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Top 10 Best Takoyaki Pans in 2024

Takoyaki, a popular street food that hails from Osaka, Japan, has bewitched food lovers worldwide. This appetizing octopus dish has gained significant recognition from Asia, America, to Europe. However, not everyone is aware that this specialty can be quickly made at home. One essential initial step to whipping up takoyaki is possessing the proper cooking utensils, especially the right pan and necessary ingredients. With this in mind, let’s examine takoyaki pans more closely.

We would like you to experience this yummy snack at the comfort of your home without the stress of looking for the best takoyaki pan. After thorough investigation, we have produced this top 10 listing and purchasing guide to find the very best takoyaki pans available in the industry. Keep reading to find the other goods on our listing and ideas on picking the ideal pan!

What is a Takoyaki Pan?

Takoyaki Pan is a pan with dimples around the very best. While the dimensions of these dimples may vary, normally they ought to be approximately you to two-inch in diameter. The region surrounding the dimple ought to be horizontal for the flow of batter. After cooked, then you can choose and fill the chunks onto it.

These kinds of pans may be used to create another ball-shaped desert-like Aebskevier or paddu or even Banh Khot. But, their dimensions will be different.

Top 3 Best Takoyaki Pans

  1. Iwatani Takoyaki Grill Pan
  2. Iwatani Cassette gas takoyaki device Super ENTAKO CB-ETK-1
  3. Norpro Nonstick Stuffed Pancake Pan

List Of 10 Best Takoyaki Pan Reviews

1. Iwatani Takoyaki Grill Pan

  • For all those who cook portable butane stoves, then this really is actually the best takoyaki pan for you! The foundation of the pan includes grooves that lock the pan right into position for butane stoves. This allows for perfectly even cooking and for procuring your appetizers in the event of nudges and lumps.
  • The aluminum metal pan is coated using a non-stick coating, which is ideal for the takoyaki to cook with no broken appetizers and misshapen balls. It is so simple, the entire family can join in on the cooking pleasure!
  • The pan itself is simple to wash and may be set on the bottom rack of their dishwashers too. In general, it is a superb pan for the ones which have a butane cooker or gas stovetop for cooking.

2. Iwatani Cassette gas takoyaki device Super ENTAKO CB-ETK-1

  • With this standalone takoyaki pan powered by gas, you are able to whip up some yummy octopus balls on a picnic or some other outdoor trip.
  • Like other Iwatani goods, the pan’s surface has anti-inflammatory attributes to ensure easy cleaning and easy cooking! Some buyers stated the non-stick coating flaked readily. To prevent this, make certain to use non-abrasive utensils when cooking.
  • Aside from that, users were satisfied with their purchases. Many loved the heat supply that cooked the takoyaki perfectly. The non-stick coating, which most reviewers loved, made clean up a cinch. There was no demand for heavy scrubbing!

3. Norpro Nonstick Stuffed Pancake Pan

  • One more thing which the very best takoyaki maker must possess is that a fantastic heat retention capacity. And that’s what Norpro has managed to provide for this one.
  • To begin with, it’s a non-stick coating onto the surface, like the majority of the additional octopus ball manufacturers. That coating will be sure that the meals are simple to remove the slots and it doesn’t leave any residue when you take them off.
  • Aside from that, the substance which Norpro has chosen for fabricating this is cast aluminum. Consequently, the warmth retention capacity it accomplishes is reasonably greater than a number of the additional components. It may cook Takoyaki fairly fast.
  • The substance also makes it exceptionally durable. It can withstand heavy utilization readily. Additionally, as it’s an ergonomic handle, it ought to be quite simple for you to move it around. Aside from that, the handle has a rubber coating around the surface. The coat will help keep it cool when you’re cooking on the pan.

