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Top 12 Best Tamagoyaki Pans in 2024

Rich in taste and easy to prepare, Tamagoyaki is a well-liked egg dish from Japan. However, you’ll need the correct cooking equipment to achieve the best outcome. Notably, it’s crucial to have a Tamagoyaki pan when making this dish. The ideal Tamagoyaki pan should be made of heat-conducting material for uniform cooking, have a sturdy and dependable nonstick surface, and exhibit robust construction for durability. Additionally, it should be large enough to accommodate your cooking requirements.

If you like Japanese egg dishes, then a tamagoyaki pan is a helpful tool to have in your kitchen. Designed especially for creating the wrapped omelets found in restaurants, they allow you to make this traditional food in the comfort of your property. From cast iron into nonstick, and also in either a rectangular or square shape, there is a choice here in order to satisfy the requirements of both skilled and amateur chefs.

Obviously, when you would like to cook an adequate tamagoyaki omelet you will need the best tamagoyaki pan to perform it with. I have reviewed the 12 top ones available on the market that will assist you to make a selection.

What’s Tamagoyaki?

The term tamagoyaki implies fried eggs Japanese even though it’s similar to a rolled omelet. It is often served for breakfast or as an element of your ice topping meal or bento lunch.

The Tamago is essentially the cylindrically wrapped omelet that’s cut into bite-size bits and appreciated using dashi and soy sauce.

The fundamental tamagoyaki recipe comprises a blend of sugar, eggs, and soy sauce. If you prefer, you might also add the mirin and benefit to get an improved flavor. Other individuals also use shrimp puree, sake, eggs, and grated mountain yam that’s later become a custard-like cake.

Creating tamagoyaki is an art that does not involve only pouring the egg onto the pan. It requires passion and skill in order for it to come out absolutely. You need to pour the coating of the crushed egg after coating allowing each layer to cook on the opposite.

Top 3 Best Tamagoyaki Pans

  1. TeChef – Tamagoyaki Japanese Omelette Pan/Egg Pan
  2. ROCKURWOK Japanese Omelette Pan Nonstick Tamagoyaki Egg Pan
  3. ROCKURWOK Omelette Pan, Tamagoyaki Japanese Egg Pan

List Of 12 Best Tamagoyaki Pan Reviews

1. TeChef – Tamagoyaki Japanese Omelette Pan/Egg Pan

  • If you’re interested in finding a high-quality Tamagoyaki pan, then this item is completely for you. The TeChef Tamagoyaki Japanese Omelette Pan, with its square shape layout and slightly cluttered side, permits you to roll up or turn the food, thus creating the cooking process simple.
  • The substance used for creating this Tamagoyaki pan is aluminum with a stainless steel base, which enhances heat conductivity and equal distribution of temperatures.
  • Another crucial quality of the TeChef Tamagoyaki pan would be it is non-sticky. It sports the most recent Teflon coating that’s free of damaging substances like PFOA.
  • This Tamagoyaki pan is also an eco-friendly and ideal selection for cooking Japanese omelets, pancakes, and sandwiches, amongst others. The deal also offers a firm grip. These vital attributes make the TeChef – Tamagoyaki Japanese Omelette Pan that the ideal alternative for you.

2. ROCKURWOK Japanese Omelette Pan Nonstick Tamagoyaki Egg Pan

  • Comfortable cooking is crucial using all the Rockurwok Tamagoyaki Pan. The deal is made from timber and stainless steel, which will be lasting and powerful but will also remain cool throughout the cooking procedure.
  • The ergonomic design of the handle makes it a superbly comfy grip. With exceptional nonstick performance, you’ll have the ability to earn perfect tamagoyaki again and again. The inner and external coat is absolutely free from PFOA and contains a dual heat conducting layer, which is rust and abrasion-resistant.
  • Triple-layer nonstick coating allows for rapid cleanup and easy omelet rolling! Measuring 7 x 5 inches, the rust-resistant omelet pan assembled with aluminum heats up fast, and spreads heat evenly across the pan.
  • Tightened stainless steel rivets make sure that the omelet pan is secure while on heating, reducing the possibility of accidents and accidents. The pan may be utilized on an induction stove, an electric furnace, also onto a gasoline and electric stovetop, therefore it’s suited to be utilized in just about any kitchen. The pan has a silicone spatula and ion included to create cooking tamagoyaki that a lot simpler!

3. ROCKURWOK Omelette Pan, Tamagoyaki Japanese Egg Pan

  • The inner stone coating is PFOA totally free, the outside coating is stainless steel. The body of the omelet can comprise 2 heat-conducting coatings, rust and abrasion-resistant coating for ultra-durability, 3 layers of internal coating that offer superior nonstick performance. Provides exceptional nonstick performance and requires the advantages of quick cleanup, water-saving, and detergent-saving
  • The easy Bakelite (A sort of rubberized) handle of the omelet pan provides the most comfortable touch. The ergonomically designed anti-skid handle nicely protects your hands from heat
  • This 7″ x 6″ rustless omelet pan is constructed from aluminum which heats up quickly and spreads heat evenly. The tightened stainless steel rivet guarantees that the stability of this omelet pan
  • Applicable for the electrical stove, electric furnace gas, and natural gas stovetops. Please be cautious when using it in an open flame, see the advice below. If you’d like that omelet pan to remain fairly, then don’t use it on fire.

