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Top 19 Best Paella Pans in 2024

Paella is revered as a signature national dish of Spain, a gastronomic heritage passed down through generations of Valencian families. There are several kinds of paella pans available, made from a range of materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, enameled steel, or aluminum. All these pans are suitable for use on a gas stove. But if you have an electric, ceramic, or induction stove, you’ll require a paella pan with a flat bottom to ensure efficient heat distribution.

If you’re planning to obtain a Paella Pan and when this is the first time then let’s help you out in making the choice. The pan isn’t difficult to select with a couple of considerations necessary during the purchase procedure. In this guide, we’ve attempted to assist one to some maximum level as we haven’t only listed a number of the best Paella Pan in this reviews, we also have covered a brief purchasing guide that will enable you in ensuring you select only the best Paella Pan on your own.

What’s a Paella Pan?

paella pan is a pan used for traditional Spanish cooking. The pan is broad and round in form when offering a shallow figure. The grips on the sides of the pan stretch out nicely to assist you to manage the utensil.

The paella pan can be used in cooking different foods, but the pan functions especially well with rice. The pan cooks its own things in a thin coating, thus ensuring more of the meals being cooked have in contact with the bottom region of the pan.

The base is where the flavoring is if it involves you inhale the pan or incorporating oil or cooking inventory to the base part. Due to its performance, a paella pan has been traditionally quantified according to its diameter together with the bigger units having more room for heating meals on.

A pan is made out of a steel frame. The kind of steel used inside the pan will change; many versions are created with either carbon or stainless steel.

Top 3 Best Paella Pans

  1. Victoria Cast Iron Paella Frying Pan
  2. Lodge Carbon Steel Skillet, Pre-Seasoned
  3. Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet with 2 Loop Handles

List Of 19 Best Paella Pan Reviews

1. Victoria Cast Iron Paella Frying Pan

  • If you’re interested in finding something that’s Kosher certified then this is really the very best cast iron paella pan for you. This is offered in a number of distinct sizes so you’ll certainly find a proper one for the loved ones.
  • The material used here’s cast iron that has good heat retention and thus you wind up consuming less energy when cooking the meals. The grips incorporated into such Paella Pan are dual fold that’s a lot easier to use, and thus there no possibility of slippage either.
  • In accordance with the producer, the iron or traces enters your meals when you utilize this Paella Pan, and therefore it fosters the nutrient intake for you. If you’re actually searching for something very flexible, then you may go ahead and take a peek at the Paella Pan.

2. Lodge Carbon Steel Skillet, Pre-Seasoned

  • It’s an inexpensive choice for you and it delivers the ideal browning or searing experience to the consumer. The material used here is 12 gauge steel that not just heats quickly but in addition, it keeps heat for a longer period.
  • This Paella Pan is very versatile since you are able to use it with a cooking cooker, induction cooker, electrical stove, gas-based stove, and even on outside grills or open flame. This provides a great deal of flexibility for you personally and you may also experiment with your food.
  • The brand new Paella Pan comes experienced with organic oil but following the very first use onwards, so you would have to wash it by hand and you would have to rub cooking oil so as to year the Paella Pan and avoid all types of rust or oxidation of the alloy.

3. Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet with 2 Loop Handles

  • If you’re interested in finding a high-quality pan to cook your paellas that’s also made from durable stuff, then this skillet is a no-brainer. Made from cast iron, it is bound to endure for many years (maybe decades) as long as you care for it.
  • Consequently, if you believe that it would be a superb fit for your chef-worthy cookware set, here are the finest and could-be-better attributes. Made from cast iron, this paella pan is obviously non-stick, which makes cooking and cleaning way simpler.
  • Though this item is tagged as a skillet, you can easily use it to cook the paella of your dreams. Its broad, shallow cooking surface together with the splayed sides are nearly equal to those of a typical paella pan. Long story short, this skillet introduces a flexible alternative to the conventional pan variant.
  • Cast iron is famous for withstanding a broad assortment of temperatures, from comparatively low to super large quality. Meaning you could take advantage of this skillet in almost any case possible. Therefore, whether you opt to push it into your oven or place it straight over an open fire, it’ll still do just fine.

