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Top 16 Best Teriyaki Sauce Brands in 2024

Teriyaki sauce is making waves globally and is being embraced by various cultures for its unique flavor. Indeed, the market is flooded with numerous brands promoting this sauce. Perhaps you’re among the perplexed shoppers in search of the top-rated teriyaki sauce brand out there.

Another confusion is which of those are teriyaki sauce marinade brands since some are only good for glazing or as dressing. Let us find out which of the following brands will suit your taste buds and fit your diet plan.

List of 16 Best Teriyaki Sauce Brands on the Market

1. Mr. Yoshida

This sweet teriyaki marinade is one of the most reviewed teriyaki sauces in Amazon with about 315 reviews. The sauce is versatile since it is not only used in marinating but as a sauce as well.

Mr. Yoshida’s is made mostly of soy sauce and it blended other flavors to create the original Japanese teriyaki style sauce. Is suitable for a wide variety of ingredients, from meat to vegetables.

Aside from using soy sauce, water, and sugar, Mr. Yoshida is one of the few teriyaki sauce brands that used alternative oil, the sunflower oil. Also, the brand used other substitutes like the modified cornstarch and dehydrated garlic.

I’m quite curious though why they used high fructose corn syrup when they already used sugar. Perhaps, there’s an impact on one’s taste, but one thing is for sure, this teriyaki sauce is not sugar-free.

Just like the original Japanese teriyaki sauce, Yoshida has its own mirin mixture. It’s quite unique since other brands don’t have their own mirin mixture.

Compared with KikkomanMr. Yoshida’s sodium is lower at 460mg or equivalent to 16% Daily Value. I mentioned earlier that the brand used both sugar and high fructose corn syrup. Maybe this is one of the reasons why Sugar is at 8 grams.

2. Soy Vay

Soy Vay started way back in the 1980s with its popular teriyaki sauce. They even received awards from it like the NASFT Sofi Awards where it won as Silver Finalist in Outstanding Cooking Sauce category.

It is also Kosher certified, which means that the Orthodox Union approved Soy Vay as a healthy sauce with no preservatives.

Even though it’s popular, it’s cheaper compared to other teriyaki sauce brands since one 21oz bottle can be purchased for around $10. Perhaps, one of the reasons is its ingredients.

Soy Vay contains the following:

  • dried ginger
  • expeller pressed sesame oil
  • ginger puree
  • dried garlic
  • sesame seeds
  • dried onion
  • expellar vegetable oil

Looking at the nutrition benefits from this brand, we can see the high sodium content but it’s not as high as Kikkoman’s. The sodium content is at 580 grams or equivalent to 25% Daily Value.

Surprisingly, it’s not only high in sodium, but it’s also high in sugar content at 14% Daily Value. However, carbohydrates is only at a low level at three percent Daily value.

Compared with other teriyaki sauce brands, Soy Vay has other small portions of nutrients like potassium and calcium.

One of the disappointing things about Soy Vay is that they use too many sesame seeds that make the appearance of the cap a bit messy.


  • affordable
  • no transfat
  • no cholesterol
  • kosher certified


  • not gluten-free
  • salty
  • high sugar content

3. Coconut Secret

If there are few teriyaki sauce brands that are gluten-free, there seem to be little known brands that are soy-free since teriyaki is based on soy sauce. It would be difficult for a manufacturer to create a soy-free teriyaki but Coconut Secret was able to pull it off.

The Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos Teriyaki Sauce has one secret: the aromatic spices. In order to create that flavor, the brand used some of the important organic ingredients and they are the following:

  • cayenne pepper
  • Onion
  • Ginger
  • Sea salt
  • Coconut tree sap

Since there is no soy sauce, the sodium content is also low. What’s more, is that this teriyaki sauce has no preservatives. It is really recommendable to those who are under a strict diet. It also became a favorite to many people because it ranked no. 7 at Amazon.

Coconut Secret is proud that its sauce received USDA certified organic, non-GMO, and Kosher verified.

4. Kikkoman

  • Weight: 1.2 pounds ~ 9.9 oz
  • Production: Manufactured in a facility that uses milk, peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, fish and shellfish.
  • Note: Refrigerate after opening (Recommended)

Kikkoman is quite popular worldwide because it is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of soy sauce. Some may already know that it is already one of the teriyaki sauce brands. However, there is really nothing special with the sauce except that it’s gluten-free.

