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Top 10 Best Tiger Rice Cookers in 2024

Tiger is a prominent manufacturer committed to producing innovative and intelligent kitchen appliances, ingeniously crafted to make the process of meal preparation more straightforward and efficient than ever before.

The Tiger Corporation originated in Japan and has since become well known throughout the world, such as the United States in which it has gained a stellar reputation. Using their multifunctional rice cookers which have a plethora of features and functions, it is no real surprise Tiger has become such popular to most of its customers.

With a large variety of Tiger rice cookers available, an individual may have difficulty locating and picking the best one. In this best Tiger rice cooker inspection department, we’ll discuss, review, and research key features and functions of tiger rice cookers so as to learn the best Tiger rice cooker in accordance with your preferences.

Top 3 Best Tiger Rice Cookers

  1. TIGER JBV-A10U 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker
  2. Tiger JNP-1500-FL 8-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker
  3. Tiger JAZ-A10U-FH 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker

List Of 10 Best Tiger Rice Cooker Reviews 

1. TIGER JBV-A10U 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker

  • The Tiger is another recognized Japanese manufacturer so I needed to present their rice cooker a shot also and I must say I’m amazed. First of all, this is not only a rice cooker.
  • Additionally, it is a slow cooker, steamer, and also warmer and is accompanied by an upper tray which you put along with the inner container at the best Tiger rice cooker which lets you cook rice and protein in precisely the exact same moment.
  • With the push of a button, then you may pick between cooking preferences, and voila, you have got an entire meal ready for you in 1 device.
  • This can be made possible by Tiger’s Micom technologies – its own cooking logic method, which can be short for a microcomputer that will help control the cooking procedure by correcting temperature and time to be able to correct for the kind of food being cooked.

2. Tiger JNP-1500-FL 8-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker

  • With a strong build, this bestseller in the JNP collection of Tiger is guaranteed to last you through countless recipes and meals. It may cook up to 2 cups of rice at one time, also, although ideally suggested for cooking white rice with a little practice it may also be used to cook brown along with other sorts of rice.
  • With a floral and white plastic outside, it’s an easy-to-use single-button change, and includes a spatula and measuring cup. When the rice is cooked, then the stove automatically shifts to the ‘Keep Warm’ mode. As a result of its well-insulated layout, it’s effective at maintaining the rice warm up to 12hrs.
  • The non-stick coating retains the rice from sticking to the interiors and the pressurized steam port makes cleanup easy. Another fantastic aspect of this version is the retractable power cable, which supplies you with a clutter-free kitchen area. This rather modest-looking merchandise from Tiger, though slightly on the expensive side, proves to be a fantastic investment in the long term.

3. Tiger JAZ-A10U-FH 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Rice Cooker

  • Having a capacity of 5.5 cups, the Tiger JAZ-A is ideal for fulfilling a household’s meal requirements. This user-friendly version from Tiger is acceptable for first-time customers, in addition to seasoned cooks. It’s a single-button functioning along with also a light indicator that lights up when the rice has been cooked.
  • It functions on a flat-heater heating system model, and the skillet has to be set in contact with the heating system. For optimal benefits, the brand advocates utilizing their six-ounce cup for measuring raw rice. Also included is a useful spatula along with a hook to get this.
  • As with other versions from the manufacturer, the Tiger JAZ-A rice cooker also is designed to automatically change to the Keep-Warm manner, allowing the rice to remain moist and warm for up to 12 hrs. To utilize this function, the stove must be attached to a power supply, and the outer lid must be tightly fastened so as to carry on the warmth and dampness.
  • Like the JNP collection, this version also comes from a floral and white exterior casing. It comes with a detachable and washable inner lid plus a non-stick coated pan for simple cleaning.

4. Tiger Corporation JBX-B10U Rice Cooker

  • True to its title, the Tiger JBV-B10U-W Multifunctional Rice Cooker is just nothing short of usable and multifunctional. Therefore, it’s a worthy addition to our top 5 greatest versions.
  • Having a cooking capability of 5.5 cups cooked rice (2.5 cups uncooked rice capacity), this product is simple to wash medium-sized version that packs a punch. Contrary to the Tiger JAX-S10U-WY, this version just has 8 cook configurations, but then, that is a lot!
  • This version is developed on durability, as seen by its high-quality substances. Its layout makes it a secure and durable rice cooker that could withstand any kind of wear.
  • This version also includes a measuring cup and spatula. Its 1.7mm internal kettle is scratch-resistant, and in addition, it has a BPA-free cooking plate. With this price and this high-quality inner pot, you are definitely becoming more than what you cover.