4. La Ideal Polished Steel Paella Pan

  • Have 40 buddies or desire a lot of leftovers? This cookware may serve a crowd. The 35.5-inch polished steel paella pan made in Spain is fantastic for socially remote backyard parties.
  • To adapt a pan of this size, receive a sizable outdoor paella tripod kit that contains a burner and stand. These utilize outside gas grill propane tanks.
  • It is also possible to place this pan onto a barbecue (a milder pan is much better so the paella does not burn as readily ). Because a pan this enormous may be challenging to move, it comes equipped with four red grips – for both you and a buddy.

5. Matfer Bourgeat Black Steel Paella Pan

  • If you would like to cook paella for four to six individuals, this gorgeous black steel paella pan out of the German firm Matfer Bourgeat is a superb option.
  • In addition to incorporating the strength of metal which resists chipping, scratching, and peeling off as well as the additional special surface-hardening remedies that stop it from rust, its shiny black finish will appear appealing on the table when you serve your fresh paella production for your loved ones or guests.
  • It measures 153/4- inches in diameter and weighs 6-ounces. The heavy-duty steel is thick enough to boil the rice while being more lightweight compared to cast iron. Additionally, the curved sides are large enough to comprise all the paella ingredients.
  • Both handles are made from extra strong steel to permit you to find a fantastic grip whilst hauling the pan from the stove into the countertop or desk and they’re also able to withstand high temperatures.

6. Garcima C-26RED 26-Inch Carbon Steel Paella Pan

  • This paella pan includes a 26″ cooking surface which may feed up to 20 people at once (perhaps more). Wow! Cooking for a celebration just got a whole lot simpler. The same as all high-quality paelleras, this one includes a dimpled bottom which boosts an even and rapid heat supply all around the cooking surface.
  • Though it is not dishwasher-safe, this pan is quite simple to wash. Simply wash the cooking surface with a moist towel and some soap, then dry it, up it with a few drops of olive oil and you are prepared to use it once more.
  • Do not have sufficient stovetop space? No problem! This paella pan is designed to withstand very significant temperatures, which means that you can easily set it in the oven or in addition to open fire. Talk about a flexible cooking vessel!
  • Made from carbon steel, this item can last for a long time at a time, but only in the event that you take excellent care of it. Thus, be certain that you wash it carefully and season it between applications.

7. Mauviel M’Elite Paella pan

  • This paella pan is a thing of beauty, using a stunning polished and hammered cosmetic. However, as nice as it seems, its functionality is much more notable.
  • That is because it is created from five-ply stainless steel which evenly distributes heat throughout the pan, giving you more control than other strands. The consequent paella will make you feel as though you’re in Spain.

8. Garcima 15-Inch Carbon Steel Paella Pan

  • Garcima is a family-owned firm from Valencia, the birthplace of paella. The household has generated carbon steel paella skillets for nearly a hundred decades. These days, Garcima is thought to be the most prominent producer of paella pans and gas grills in Spain.
  • Garcima Paella Pan, 15-Inch Carbon Steel, is a conventional carbon steel paella pan. It’s a dimpled bottom and 2 flat riveted handles. The riveted joint is conventional and functional since it blows off both the thermal (or heat) bridge. Thus, some warmth is missing in that link, therefore riveted handles stay stagnant.
  • This paella pan might be used on a gas burner, grill, an open flame tripod, or even the charcoal grill, although not about the induction cooktop. This Garcima Carbon Steel Paella Pan with 15-inch (38 cm) diameter may function 3-5 individuals, so it is excellent for cooking. Having a weight of 2,5 lbs (1.13kg), this pan isn’t a heavy-handed one. But, it is ideal for cooking paella since it is designed for this function.

9. Machika Enameled Steel Skillet, Non Stick Paella Pan

  • If you’re the sort of person who’s keen on keeping a fashionable kitchen – meaning you just have beautiful and special utensils or appliances inside, then you may want to provide this Machika Enameled Steel Paella Pan another appearance.
  • It includes an advanced design, and it is made from top-grade stainless steel, all of which makes it lightweight and thin, yet durable and incredibly versatile.
  • The substance used in creating this pan makes it quite simple to wash. After using it, all you need to do is run some water on it, then use a little bit of detergent to wash, then rinse it off. That is it! Just ensure the pan is dry and keep it away for another time you use it.

