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18 Best Undercounter Ice Makers 2023: Reviews and Buying Guide

Built-in ice makers, also known as undercounter ice makers, are an excellent choice for those who need to make large quantities of ice quickly. These machines are larger than portable ice makers and can be transported easily.

Did you know that the best undercounter ice makers can purify water and make higher-quality ice cubes than other models? This is a question we will address in the next guide.

You should consider many important features and factors when shopping for an undercounter ice maker. We will be covering these in our 10-minute buyer’s guide. Let’s first take a look at the 18 best undercounter ice makers you can purchase right now.

What’s an Undercounter Ice Maker?

The Undercounter Ice Maker, in simple terms, is a machine that makes a lot of ice quickly and with different sizes. This machine makes it easy to keep large amounts of high-quality, fresh ice each day. It can be used to make mix and match drinks, store frozen goods, prepare ice, and cool down when it gets hot.

List Of 18 Best Undercounter Ice Maker Reviews

1. VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker

  • VEVOR’s success in grabbing a spot on our list is due to the fact that it’s one of the very few ice makers that can produce between 500 and 550 lbs of ice per day. The Vevor icemaker makes it easy to keep up with your demands. The VEVOR is our fastest and most powerful icemaker, producing 182 clear cubes within 8-15 minutes. The VEVOR’s storage capacity can hold 350lbs of ice at once, making it a very impressive ice maker.
  • The machine also features a double-layer thickened foam insulation layer. This helps in isolating heat from the outside and provides better insulation. This function can prevent your ice cubes from melting for up to 5-7 hours. It is certainly a significant technological advancement over its competitors.
  • You can choose from three sizes of VEVOR ice makers: thin, middle, and thick. You will be able to find the perfect one for you. It is also very useful. The machine allows you to schedule the time it takes to make ice, and will also notify users when the ice container is full. This revolutionary icemaker is also safer and more reliable than traditional models due to its many protection settings.

2. Whynter MIM-14231SS 14” Undercounter Automatic Ice Makers

  • This Whynter MIM-1423ISS Under Counter Ice Maker is made of stainless steel and will be the right product for you. It can hold 23 LBS of ice per day and 12 LBS of ice. The ice storage capacity is 12LBS.
  • The Whynter MIM14231SS 14-inch Undercounter Automatic Stainless steel Marine Ice Maker was specifically designed for boats, yachts, and RVs. This robust, heavy-duty ice maker can produce up to 23 lbs of ice per hour and can hold up to 12 pounds of ice. It features a fully stainless steel housing with marine-grade components.
  • The unit is made from high-quality stainless steel and has hardware components that resist corrosion and UV. It will withstand harsh environments. A 6-foot braided stainless-steel waterline connection hose is included with the ice maker. To complement your space’s flow, the Whynter MIM-1431SS can be reversed so that it opens from the right or left.
  • The Whynter MIM-1423SS has a latch-lock to keep the door closed in all mobile conditions and allow for easy access when needed. The ice maker can be used on mobile devices by consuming less than 3 gallons of water to make 23 lbs of ice per day. The ice maker can be installed quickly and easily in almost any space by recycling melted ice.

3. Scotsman CU50GA Undercounter Ice Maker

  • Scotsman has been making ice-makers for many years. The brand is well-respected on the market. If you are looking for a clear ice maker, this model is the best choice. This unit can make restaurant-quality ice right at your home. Although the unit is expensive, it’s worth it for the high-quality ice it produces.
  • This undercounter ice maker can produce up to 64 lbs of ice per day and has a 26-pound storage capacity. Its slim design means that it can be easily integrated into any kitchen. Modern stainless-steel doors will work in most modern-styled kitchens. Make sure the unit is properly leveled to produce ice. This is especially important for units with a gravity drain.
  • The control panel is visible when you open the door. It allows you to easily control the unit. You will also find helpful indicators. They will let you know if water is not flowing or when the ice maker needs to be cleaned. The warranty period for this model is one year.

4. EdgeStar IB120SS Built in Ice Maker

  • Portable ice makers don’t necessarily have to be the only option if you are tight on cash. The EdgeStar IB120SS undercounter ice machine is around $300. Although it doesn’t produce as much ice as other undercounter machines, it is sufficient to provide enough for most families.
  • This ice machine has an integrated freezer, which is a big plus compared to other expensive ice machines. You can store your ice for as long as it takes.
  • The EdgeStar IB120SS is capable of producing 12lbs of ice each day. This is sufficient for most homes that only require ice once per day or on weekends. If you enjoy hosting friends, it’s sufficient. It can store up to 6 lbs of ice. It stops making ice once it’s full.
  • The storage container doubles as an integrated freezer. This ice maker is unlike other ice makers that you cannot leave in the freezer for too long to melt your cubes.
  • EdgeStar IB120SS features a front-ventilated design. You can use it safely as an icemaker. It can be left freestanding. Modern and stylish, the black cabinet and stainless-steel door combination look great together.