If you check it’s ingredients, there is no wheat and no preservatives. Instead, Kikkoman used rice to make the sweet-savory flavor of their teriyaki sauce. Most of the time, teriyaki lovers use the brand to marinate meats like beef for instance.

Aside from using rice to sweeten the flavor of the teriyaki sauce, the brand also used garlic powder, succinic acid, onion powder, salt, and wine. When mixed, this creates a unique taste.

Nonetheless, look carefully at the nutrition facts. The sodium content for Kikkoman is a bit high at 620 grams or more than 20% the Daily Value but for diet-conscious individuals, this teriyaki sauce might be for you since it only has 15 calories.


  • Gluten-free.
  • No preservatives.
  • Low calories


  • Not sugar-free.
  • High sodium content.

5. Aloha Teriyaki Sauce

This is one of the known teriyaki sauce brands in Amazon, ranking at number 33 under the Teriyaki Sauce category. Often, the sauce is being used as a marinade and can be used in all types of meat like beef, chicken, or even seafood.

It’s not only good for marinating, but you can also use it as an excellent sauce for everything including vegetables!

Since one of the main ingredients of this Aloha Teriyaki Sauce is pineapple, do you think who made this unique sauce? Yes, you guessed it right. This product is made in Hawaii!

One of the key features of this teriyaki sauce is that it does not contain MSG. Also, it has no fats, no cholesterol, and its calories is only low at 20 per serving.

Sadly, just like Kikkoman, it has high sodium content at 620 grams. It also used caramel coloring and since it contains wheat, it is not gluten-free.

Other special ingredients that can be found in this teriyaki sauce are:

  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Potassium sorbate

Those ingredients added great flavors in the sweet “ready-to-use” teriyaki sauce by Aloha. It is quite flexible just like Soy Vay since you can utilize the sauce in different manners like for marination or an as simple glaze.


  • Versatile sauce
  • No fats
  • No cholesterol
  • Low sugar content


  • High sodium
  • Not sugar-free

6. Annie Chun’s

There are few teriyaki sauce brands that offer gluten-free ingredients. One of those conscious brands is Annie Chun’s. However, the downside of this gluten-free teriyaki sauce is that it is expensive. One ounce would be equivalent to around $1.50.

Although that’s the case, people still buy it because they choose gluten-free products. If you will check the ingredients of the sauce, you will understand why it is expensive.

It contains the following:

  • Xanthan gum
  • Spices
  • Distilled vinegar
  • Sesame seeds
  • Crushed garlic (garlic mixed with citric acid)
  • Onion
  • Rice wine
  • Cane syrup
  • Water
  • Less sodium naturally brewed soy sauce

True to its label, Annie Chun’s teriyaki is all-natural and it has no wheat. This mix is so healthy that you get no fat, no cholesterol, and fewer calories, which is only around 25 per serving.

Its sodium and sugar content is also balanced at 15% and around 2% Daily Value, respectively. Just take note though that you need to keep it refrigerated once you open the bottle to preserve the nutrients.


  • Gluten-free
  • No cholesterol
  • The flavor is close to original teriyaki sauce
  • Affordable price


  • Not sugar-free.
  • Only good for 16 servings

7. Primal Kitchen

Only selected teriyaki sauce brands carry a Whole30 Approved label. Primal Kitchen No Soy Teriyaki Sauce received such honor because they are compliant with the rules sent by the Whole30 program manager.

Aside from receiving such rare approval, Primal Kitchen also received USDA Organic verification and Non-GMO. It is a sign that all ingredients used for this teriyaki sauce are of good quality.

Speaking of ingredients, they are all organic and here’s the list of what was used per bottle of Primal Kitchen:

  • tamarind
  • ginger
  • balsamic vinegar
  • distilled vinegar
  • yeast extract
  • sesame seeds
  • sesame oil
  • tapioca starch
  • coconut aminos (a mixture of organic coconut syrup and Himalayan salt)
  • orange juice
  • dates

In order to be soy-free, Primal Kitchen mixed sea salt, coconut, and water. What’s more, is that it did not use wheat as well. Thus, it is gluten-free.