10. Garcima Mediterraneo Paella Pan Set with Burner

  • Attempting to cook a tasty meal such as Pella without the ideal pan or ingredients for the first time could be ineffective. Before going out to the marketplace to purchase the components, you have to have the ideal Pan, such as our best selection for the very best paella pan – Garcima Valencia Paella Pan Set.
  • This unit includes a large cooking ability to feed around 8 starving people simultaneously. This Pan includes a burner to enable you to have a smooth cooking experience. This Pan is made of carbon steel, which provides impressive durability and striking heat conduction. In any case, it’s safe to use along with your grills, ovens, and stovetops.
  • Notice the Garcima 18 Inch Carbon Steel Outdoor Valencia Paella Pan Set requires care after washing to make sure it functions for several decades. Additionally, the 16-inch burner is perfect for 22-inch pans or even smaller. The burner includes two concentric fire rings, which you can control independently with its own knob.

11. Garcima 18-Inch Enameled Steel Paella Pan

  • Garcima is one of the greatest producers of paella pans in Spain. They are one of the leaders in kitchen cookware in Spain. The Garcima 18-Inch Enameled Steel Paella Pans are ideal for cooking paella in the house.
  • The pan is safe to use on a kitchen stovetop, outside grill, or in the oven. Produced from top steel, the Garcima 18-inch is coated in a black and white speckled enamel, which prevents rust and is easy to wash. No particular care is needed; just wash by hand with soap and water.
  • Serving between 5 and 8 people, the pan will fit two regular stovetop burners. Garcima provides an informational pamphlet with recipes and methods for creating the very best paella pan. A limited manufacturer’s guarantee may also be contained with the pan.

12. Cuisinart Non-Stick Paella Pan

  • They have got a glowing red-colored paella panCuisinart ASP-38CR which seems as appealing as the paella it cooks. Possessing a conventional design with flared sides, it’s a dimpled interior that permits you to prepare the perfect caramelized crusts.
  • Traditional design with flared sides and dimpled interior for ideal caramelized paella crust. Convenient non-stick interior and cover help to perfect any recipe!. Ergonomically designed stainless steel handles are contoured for a secure grip and riveted for strength and durability.

13. Garcima 16-inch Pata Negra Restaurant Grade Paella Pan

  • This Pata Negra paella pan has a different gray tone, which means you could be amazed by the maintenance it requires. It is not much – only dry it after washing and oil lightly prior to leasing. The paellera includes a thickened underside for heavy-duty usage plus it succeeds with time.
  • The carbon steel onto this pan can resist oven usage, but it’s dimpled so that it won’t sit on a set cooktop. It works better using a charcoal grill or gas stove.
  • The box includes some useful tips about the best way best to extend the life span of your pan with appropriate maintenance. Additionally, it has a few recipes you may try. This pan functions for 4 to 6 people and contains black insulated handles.
  • La Paella’s pan is 16.25 inches broad on top, 14.25 inches broad at the bottom, and two inches deep. You are able to spot fakes because genuine La Paella goods have their title branded with dimples. It is a thick pan and weighs approximately 4 and a half pounds.

14. Paderno World Cuisine Spanish Paella Pan

  • This very best pan for paella is created in a traditional format, and it is made from carbon steel. Despite not dishwasher safe, it’s comparatively simple to wash. There’s a need to season a product before use, as it gets the cleanup process rather straightforward.
  • This product is manufactured in Spain to supply an authentic encounter. The compatibility of the induction cooktops and ovens is a massive bonus. Crucially, this large paella pan was made with a funding client in your mind, but it could still feed a family.

15. Garcima 16-Inch Stainless Steel Paella Pan

  • Quality stainless steel paella pans similar to this you’re manufactured from 18/10 or 18/8 stainless steel, providing it the supreme resistance to rust. This means that you don’t need to season it prior to use, which makes it effortless to keep. Unlike enameled pans, you do not need to worry about chipping, however, the thermal conductivity of a stainless steel pan is roughly a third of a carbon steel pan.
  • The medium-sized, 16-inch stainless steel Garcima pan works four to six individuals and matches over a massive stove burner (or may straddle two). It includes a lovely mirrored finish and golden handles, which makes it ideal to hang or flaunt. This pan is rigid and sturdy with a traditional dimpled bottom.