5. Tiger JAX-T10U-K 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker

  • This rice cooker provides a very nice and amazing multipurpose cooking choice. It includes Synchro – A cooking role that gives you the capability to cook rice at the interior pot and set a cook cooking plate over the Tiger rice cooker.
  • This gives you the capability to prepare two meals and save your valuable time and energy. The various manners on the preferences menu give you the choice of picking out the sort of dish and also the time period for preparing the meals.

6. Tiger JAX-S10U-WY 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice

  • Japanese rice cooker JAX-S10U-WY is over the rice cooker. It features many purposes: maintain heat, steamer, and slow cooker. The Tiger rice cooker has saved much time using its multi-functions, which could simultaneously cook your food and rice.
  • There’s not any explanation as to why we create this rice cooker the most effective overall from the tiger lineup since it has several functions that allow you to cook yummy food with much less effort.
  • The Tiger rice cooker has two menus, that help each user. By pressing on the airplane menu choice, you’ll discover delicious white rice exactly like restaurant fluffy rice. In a Rush? Simply pick the”Quick” menu which makes your rice quicker without compromising on flavor.
  • For brown rice fans, the stove can cook brown rice using more devotion. The brownish takes a bit more time compared to white rice since it absorbs water correctly as its tough husk. Consequently, this rice cooker includes a unique menu for brown rice, which absorbs the water fully.

7. Tiger JBX-B Series Micom 10 Cup Rice Cooker

  • This Tiger JBX-B Series White Micom Cooker is a 10-cup multifunctional rice cooker that allows you to prepare and revel in healthful and tasty food in your home. Together with 8 easy cooking menu setting such as 6 rice configurations along with a slow cook setting, this cooker also comes with a synchro-cook setting utilizing the added Tiger’s cooking plate which lets you prepare two dishes simultaneously with no tastes affecting every other.
  • This Tiger JBX-B Micom Cooker comes with an Automatic Cooking Logic program that actively tracks cooking temperatures to produce the perfect meal. The LCD screen allows you easily change the atmosphere and monitor the cooking procedure.
  • This cooker permits you to cut around 30 percent of the petroleum used in a conventional cooking method which makes your meals healthy. Moreover, the Automatic change to keep warm feature, Timer attribute, and Cancel button create using this cooker much more suitable.

8. Tiger JAJ-A55U PP 3-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker

  • The Tiger Corporation JAJ-A55U-WS boasts a fantastic layout and an intriguing synchro-cooking function. Its intriguing design and color variations make it a perfect appliance for everyone who’d love such a product inside their houses but lack space or do not need a timeless rice cooker. We absolutely adore this!
  • This is a very easy-to-use rice cooker that is included with a lot of alternatives that are certain to make it simple to accomplish the type of cooking which you would like.
  • It’s a preset cooking timer which produces cooking easier for you especially once you don’t have enough opportunity to do everything. It’s quite simple to clean with removable components.

9. Tiger JKT-S18U 10-Cup (Uncooked) Multi Purpose IH Cooker

  • Tiger JKT S18U IH rice cooker utilizes top-notch technology to supply you excellent cooking experience. The usage of innovative induction heating technology creates and distributes the heat uniformly through the interior pot to cook the best batch of rice each and every moment.
  • The rice cooker can create little temperature and pressure alterations if needed. It’s an extra heat source supporting the lid that can help make a totally cooked flavorful and fluffy batch of rice. Tiger’s JKT is your very best Tiger rice cooker for people that want to experiment with different cooking styles with no heavy on the financial institution.
  • It includes 11 preset cooking preferences to pick from, a cooking capability of 10 cups, fermentation, and a bread baking purpose. If you’re a huge family you should have a look at Tiger rice cooker 10 cup having a bigger capacity.
  • Tiger JKT S18U IH stainless steel rice cooker includes a multilayered inner kettle (3 layers of coat, 5 layers of alloy ) making the machine durable, cooks, and restaurant-quality rice. The rice cooker has a detachable lid, the steam port cap which makes cleaning a cinch.

