get the scoop through hard-iced ice cream. However, it may also leave some water in the tub that will cause it to turn into ice. You might leave the ice cream in the freezer for a while to allow it to soften enough to be scoopable.

2. Is the self-defrosting fluid on the handle safe for use?

Ice cream scoops with self-defrosting liquid can be used, but they are not compatible with dishwashers. Even though the liquid is safe, the dishwasher can cause damage to the handle. If the fluid begins to leak, we recommend not using the scoop.

3. Which size of ice cream scoop will serve multiple purposes?

The large scoop is best for a variety of purposes. The large scoop can be used to pour pancake batter or muffin batter.

4. How does an ice cream scoop work?

The classic scoop pushes or pulls hard ice cream out of the container. You then deposit it into a bowl using the solid handle. The trigger scoop is similar but has a mechanism that releases ice cream from the scoop’s head and into the bowl.


It can be difficult to decide which ice cream scoop you should buy. There are many scoops available made of different materials, so it can be difficult to pick the right one. These are the most important features of the scoop.

Although all ice cream scoops share similar design elements, not all are created equal. Scoops with long-lasting, functional features and well-designed structures are the key to making sure they last. Scoops come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The best scoop for you will depend on how firm the ice cream is and what portion size you like to enjoy.

After looking at our 23 best ice cream scoops, continue reading to find important information, advice, and answers that will help you choose the right scoop for your favorite ice cream.


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