This teriyaki sauce is really recommendable to those who have celiac disease or wanted to maintain a good diet. Its calories are very low at 15 calories per serving. Plus, it does not have trans fat and cholesterol, so there is nothing to worry about even if you have cardiovascular disease.

Since we mentioned that this teriyaki sauce brand does not use soy sauce, it is expected that the taste is not comparable to the original Japanese teriyaki sauce.


  • soy-free
  • gluten-free
  • Whole-30 Approved


  • not sugar-free
  • tart flavor
  • expensive

8. Sweet Baby Ray’s

Sweet Baby Ray is like other teriyaki sauce brands that continuously trying to balance the saltiness and sweetness of flavors. However, Sweet Baby Ray’s Teriyaki Sauce is quite unique because it utilizes garden spices in order to match the taste of the Japanese oriental style.

You don’t need so many things on your hand when cooking teriyaki because Sweet Baby Ray’s can blend well with the flavor of any dish. Perhaps, this is one of the special things about the brand that is why it received a high positive review percentile of 82%. As a result, it ranked #10 under the Buffalo Wing Sauces category in Amazon.

Some of the ingredients used for the Buffalo Wing Sauces are the following:

  • xanthan gum
  • onion
  • garlic
  • sodium benzoate
  • potassium sorbate
  • sodium acid sulfate
  • salt
  • spices
  • pineapple juice concentrate
  • modified food starch
  • water
  • sugar
  • distilled rice or vinegar
  • high fructose corn syrup
  • soy sauce

Based on the Nutrition Facts, there are no other nutrients that you can get from this product except: sodium, carbs, and sugars.

Many believed this is the closest flavor of teriyaki sauce that you can have in a Japanese restaurant because the savory and consistency is “spot-on.”


  • almost the same taste as Japanese style
  • no fats
  • no cholesterol


  • not gluten-free (subject to manufacturer confirmation)
  • not sugar-free

9. Stonewall

Stonewall was founded in 1991 by Jim Stott and Jonathan King. These two buddies established a company by selling jellies and jams to different marketplaces, including festivals and fairs. Eventually, their store expanded its product line, which includes baking mixes, mustards, condiments, and sauces like the teriyaki sauce.

Although it can’t be denied that they are using high-quality ingredients, the first impression with the price of their sauce is that it is overpriced. It is quite expensive for an 11oz teriyaki sauce bottle to cost about $10. It’s like paying a dollar per ounce.

Their teriyaki sauce is known as Sesame Ginger because it contains the zing and zest of ginger but at the same time, you will be able to taste the richness of the sesame. It’s quite interesting though, that you can use the sauce as additional flavor to stews and soups. You can also use it as a dipping sauce.

Some use it as a marinade to further enhance the flavor of the ingredients of the meal like chicken or fish like salmon.

Compared with other teriyaki sauce brands, Stonewall used brown sugar, ginger, and cider vinegar. It also used sesame oil and the bleached enriched wheat flour or the modified food starch.

Since the bottle is so small, you can only have 11 servings if you will use two tablespoons per serving. As for its calories, you will get a total of 50 but 10 of those are calories from fat.

Yes, sadly, the teriyaki sauce contains one gram of fat unlike other brands which totally eliminated the fats. Good thing though that it does not contain trans fat nor cholesterol.

Surprisingly, its sodium content is so high at 670mg or 28% Daily Value! Other teriyaki brands only have 200 to 300mg or so of sodium but Stonewall has a high level of sodium. In addition, it’s carbs is at 4% Daily Value or 11 grams.

Its sugar level is at a medium level with nine grams, while protein is at one gram. The good thing about this brand is that it contains iron at two percent Daily Value.


  • High-quality ingredients
  • Rich flavor
  • No trans fat
  • No cholesterol


  • expensive
  • with fat
  • High sodium
  • Not sugar-free
  • Not gluten-free

10. Panda Express

Panda Express Mandarin Teriyaki Sauce was created by the famous Panda Restaurant Group. The brand made sure that they only used special ingredients to stick with its high-quality vision for their product.