4. Asahi Cne117 Egg Pan Tamagoyaki Professinal Model

  • For those going to get a professional kind of cooking, that is the ideal pan for your Tamago. Made from copper, the pan absorbs heat to the eggs which makes it simple to cook. It is a skillet that can cook your 4 eggs in the recipe easily.
  • It further will come with a wooden lid to assist to keep your egg level. What I adore about timber is that it is a poor conductor of heat so that the wooden grips are perfectly positioned. It stays cool to touch as long as you continue to cook the eggs.
  • This is only one of the best tamagoyaki pans readily available, so, owning it means you’re prepared for cooking. In case you’ve got basic skills in creating Tamago, the pan can allow you to advance your abilities from that point.

5. MyLifeUNIT Tamagoyaki Pan

  • If you have ever had the chance to have Tamago, then you will understand that one of the best characteristics of this dish would be the square form. To be able to attain this shape, you will need an excellent non-stick square Tamago pan. This pan is made of heavy-duty Aluminum-Manganese metal and includes a durable structure.
  • Additionally, this bowl features a Maifanite stone non-stick coating for simple release, which likewise provides even and fast heat conduction. Having a distinctive sloped contour, this plan allows for the simple flipping of your favorite Tomato recipes. Definitely, this is among the best Tamagoyaki pans in the marketplace for the purchase price. We highly recommend it!

6. Iwachu Iron Tamagoyaki Omelette Pan

  • This is definitely quite a costly item. However, its high quality and adequate size still make it worth for money. If you’re searching for a powerful model to endure for a couple of decades or even lifetimes, this is might be your first option.
  • It is made from durable cast iron which lasts long and retains heat. Additionally, it has a smart, pleasing look. I would not feel embarrassed to bring this out cookware facing guests.
  • The wooden handle is entirely removable, providing you a replaceable cool-to-touch handle. The pan comes pre-seasoned which will help save you work. This pan is also a good size in 7.5 inches (19cm) by 6 inches (15cm) wide.
  • So this item is absolutely worth the cost. But I would not suggest it for Tamagoyaki beginners. If you’re ready to devote a small bit of additional work to care for it and also have experience cooking Tamagoyaki that might be the pan for you.

7. Keadeso Tamagoyaki Japanese Square Pan

  • The best Tamagoyaki pan is an equal gasoline stove and an electrical stove harmonious. You are able to cook various food which you want quickly and easily with no difficulty. Enjoy professional and smokeless cooking in the kitchen.
  • The Japanese egg pan is handy and light, which makes it rather simple to use. The non-stick coating creates food not adhere to the pan and simple to wash. Please Wash the pan with soft sponges, but Don’t use an abrasive cloth to scrub the pancake pan.
  • Our low-carb egg pan is comprised of easy-release and uniform, quick heat conduction. Along with the coat won’t peel or flake out. Additionally, the substance is PFOA and PFOS free, it does no damage to health so you can enjoy Wholesome food cooked with it.
  • Made from heavy-duty substances, the egg roll pan is more sturdy in construction, making it far more durable compared to other comparable products. The base of cast iron cookware is constructed from stainless steel that distributes heat. It’ll be like new even it’s been utilized for quite a while.

8. ICUUK Non-Stick Coating Omelette Pan, Japanese Tamagoyaki Pan

  • This non-stick tamagoyaki pan is made of thick aluminum and manganese metal, which makes it durable and sturdy for continuous usage. The plastic handle stays cool to the touch and provides a firm and comfortable grip after cooking.
  • The exceptional form of this pan makes it effortless to roll and flip the eggs and means that the tamagoyaki pan is appropriate for use for additional cooking functions, like sandwiches or bread.
  • The nonstick diamond coat provides advanced nonstick properties and can be totally free of PFOA. It makes cleaning a breeze and ensures that no food sticks to the pan during cooking – that is particularly useful when rolling the omelet.
  • Measuring 5.3 x 1.2 x 7.2 inches, it’s an adequate size pan to earn tamagoyaki on your own or your household as a quick but tasty meal in the daytime.

9. GreenPan Mini Ceramic Non-Stick Square Egg Pan

  • The GreenPan company is famed for creating the ceramic skillet that’s secure cookware that’s proven to contain no toxic chemicals or pollutants that are persistent. The pan includes no lead, cadmium, PFAS, or PFOA.
  • The ceramic coating is here to serve you for several years as it won’t ever blister, peel or release dangerous fumes after cooking. The pan also has a fantastic heat supply. What I love about it’s you may cook your single egg, toast, or perhaps hamburger within it.
  • The alloy used to create its eco-friendly and will result in one serving of this Tamago omelet. Its handle is sturdy and silicone wrapped to stay cool as you’re cooking. Moreover, the pan is light for simple turning and carrying or turning around.
  • The handle is additional slip-free and secures to use. It’s an attractive design that can fit any kitchen décor. The cute but effective cookware includes a limited lifetime guarantee to assure you of the authenticity of the goods.