16. Garcima 12-Inch Enameled Steel Paella Pan

  • Enameled pans provide value and convenience and create flavorful paella. Made from steel, and coated with a white and black speckled enamel, therefore rusting won’t be a problem. The pan comes with an informative pamphlet that contains two recipes, tips for perfect paella, and care instructions.

17. Virtus Spanish Paella Pan

  • Having a high-cooking functionality and measuring a gigantic 351/2-inches, the Virtus Spanish Paella Pan could cook sufficient paella for a huge celebration of 20 individuals.
  • The Virtus paella pan is the best selection for cooking all sorts of paella dishes since it’s made from polished heavy-gauge carbon steel which gives it its power. But since it’s a thin alloy, the pan may get nice and warm speedily. The hammered base aids the pan to enlarge when it’s warmed to reduce buckling.
  • If you’d like your paella to create a crisp socarrat rice crust at the bottom, this pan is ideal because its shallow dimpled surface makes certain any liquid melts fast for authentic Spanish paella. The pan’s low sides offer a heat supply for cooking. The double calcium handles are sturdy and permit you to take the pan easily in the cooker to your table.

18. Sertodo Copper Alicante Paella Cooking Pan

  • This Sertodo Copper Alicante Paella Cooking Pan has a keen eye for the rustic appearance that aluminum brings into the kitchen. Designed and created by expert artisans, this unique paella pan features the maximum quality aluminum. It is made from heavy 14-gauge forged aluminum that’s sourced from a range of recycled substances.
  • It’s a hot-tin inside that provides exceptional cooking by enabling heat to be evenly dispersed through the pan. Some may be worried that there could be direct from the aluminum or tin used in creating this pan as it is sourced from many different recycled materials.
  • Rest assured there is not any hint of lead inside this pan. This is just a superbly designed pan that has a small glow as a result of its aluminum outside. The pan itself is 15-inches broad and 2-inches profound, with a smart design that could hold enough food for 6 to 8 individuals.
  • The aluminum and other substances utilized in creating this pan have reduced conductivity, meaning you can easily deal with this pan when cooking or moving it from the cooker to the table. Nevertheless, the pan has perfect handles which make it even more convenient to transport.

19. Garcima 23.75-Inch Carbon Steel Paella Pan

  • Last, Garcima 23.75-Inch Carbon Steel Paella Pan is real merchandise from Spain having ample cooking space to cook tasty paella for your family and friends.
  • Its carbon steel construction produces this pain able to run heat impressively for cooking and supplies a high durability level. Cooks can utilize this version in their oven, on the grill, and on the stovetop.
  • Its slim design with a hammered bottom ensures that this version provides the best outcomes. More so, the bright red steel grips will certainly fit your additional countertops and kitchen appliances. That is not all: it needs to have the ability to feed up to 20 individuals with minimum maintenance required.

Buying Guide for the Best Paella Pan

As with any product available on the current market, it is never easy to encounter the perfect solution, and the paella pan is no exception. But pinning down the ideal unit is not hard. There is an abundance of variables that might impact the taste of your ingredient in the Pan’s dimensions to the heat supply utilized.

Thus, to make certain you don’t fall prey to fair cookware, we’ll discuss key elements which should influence your choice.


The very first aspect to take into account before you purchase a paella pan would be to consider how many people you’ll be cooking paella for. Can it’s for you, two, to get a household, or would you want a bigger pan so you are able to serve a hot food production or whip up a fresh recipe for guests at your next dinner party? Paella pans have a vast diameter and they can vary in size from 8-inches to a whopping size of 32 or even 35-inches. In addition to the width of the pan, then you also must take into account the thickness of the pan.

The thickness allows the pan to maintain a great deal of rice and other components, such as fish, poultry, fish, mussels, clams, or Chorizo sausage. Even though most manufacturers such as La Paella, create their paella pans using a 2-inch thickness, some makers like Magefesa create their pans with an extremely generous thickness of 5.5-inches.