  • Let’s first take a look at the Sunpentown Undercounter ice maker. The sleek, undercounter ice maker weighs 55 lbs. It is also compact enough to fit under most countertops.
  • This machine has a front fan that allows you to do this. This machine can also be installed without a drain. This makes it an excellent ice machine choice for indoor and outdoor use or in an RV.
  • The Sunpentown Undercounter Ice Maker is also very practical. The stainless steel door can be reversible from one side to the other. You can change the stainless steel doors to one side if you need a slimmer ice machine. The cabinet measures 18″ x 15″ x 25″, and is black in color.
  • It will allow you to relax and have fun. The machine can produce up to 12 lbs of crescent-shaped ice per day. It also comes with a six-pound removable bin. We should also mention that the ice machine must only be installed by a licensed plumber.

6. Manitowoc SM-50A 14 3/4″ Air Cooled Undercounter Octagonal Cube Ice Machine

  • Manitowoc SM50A-161 SM50 ICE Cube Machine is a luxury ice machine. This ice maker has a unique design that cleans and disinfects faster than other ice machines. It also features led lights inside the bin and a larger opening. Ideal for drunken parties!
  • This ice maker features a water filter system inside that includes a scale inhibitor as well as depth filtration. This ice maker is air-cooled and makes unique octagon cubes. This is the ideal choice if you host upscale parties at your home.

7. Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine

  • The Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine is the best choice if you are looking for a machine that produces a lot of ice in a matter of seconds. The Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine is large and heavy, but it offers great value if you are willing to sacrifice some space.
  • The model is robust enough to be used in commercial settings and ETL-certified for residential backdrops. The machine is freestanding and can produce about 100 pounds per day. The machine comes with a large storage container that can hold 33 lbs of ice.
  • The LCD panel on the Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine makes it easy to operate even for non-geeky people. This smart feature allows you to easily monitor the temperature of your environment for optimal performance. You can also choose the ideal size of ice cubes from the panel.
  • This machine can be easily cleaned by pressing a button. The machine has a gravity drainage system that drains water once daily.

8. hOmeLabs Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker

  • This HomeLabs another unit that can be used in commercial kitchens, but it also works great at home. So what do you get for your money? Clear ice is the main benefit of this machine. You can make up to 45 pieces in just 20 minutes. The thickness of the ice cubes that you make will determine how long the cycle takes. It can take between 11 and 20 minutes. The simple plus- and minus buttons make it easy to adjust the size.
  • The maximum output is 99 pounds per 24-hour period. This is enough if the ice machine is being used at home. However, if you plan to use it in a bar or restaurant, ensure that there is enough water. The large 1.2-liter water tank connects directly to a water supply so that you don’t have to keep refilling it. HomeLabs is easy to use and set up. You can operate the machine using the LCD with a push-button interface. You can see all water-making and ice-making functions clearly.
  • This unit also comes with a good selection of accessories, including an ice spoon and all connectors and hoses. The box should have everything you need to get started right away. This ice machine is a great choice if you are looking for a reliable machine that will run all day without stopping.

9. EdgeStar 50 lb. Undercounter Clear Ice Maker

  • EdgeStar manufactures a wide range of high-quality equipment, and the under-counter ice maker is no exception. The machine has a fifty-pound daily capacity and is controlled by computerized controls. There are many things to love about it. The machine produces clear, cubed ice sheets and comes with an ice scoop.
  • Two things were not great about this unit. These are not deal-breakers but they are the two reasons this unit didn’t make it our top choice. The first is that there’s no way to purchase an extended warranty. This is quite standard. It can produce fifty pounds of ice per hour, but it has a storage capacity of only twenty-five pounds.
  • This might not be the right unit if you don’t use a lot of ice per day. This is an excellent unit to consider if you need a large volume.

10. Whynter UIM-155 Stainless Steel Built-In Ice Maker

  • The Whynter stainless steel integrated ice maker brings you the most recent professional standards innovations for your home. This ice maker can make 12 lbs crescent-shaped ice in just 24 hours. It also has 6 lbs storage capacity. Whynter’s portable ice maker is the ideal solution for all your ice-making needs. The sleek black cabinet and stylish stainless steel door complement any modern kitchen or bar.
  • The Whynter Stainless Steel Built-in Ice Maker brings you the most advanced professional standards for home use. This ice maker can make 12 lbs crescent-shaped ice in just 24 hours. It also has the ability to store 6 lbs.