10. Tamagoyaki/ Egg Omelette Pan

  • To all you aspiring Japanese cuisine chefs, then you MUST add this to your kitchenware collection. This unbelievable Tamago pan is your greatest professional-grade quality and provides totally cooked Tamago eggs, each moment!
  • Coming in at 8-1/2in x 8-1/2in x 1-1/2inthis pan is large enough to fit a 5 egg omelet comfortably. This means that you may maximize your cooking level for significantly less price!
  • Additionally, the pan has a non-stick surface along with a wooden grip. If you’re searching for a conventional pan, this pan is imported directly from Japan. In the long run, we all know you’ll love this pan for cooking professionally or in the home.

11. Lodge L5WS3 Cast Iron Wonder Skillet

  • For those seeking to grow their cast iron set, the Lodge L5WS3 Wonder Skillet is a fantastic selection. Though produced in the United States, it’s still affordably priced for its caliber, also it comes pre-seasoned so that you may get cooking immediately.
  • Sporting a stylish black color, the cast iron Skillet looks good in most kitchens and it doubles up as an excellent source of nutritional iron. This pre-seasoned skillet is ready to use right out of the box. While the skillet comes pre-seasoned to prevent food from sticking, it works best when sprayed or lightly coated with vegetable oil before use.

12. IAXSEE Tamagoyaki Pan Japanese Omelette Pan

  • Sloped contour isn’t hard to reverse the eggs, sandwiches, pancakes, and omelets. Stainless steel magnetic conductive base makes this pan be employed on a gas stove, induction hob, electric cooktop, and ceramic cooker. It is easy to clean and we advocated snap, hand washing.
  • Made from heavy Aluminum-Manganese metal, durable structure. Polymer plastics manage to create Heat insulating material and lasting. Maifanite stone non-stick coating is easy-release and speedy heat conduction. Coating created without PFOA and won’t chip, peel, or flake out.

Buying Guide for the Best Tamagoyaki Pan

When buying a tamagoyaki pan, then there are a number of things to remember. The ideal pan makes this a difference together with the simplicity of cooking, and also just how well the tamagoyaki really turns out. Below are a few of the factors to Bear in Mind when choosing the best tamagoyaki pan:


While it can look like some other square pan will work, these ridges typically flare out. Start looking for one with sides that are directly up. This helps shape and provide the egg which a different square form. You also need a wooden lid that will assist you to push and shape the egg. Without it, you are only going to be turning it. If the pan doesn’t have a lid, then I advise that you use something which suits the form of the pan.


The size depends upon how many you desire to feed. The majority of the only available for the American marketplace is intended for one serving. Larger professional versions are made for mass production. Because of This, a Tamagoyaki Pan of about 7 Inch should match your need


Another element you ought to consider is the substance. Copper is the ideal selection for quick and even heat. You can change how quickly the egg coagulates using an alteration in the dial. The heat also needs to be throughout the pan. This section of the egg by becoming overcooked. The only disadvantage is the fact that it sticks over another substance.

Cast Iron is excellent since it develops nonstick as time passes. But, it reacts slowly to heat shift and its poor heat supply. You may circumvent this by warming it gradually. This should make sure that the heat is, it only requires a while.

Nonstick is the simplest to cook. The matter is it does not last long. Anticipate a skillet to last just a couple of years before you need to replace it. If you can manage to do so, then it ought to function just fine.

Wooden Lid

The Wooden Lid is really a vital piece. You want it to push and shape the egg into a great square form. Regrettably, just one of those versions includes a lid. In cases like this, you would have to cut yourself to match the ideal size. Kind of a hassle, however, the one which includes the lid, costs far more than the remainder.

How to Make Tamagoyaki


1. What Is the Difference Between a Frying Pan and a Tamagoyaki Pan?

A tamagoyaki pan, or an omelet pan, is rectangular and generally has sloped edges that make it a lot easier to reverse your omelet or a different food item.

A frying pan is around and generally includes straight sides, therefore it’s simpler to move food while it’s sautéing or frying.

2. Why Is Omelet Sticking to the Pan?

If your omelet is sticking to your pan, then it usually means you didn’t include enough oil or butter, or you’re overheating the egg whites. The non-stick coating of this pan may also not be sufficient, or it might be wearing away.


Tamagoyaki is served around the planet in the kind of nigiri and appears in various kinds of sushi rolls. In Japanese cuisine, there are numerous sorts of tamagoyaki pan. The most elementary type is produced by mixing eggs and seasonings like sugar or soy sauce.

Furthermore, sake and mirin could be added for additional sweetness and taste. An alternate version comprises a mixture of shrimp puree, grated mountain yam, sake, and egg, turned right into a custard-like cake.

In conclusion, you may just pick the best Tamagoyaki pan predicated on which satisfies all of your requirements and the budget you’ve got for your pan. But, we have to state that every one of the pans over is high-quality products.


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