Although some brands use MSG to create a savory sauce, Pand Express did not use any. Despite that, they were able to produce a flavorful teriyaki sauce that is slightly sweet which is perfect for pork teriyaki or steak.

Another interesting thing about the brand’s sauce is that they did not use high fructose corn syrup, which is common to most teriyaki sauce brands.

Due to the abovementioned reasons, vegans love Panda Express Teriyaki sauce. Even those who are not strictly vegans buy this brand because they are careful with their diet.

Interestingly, Panda Express substituted some ingredients with its lemon juice ingredient. It also used sesame oil, ginger, and garlic to add zest to the sauce,

However, if you have gluten problems, Panda Express teriyaki sauce is not for you since it contains wheat and soybean.

If you are conscious of the sodium content of a product, then you have to think twice before buying Panda Express since it contains 480mg or 20% Daily Value of sodium. In addition, if you are also monitoring your sugar level, then check the brand’s sugar since it is at 13 grams.

Despite those factors, Panda Express teriyaki sauce is currently ranked at no. 14 of Amazon’s Sweet & Sour Sauces. Although it is not the healthiest teriyaki sauce, buyers can’t deny the fact that it is very tasty plus it has a reasonable price.


  • vegan
  • reasonable price
  • thick consistency


  • not gluten-free
  • only available in packs
  • high calories

11. G Hughes

The brand, G Hughes, is known for creating sugar-free, preservative-free, and gluten-free sauces. The good thing though is you will never know the difference even if you compare the taste with other brands who are opposite of what G Hughes is offering.

Although this teriyaki sauce is of good quality, it was priced reasonably at about $0.30 per ounce. With that price, you can already utilize one bottle for 24 servings!

If you will check the ingredients, it really stuck with the brand’s principle. They only used zero-calorie artificial sweeteners. To those who have type 2 diabetes, this is actually good news since it doesn’t add much to your blood sugar level.

Just like other brands, it made the sauce tastier by adding sesame seed oil, pineapple juice, and tamari soy sauce (which is one of the original ingredients of the Japanese-style version).

Here are the added good points for this product:

  • has no sugar
  • has low calories
  • has no dietary fiber
  • has no fat
  • has a low sodium content


  • flavorful taste
  • best to use in a keto diet
  • used natural sugar
  • many health benefits
  • reasonable price


  • not soy-free
  • doesn’t taste exactly like the original teriyaki sauce

12. KC Masterpiece

KC Masterpiece is known for creating “legend” sauces, marinades, especially when it comes to the perfect grilled dish pair. Their KC Masterpiece Honey Teriyaki Marinade is made of course with the sweetness of honey, but it also added sesame for added flavors, plus some spices.

This teriyaki sauce brand is perfect in marinating almost everything even vegetables and fish. Nonetheless, it is best used in beef and pork.

If some marinade needs a longer period of time to make sure that the flavor will be absorbed by the ingredient, KC Masterpiece can be used within 30 minutes. Thus, this one is perfect if you are a very busy person but would like to have a decent and delicious meal.

Although it is mainly used as a marinade, you can also use the teriyaki sauce when stir-frying, broiling, baking, and grilling.

However, it is noticeable that both the sodium and sugar level of this sauce is a bit high, while the carbs and calories are at a moderate level. Good thing though that the teriyaki sauce has no fats nor any cholesterol.


  • no fats
  • no cholesterol
  • affordable
  • good for marinating meat products
  • quick marinating time


  • not sugar-free
  • not gluten-free
  • sodium and sugar level a bit high

13. World Harbors

The first thing you will consider in buying the World Harbors teriyaki sauces is the price of their sauces. The price range is between $19 to $93 per purchase, depending on what variant you will choose since there are three different teriyaki sauces under this brand.

It is quite expensive even though it is not gluten-free. We’ve seen several gluten-free, preservative-free, sugar-free sauces that quite expensive. We understood that the cost of ingredients used as a substitute or the process they need to execute might be more expensive compared to regular ones. That is the reason why it is puzzling why the price is so much.

Maybe one of the reasons why the price is expensive is the volume of the bottle which can serve 32 times. Even if we will take a good look at the nutritional benefits, it appears to be a bit of ordinary sauce versus those teriyaki sauce brands that we’ve already tackled.