11. Manitowoc UDF0140A NEO 26″ Air Cooled Undercounter Dice Cube Ice Machine

  • This residential undercounter ice maker measures 33x30x40 inches and weighs 150 pounds. It’s larger than the other models, and it is well-received by large areas such as bars, coffee shops, and drink shops. You can use it for home ice making. The unit can produce 132 lbs and has a storage capacity of 90 lbs.
  • This is enough to host a large party. The door slides so well and has a slanted front. The design is made even more attractive by the presence of fingerprint-resistant panels. You will not have any problems with serious patties paired with plenty of refreshing beverages.

12. Linsion Commercial Ice Machine 100lbs/24h with 33lbs Storage

  • The Linsion commercial ice maker will make 800 cups of your favorite drinks every day. In just 12-18 minutes, you can make 45 clear ice cubes in one cycle. You can also make up to 100 lbs of Ice in 24 hours. Each ice cube measures 0.9″*0.91″*0.9″, which makes it ideal for mixing drinks and small water bottles.
  • You only need to place the pipe. It is simple to add water, ice, TIMER, CLEAN, CLEAN, and more using the LCD Smart Panel. You can adjust the ice-making time, thickness, and time to make them by pressing the (+/-) buttons. The unit is equipped with a 300W compressor for cooling, and a water consumption rate of up to 99%.
  • This ice cube maker measures 17x 15.7×31.5 inches and can be used in either a freestanding or built-in application. This ice cube maker is ideal for use in coffee shops, bars, KTVs, supermarkets, bakeries, and restaurants as well as cold drinks shops. It is a space-saving device that offers powerful performance and adequate storage. Make sure you have a water source nearby.
  • The adjustable feet on this ice machine keep it from water and humidity. The stainless steel construction is not only resistant to rust, but also extends the machine’s life expectancy. The package includes an ice shovel, drain hose, and water connection hose.

13. SMETA 15 Inch Wide Built-In Undercounter Ice Maker

  • This ice maker, like the other two mentioned, also makes crescent-shaped ice. This one, unlike the Whynter UIM-155 ice maker, also functions as a freezer. You can store your ice in a freezer when you make it.
  • It is very compact. It can be used as an ice maker, either built-in or freestanding. The unit is also air-cooled with front venting. The automatic shut-off prevents overfilling the ice bin.
  • The built-in ice maker features a refrigerated storage container that ensures the unit lasts longer and allows it to work without the need for a permanent drain line. The sleek stainless steel door is complemented by a black cabinet. It can be placed under most counters.
  • You will never again shop for ice if you can produce up to 12 pounds of crescent-shaped, daily ice. The interior ice bin can hold up to 6 lbs of ice and is easy to pull out. It is compact enough to fit under most counters. Front ventilation allows for a truly integrated application.

14. COSTWAY Commercial Ice Machine

  • The COSTWAY Commercial Undercounter ice maker is powerful. It can make 88 LBS of Ice per Day and store 8.8 LBS. It is made of stainless steel and is durable. This product is ideal for bars, hotels, restaurants, and homes.
  • The commercial ice machine is equipped with a high-power compressor, R600a refrigerant, and 8.8 lbs of ice storage. It can produce 32 ice cubes in just 12-18 minutes. You can enjoy your party or other events with 88 lbs of ice each day.
  • The LCD control panel for the ice machine’s operation is clear and easy to read. You can adjust the time it takes to make ice and the thickness of the cubes. The automatic cleaning function helps to reduce bacteria growth and maintain a healthy environment.
  • For added safety and security, ice-full and add water indicators are available. The indicator will remind you to empty the basket when it is full and to add water if the ice maker runs out of water. This provides added security. You will also find more convenience with the in-box lighting and the viewing window.
  • The long-term, guaranteed use of heavy-duty metal constructions with UL certification is assured. The better ice-making performance is also guaranteed by thick and durable thermal insulation material. Included are an ice scoop, a water supply hose, and a water draining hose.