Paella pans are made from unique substances, carbon steel (which also has polished carbon steel and stainless steel), stainless steel, cast iron, copper, and even aluminum. Although cast iron is a durable substance, it is often very heavy. As paella pans have been made to be a serving dish or eat-in-the pan on your desk, it might not be the best kind of material for creating and serving paella. The most well-known materials are carbon steel, stainless steel, and needless to say lovely aluminum.

Heat Source

Prior to purchasing a pan, you need to think about your source of heat. You have to obtain a paella pan which will work nicely with your cooking supply if you’ve got an oven, stovetop, or open-flame grill.

Thus, you have to consider not only the kind but also the dimensions of this burner. Should you do so, you will locate the ideal cookware to match in addition to your go-to cooking supply, if that is a stovetop, oven, or an open-fire grill.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The best way to maintain your paella pans will likely depend on its own structure. Most paella pans will last longer if they are washed by hand rather than from the dishwasher.

Carbon steel pans require regular seasoning-drying the pans out carefully after washing them and then coating them in a coat of vegetable oil to be able to prevent rusting. When ready to use the pan, then wipe off the excess oil with a paper towel.

Stainless steel and enamel-coated paella pans don’t require any specific maintenance. Only take good care of these as you’d look after any other pots and pans.

How to Use a Paella Pan

These measures can be used when you are intending to cook Spanish meals using a paella pan:
  • Clean off and cut the components that you may add to the pan. You are able to cook several types of meat and vegetables on your pan, but this works great for rice.
  • Startup the suitable heat source for the paella pan. You may cook it on your cooker, but you might also receive a bigger flame ready with charcoal. Give approximately 10 to 20 minutes to permit the heat source to achieve the desired temperature. Additionally, ash ought to be added to any coal you would like to utilize so the coal won’t lose its own temperature.
  • Add the components into the pan. Start with the rice should you’ve got it.
  • Cook your components based on the recipe’s directions. You have to stir the pan around to make sure the components are cooked evenly. It is also possible to shake the pan around within the heat source if wanted.
  • Empty the meals on a serving dish once you’re finished cooking. The plan of this paella pan can help you to slip out the food in minutes, even though you can use a bigger spoon for scooping items out.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How Big A Paella Pan Do I Need?

Before you get a paella pan, first consider how many people you’ll be cooking paella for. Can it be for one, two, a family of four, or would you will need a larger pan so it is possible to serve hot food or cook a new recipe for guests at your next dinner party? The paella pan is broad in diameter and may vary in size from 8 inches to enormous 32 or 35 inches.

2. What is exceptional about the paella pans?

Paella pans can be found in a lot of forms, and you may use them to get a diverse number of jobs. The Paella pans may be used for grilling, roasting, and creating regular food in the home. And as with any superior-excellent cooking pan, the Paella pans provide users with excellent value for money. Consequently, if you’re interested in superior and intelligently pans to your kitchen, then the more Paella Pans will be a terrific option to make.

The top 3 reasons why the Paella pans are very popular amongst the buyers will be the build quality, simple usability, and excellent layout. Because of three and a number of other fantastic things, the Paella pans are still a wonderful option to create, and because they are offered in a vast selection of versions, they’re a superb purchase for those homeowners that are searching for the best-quality paella pans.

3. Can we use it for roasting?

The Paella pans are fantastic for roasting. You receive a perfectly equipped deep-frying Paella pan for roasting. So, rather than purchasing any other skillet which can not finish the Paella pans or quality and functionality, we’ll recommend you to search for a deep-bottom Paella pan for roasting and frying functions.

Believe us you will become unmatched functionality from Paella pans. Aside from the roasting, there are numerous different sorts of Paella pans that you are able to elect for in your kitchen. Try them and understand the Paella pans are a favorite choice to create.


If paella is a dish that you would rather cook several times, you will do yourself a huge favor by getting certain paella pans for this specific undertaking. Many people who cook paella understand the dish comes out better and more authentic if they use the pan that has been created for this specific dish.

This super top-quality stainless steel paella pan is a superb choice for cooking paella. It’s been specially assembled with only the ideal specifications to cook paella in the Spanish manner. In addition to its high cooking functionality, the glistening stainless steel finish will light up any family dinner or celebration.

Here we’ve put together a listing of the 19 best paella pans on Amazon. Hopefully, with this particular job, we’ll help you lower your search time.


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