10. Tiger JKT-B10U-C 5.5-Cup Stainless Steel

  • The beige and stainless steel frame give it a more flexible appearance an edge over other rice cookers. It includes 3 layers of the inner cooking pan that may heat the rice to 265 degrees Fahrenheit and then steam it at 240 degrees Fahrenheit. The innovative induction heating system alternating electric current cooks the entire pot which ensures every grain of rice is completely cooked.
  • The most innovative induction heating technology cooks out of an alternating electric current in the whole inner pot. It can create exact temperature alterations in a brief time period. Since it may react to temperature changes, it requires less time to cook rice.
  • With higher quality 1.5 millimeters thick inner pan, then it is going to heat up the rice to 265° F and then F at a high temperature of 240° F. This will ensure each person rice grain is cooked in a tasty and fluffy texture to bring out all of the tastes.
  • This Tiger rice cooker produces a perfect meal each and every moment. Contrary to the 1 push running rice cooker, you will find just two preset cooking timers to correct the cooking time to generate rice in the time needed.

Buying Guide For Best Tiger Rice Cooker 

Tiger is among the top rice cooker makers on the planet. Using advanced technologies, innovative and appealing designs tiger is producing appliances that produce cooking easy and fun. Below are some features you can consider when buying the best Tiger rice cooker.

Modern Technologies

The main aim at Tiger Corporation would be to make life more efficient, compact, hassle-free for their clients. Tiger rice cooker doesn’t only provide functionality and usability however, elevates your lifestyle too.

Tiger Corporation began its journey in the year 1923 by fabricating vacuum bottles that keep the beverage warm and from that point, it retained manufacturing products that make the house warm and lifestyle comfortable for you. Tiger rice cookers reveal how committed the Tiger company would be to the invention and infusion of innovative and new technology into its newer versions to offer comfort and convenience when it comes to cooking.

Ordinarily, a Tiger rice cooker includes 4-10 preset cooking preferences, a nonstick interior pot, induction heating technologies, a keep warm feature, and a delay timer. These attributes are infused with appliances that are slick and smart. Cookers are often effective at cooking cups, 5.5 cups, 8 cups, and 10 cups of raw rice. A number of the industrial versions have 20 cups raw capacity too; means there’s a rice cooker for everyone.

Fully Automated

You don’t need to keep assessing if your rice is done cooking because all you’ve got to do is pick the version you would like and leave it all into the cooker. It’s controlled by means of a microchip which enables it to have the ability to restrain the cooking until it’s completed.

Induction Heating

The cookers utilize high technology in induction heating system which ensures that there’s appropriate heating and it is simple to control how much warmth you would like your rice to cook at which contributes to rice.

‘Tacook’ system

It is a system that permits you to cook two distinct means all at one time. It’s extremely simple to do and saves a great deal of time particularly if you’re in a rush.

Easy to clean

The rice cookers are extremely easy to clean because the majority of the components are removable like the inner lid which permits you to remove and wash it. The bud is round-shaped which further fosters the capacity to receive all the contaminants and emptied out thorough cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Tiger rice cooker would be the best?

TIGER JBV-A10U 5.5-Cup (Uncooked) Micom Rice Cooker with Food Steamer is our choice as the best tiger rice cooker accessible. It’s also among those best-selling products on Amazon with thousands of favorable reviews and 5-star evaluations.

2. Are tiger rice cookers made in Japan?

Tiger Corporation is headquartered in Osaka, Japan, therefore tiger rice cookers are primarily manufactured in Japan.


Tiger rice cookers are multifunctional, host advanced design, exceptional Tacook, and Synchro-cooking technologies, and these exceptional attributes make Tiger rice cookers popular among individuals who like to elevate their way of life and revel in a wholesome cooking experience. From high-quality stainless steel stuff to the multilayered scratch-resistant internal pot, you may select a rice cooker that’s made to endure for ages. That is the reason you will always discover the best Tiger rice cooker on Amazon.


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