4. Norpro Deluxe Munk Aebleskiver Pan

  • A lot of men and women adore this Takoyaki pan due to its 7.5″ cushioned plastic grip. This handle stays cool as you cook your own Takoyaki so that you don’t need to fret about becoming burnt as you utilize the pan.
  • Considering that the pan has been made from lightweight cast iron, it warms up quickly, thus saving you energy. Along with this, the pan comes with a few recipe books.
  • Normally, the Norpro Nonstick Stuffed-Pancake Pan is the best Takoyaki pan, particularly for somebody who would like to prepare smaller quantities of the delicacy or to prepare a fast bite.

5. Electric Takoyaki Pan Pancake de Suzanne Lefebvre24moldes

  • That is my all-time favorite takoyaki pan. Being an electrical pan, it decreases the hassle involved with cooking. It is big enough for family use. It requires approximately 24 balls each cooking. Its exterior design is raised over the surface to prevent overflowing the batter.
  • The surface is non-stick so it releases your takoyaki and cleaning that the gadget is a cinch. As it is a Japanese version that the voltage is a bit different across different areas of the earth. You might require the voltage convector for simple use.
  • The significant drawback of the product is the fact that it lacks a temperature control knob. This usually means you need to shut it off if it is becoming extremely hot.


  • To get a fully automatic version, this one is for you. It turns the chunks alone. Each time it turns, you may hear pleasant click audio. You get some fine utensils for your takoyaki.
  • One bad thing is that it utilizes nonstick coating also. It is going to gradually wear down and it has to be replaced. Additionally, it is not fully foolproof. If that’s the scenario, you need to make it a little with the selection.

7. Health and Home Multifunction Nonstick Baking Maker

  • This lavish kitchen merchandise from Health and Home is a colored takoyaki pan that is elegantly integrated with contemporary and cutting-edge inventions to help save you a substantial quantity of time and effort. Equally significant, it not only brings great comfort to a home kitchen but also adorns the subtle traces of the surrounding area.
  • Specifically, the non-stick pan guarantees maximum smoothness and security during use. From that point, you may be certain that your takoyaki will no more be infected with dangerous impurities. And the whole cleaning of the pan after each meal is relatively convenient and simple with only a couple of fundamental measures.

8. Personal Size Traditional Cast Iron Japanese Takoyaki And Dessert Cake Cooking Pan

  • The conventional design of this takoyaki manufacturer was created with cast iron. This is because the metal is powerful and transports even heat into an own food as you’re cooking. This wooden manage pan features stability for you as you’re cooking.
  • It sports a non-stick cooking surface for easy discharging of this takoyaki and effortless cleaning. You may use it to create your favorite dessert chunk pancakes. It sports a heavy and strong structure but it’s light in weight making it effortless to utilize for your outdoor pursuits.

9. Takoyaki Maker by StarBlue

  • We have all purchased kitchen appliances that wind up gathering dust in our kitchen cabinets. If that is you, then check out this compact electrical takoyaki manufacturer that does not occupy plenty of room! It is lightweight and made for simple storage. All you require is an electric socket to create 1 batch of 18 takoyaki balls.
  • A drawback of an electrical takoyaki pan would be the irregular heating system, as maintained by numerous buyers. Regrettably, this device doesn’t include a temperature controller button. However, overall, reviewers adored that it’s simple to use, durable, and lightweight. The non-stick coat was also a bonus for a lot of buyers! They notice that it is simple to wash, also.

10. Ebelskiver Maker – Electric Non-stick Baker

  • Not all the components you will discover in the marketplace will have the ability to evenly disperse the heat to those slots. But this one from CucinaPro is effective at doing this.
  • To begin with, it’s seven fairly large-sized slots. Therefore, though the amount of slots isn’t that many, you need to have the ability to earn large-sized octopus balls onto it.
  • Apart from the slots, the surface includes a non-stick coating. The coat will ensure food doesn’t stick to the slots when you’re lifting them up. It is going to also make it much easier for you to wash the surface.
  • The heating element it uses is effective at dispersing the heat evenly. Because of this, you are not going to need to fret about the chunks being undercooked when you’re serving these to your visitors.
  • Along with that, the heating component is totally electric. You won’t require any gas for cooking octopus balls onto it. Along with the power, the switch is set at a convenient place, which will make it much easier for you to run it.