15. Whynter UIM-502SS Built-in/Freestanding Ice Makers

  • 50 lbs of ice are produced by the Whynter UIM-502SS Ice Maker every day. This is comparable to the amount of ice made by commercial ice machines in bars and restaurants. It is hard and clear. It is not the fast-melting, cloudy ice your freezer produces.
  • This ice maker is capable of producing 50 pounds and storing 25 pounds. It produces 50lbs of ice per day which is more than enough to supply most homes. This is especially useful if you enjoy hosting parties and events at home. It can be placed in your office. You can store up to 25 pounds of ice in the storage bin. When the bin is full, the icemaker switches off automatically.
  • The Whynter UIMM-502SS produces clear cubes. These are the same kind that is served in restaurants and bars. Ice cubes melt faster than traditional cubes and won’t dilute your drink.
  • This ice maker comes with a stylish, stainless steel door and a cabinet in black. It can be left freestanding in your kitchen and still look great. You can re-arrange the door to fit your space.

16. Smad Portable Commercial Ice Maker

  • Let’s not forget the Smad Portable Commercial Ice Maker. The only ice machine we’ve seen that can be manually filled is this one. This ice machine can be taken anywhere. It measures 17”x15”x25” and weighs 55 lbs. It has a sleek black body and a reversible door made of stainless steel.
  • This commercial ice maker is simple to use, even for beginners. The ice maker is easy to use and can be controlled with one dial. The ice maker also stops automatically when the ice tanks are full. You will never have to purchase ice again with the 12 pounds of ice this machine makes per day.
  • It’s also extremely convenient and includes an ice storage container and an ice scoop. You won’t have to spend time looking for cubes. The storage bin can store up to six pounds of frozen ice. The ice maker doubles as a freezer and prevents the ice from melting.

17. Luma Comfort Portable Clear Ice Maker

  • Luma Comfort Portable Clear Ice Maker makes entertaining easy in your kitchen or bar. Your guests will have plenty of cool drinks at their fingertips with ice in a matter of minutes.
  • The compact and attractive design of this small icemaker makes it easy to place on the countertop. The ice maker is simple to use and requires little installation. You can get your ice quickly with just 15 minutes of freezing time per cycle. This ice maker produces clear, restaurant-quality ice, which melts five times faster than normal ice. The portable ice maker can produce up to 28 lbs of ice each day.
  • Luma Comfort’s ice maker is a great alternative to buying ice bags or running to the freezer. The IM200SS can produce up to 28 pounds crystal-clear, restaurant-quality ice per 24 hours. It uses the same technology used in commercial ice machines. Clear ice looks better and melts 5 times faster than cloudy ice.
  • This clear ice maker can be used to make both summer drinks and fancy cocktails. Other features include an LED control panel, low water, and full-ice indicators, and a space-saving countertop design. You don’t need plumbing: simply fill the IM200SS in with water and turn it on to enjoy clear ice within minutes.


1. Why does the machine make half or incomplete cubes?

If an undercounter ice maker creates unfinished, it is important to inspect a few things. The first is that the machine might not be level. If it isn’t, then the water inside will not be level. This can prevent the ice cubes from forming normally.

The wrong water pressure can also cause problems. Check that the water pressure in your icemaker is within the specifications provided by the manufacturer. Poor water filtration or a faulty thickness switch could also be reasons.

2. Which is the quietest undercounter ice maker?

The EdgeStar IB120SS Built-in Ice Maker is a quiet, undercounter ice maker. This machine can be installed anywhere with its noise-free compressor.

3. Which size ice machine do I need?

It all depends on what you need. A small-sized icemaker undercounter will work well for home and family use. We recommend the Smad Undercounter Commercial Portable Icemaker from our list. You should consider a larger size for restaurants, break rooms, and other commercial settings. Manitowoc UDF0140A NA 26 Air-Cooled Undercounter Dice Cube is a high-capacity commercial undercounter ice maker.

4. Why did the ice production capacity suddenly drop?

Check the temperature and pressure of your water supply to see if ice cube production is suddenly slowing down. If these are both fine, you might want to inspect the condenser. Condensers will not work well if they become dirty or if their fans are blocked by obstructions.

5. Are under-counter icemakers portable?

No. Ice makers are not portable. They are heavier than portable ice makers and slightly larger. They also have higher ice-making power than ordinary ice makers.


When you need to make large quantities of ice quickly, undercounter ice makers are the perfect tool. They are more powerful than portable ice makers and have a larger motor, a greater capacity, and much stronger construction. They are quieter and more efficient, but they also take up more space. It’s not cheap, but it’s well worth it. Our reviews of the top undercounter ice makers will help you make an informed decision.

This guide will hopefully make it easier to make a decision. It includes a review of the best undercounter ice makers and a detailed buying guide. If you are looking for a quick solution, our top choice is the Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine. The innovative design and seamless appearance of this product make it easy to clean and save time.


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