  • expensive
  • many servings in one container
  • no fats
  • no cholesterol


  • not gluten-free
  • not sugar-free

14. Kona Coast

The Kona Coast brand produced a teriyaki sauce which is both sweet and spicy. Thus, it is perfectly paired with skewers, pork chops, grilled fish, hot chicken wings, and the like. It is also versatile that it can be used as a dipping sauce for fried seafood, egg rolls, and even nuggets.

However, it is expensive since an ounce is about one dollar! If we will consider the ingredients, there is nothing so special except for some like the following:

  • Dehydrated ginger
  • Fresh ginger puree
  • Dehydrated garlic
  • Dehydrated onion
  • Crushed garlic
  • Toasted sesame seeds
  • Soybean oil
  • Distilled vinegar

Some of those ingredients were also used by other teriyaki sauce brands so it is not that unique. Nevertheless, the brand added so much zest and spice that this sauce is a bit different from the original teriyaki flavor. Perhaps that is the reason why it only received around 3.8 out of 5 stars in Amazon’s reviews.

However, when it comes to nutrition, the Kona Coast is better compared to others because it has minimal sugar and carbs. It also has a moderate sodium content but it has one gram of fat.


  • No preservative
  • no cholesterol
  • Moderate sugar and carbs


  • a bit spicey
  • not gluten-free
  • expensive

15. P.F Chang’s

P.F. Chang was able to produce a teriyaki sauce that is very versatile. It can be used in marinating, stir-frying, and grilling. It can also be used as a salad dressing or as a dipping sauce.

The brand stayed true to its vision to produce a “restaurant quality” teriyaki sauce. Although it is mostly for vegans, those who are under a strict diet can also appreciate the brand.

However, it is not for everyone. If you have gluten problems, then this brand is not for you since it is not gluten-free. Nevertheless, the sauce has no artificial flavorings. Instead, P.F. Chang’s teriyaki sauce contains white wine and sake wine, which is a mixture of salt and wine).

In addition, the brand used healthier alternatives to make the sauce sweeter like the pineapple juice concentrate and brown sugar. To make the sauce more spicey, P.F. Chang added red chili peppers, chili paste, ginger puree, and garlic.

This brand is popular that it ranked no. 37 in the Teriyaki Sauce category of Amazon. The thicker blend is one of the favorites of those who left positive feedback in their respective reviews. Perhpas, the reason why is that the sauce has corn starch so it is thicker and not watery compared to other brands.


  • thick consistency
  • no cholesterol
  • no trans fat or saturated fat
  • vegan


  • a bit salty
  • not gluten-free
  • pricey

16. Seal Sama

Seal Sama teriyaki sauce is Amazon’s Choice and ranking at no. 28 in the Teriyaki Sauce category of the said online platform.

Perhaps one of the reasons is that it is very nutritious. It has no fats, even trans fat, and saturated fat. It has no cholesterol and no sugar.

Even though it has sodium content, which is inevitable in a teriyaki sauce, it only has 300mg per serving. That level is quite reasonable compared to some brands that have as high as 640mg.

Just like the original Japanese version of the teriyaki sauce, the Seal Sama brand used rice vinegar which is almost similar to sake. It also contains pineapple juice and sucralose as a sweetener.

When it comes to its thick consistency, corn starch was used in order to avoid having a watery mixture. It is also flavorful because of garlic.

Sadly, it has wheat so those who have gluten problems can’t taste this popular teriyaki sauce brand.

Final Words

We’re done listing different teriyaki sauce brands that you can find in the market. We wrote both the pros and cons and for sure, you have your personal favorite since your taste is different from mine.

Nevertheless, if we are looking at the health benefits, my top pick would be: La Choy Teriyaki Marinade. As we’ve mentioned above, this teriyaki sauce brand only uses natural ingredients. It also avoids preservatives, artificial colorings, artificial flavors and it has no MSG.

What’s more, is that it is gluten-free so everyone won’t be afraid to get the taste of it even if they have sensitive problems like Celiac disease. I look forward to your comments on how this list helped you pick your own teriyaki sauce brands. Also, you may share this with your friends if you think this article is helpful.


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