Buying Guide for the Best Takoyaki Pan

Making Takoyaki in your home isn’t hard as long as you’ve got the best Takoyaki pan and components. Along with this, you’ll also need different accessories to help you in preparing this particular snack.

For this reason, you’ll have to purchase the correct and superior pan to make things simpler for you. Below are a few important things to think about while purchasing a Takoyaki pan.


You do not wish to find a pan that will cause you a lot of problems in regards to its storage. Consequently, you have to decide on a pan that can fit nicely on your existing kitchen cupboard. Anyway, you have to take into account the dimensions, since the pan you choose should prepare Takoyaki balls for the whole family.


The typical Takoyaki pans are made from steel or cast iron. But a few of those pans include non-stick properties. But while purchasing a Takoyaki pan using non-stick possessions, you want to ensure it does not have some toxic compounds. However, non-stick Takoyaki pans are preferable as they’re simple to wash.


Different Takoyaki pans have various functionalities. As an example, there are pans that include their own heat resources, and all these are electrical Takoyaki pans. Other Takoyaki pan layouts need one to set them on stoves. Consequently, you have to take into account the origin of warmth that you use while cooking prior to obtaining a Takoyaki pan.


The range of Takoyaki pan you want to prepare in one batch should ascertain this. Distinct Takoyaki pans have various outputs. But this all depends upon where you’re planning to utilize the pan. If you would like to make use of the pan in your house, then you should think about purchasing a normal-sized pan. But if you would like a Takoyaki pan for industrial purposes, then look at getting a bigger pan.


Your budget how much are you likely to invest in your Takoyaki pan? The cost of a great Takoyaki pan ranges from $15 to $100. But if you’re purchasing a bigger pan, then then you need to expect to invest more.

How to Cook Takoyaki?

If you’re quite new to cooking Takoyaki, you may not really understand how to prepare the dish. In that situation, here is a step-by-step manual for you that will allow you to make simple yet tasty Japanese octopus ball:

  • First of all, you will need to assemble all the essential ingredients and blend them within a bowl. Do make certain there are not any lumps.
  • Then you have to wash out the pan which you’re planning to cook these on.
  • Place the pan onto the heating source or flip the power on in the event that you’ve got a committed cooker.
  • Gently set the batter in addition to the slots. Attempt to produce a ball-shape, which will make it simpler for you to cook and then consume them.
  • While the heat is really on, be certain you poke a few holes onto the balls with a bamboo skewer.
  • When the bottom of the ball is cooked, then flip it and cook the top side.
  • Once the balls are cooked correctly, you’ll see steam flowing out of the holes which you’ve poked.
  • Take off them the slots and then serve them hot.

How To Clean Takoyaki Pan?

The majority of the pans which distinct brands are providing in the marketplace are going to have a non-stick coating onto the surface. This coat will make the cleaning procedure feel like a slice of cake.

All you have to do is utilize a non-abrasive sponge. Soak the sponge using some dishwashing detergent and then lightly wash the face. Take particular care to not rub vigorously. Lastly, wash out the slots.


Takoyaki has only existed for nearly 90 decades, but this ball-shaped Japanese bite has gained over many people’s stomachs, for tourists and locals alike. Having a technical pan, you also can create this delicacy in your house. While purchasing a takoyaki pan, then remember exactly where and how you intend to cook the octopus balls. The fabric of the pan also needs to be considered.

It can not be denied that Takoyaki is among the most flavorful and popular Japanese road foods. If you adore its great delicacy and need to earn the recipe for your loved ones in your home, then selecting the best takoyaki pan is vital. With this manual, we expect you can determine a suitable unit and revel in your cooking period.


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