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19 Best Vacuum Seal Bags in 2024

Investing in top-notch vacuum sealer bags is just as significant for food preservation as the sealing machine itself. After you’ve exhausted the starter pack that comes with your machine, you’ll find numerous replacement options online. They’re usually budget-friendly and effective, but what’s the best way to make your selection less overwhelming?

Vacuum seal bags have brought a new twist to food storage. This innovative product allows you to keep air out and prevent bacteria from forming, which will increase the shelf life of your food. Vacuum seal bags are used to reduce the size of food items, and also help conserve space.

You will need to seal them both. Rolls are usually easier to store and more cost-effective than regular containers. Rolls are also easy to modify to your liking. You’ll also want to make sure your bag is resistant to heat and moisture.

What is a Vacuum Sealer Bag?

This small bag seals food or any other item that can be placed inside a plastic bag. The vacuum bag must be used within a vacuum to qualify as a vacuum sealer.

Once you seal the bag, it will start to work. Sealer bags are used to seal the container and dry the food.

Food that isn’t dry or wet will stay in plastic bags for a long time until it is used.

The vacuum created means that there are very few chances for any harmful substances to penetrate the bag and reach food. It is actually very difficult for good compounds like oxygen to penetrate the vacuum.

The Benefits of the Vacuum Seal Bags

Are food-saver vacuum seal bags worth the investment? This is a great way to store clothes, food, and other textiles. I recommend that you seriously think about them. Let’s look at the top benefits of vacuum sealing bags bulks, and then we will list them.

  • This product is suitable for long-term storage and travel.
  • The bag can be used to compress all items, from textiles to food.
  • It is easy to vacuum with either a vacuum cleaner or a handheld pump
  • Great for limited storage space
  • These are great for packing. You will be able to bring more clothes to your next vacation. You don’t have to worry about buying extra luggage at the airport.
  • You can compress bedding, textiles, and most clothing pieces to a fraction of their original size.
  • Allow you to store more clothes
  • It creates a strong barrier that keeps out any unpleasant odors and pests from clothes and textiles
  • Maintain the clothing and textiles in their best condition

The ideal items, regardless of size, are small, regular, and heavy-duty vacuum storage bags. They can be used for long-term storage or are limited in space. You can also protect your bedding and clothes from mold, moisture, or mildew.

Different Types of Vacuum Storage Bags

Two types of vacuum storage bags are available. The first type of vacuum storage bag requires a sealing machine to remove excess heat and seal the bag permanently. Another type requires that the bag be drawn from the bag using a vacuum nozzle or hand pump before being sealed manually. The type of items you are storing will determine the best method.

Sealing Machine

If you vacuum seal perishable foods, you may be able to extend their shelf life by three to fivefold. You can keep pests like moths, weevils away from pantry items such as dry rice, beans, and other grains by vacuum-sealing them. Storing food is more difficult than storing clothes and linens. However, it’s important to remove as much air from the bag as possible to prevent food spoiling.

This machine heat-seals and seals food products. It suckers air from the bag. These machines can handle individual plastic bags and rolls of plastic. They can also be used to cut plastic to the size that is needed for the food being stored. Simply place the food in the bag, then seal the opening with the machine. The machine pulls out all air and seals the opening to prevent air from getting back in.

Manual Seal

Quality vacuum bags with heavy-duty ziplock openings are ideal for flattening blankets, quilts, and clothing to a fraction of their original size. Fill the bag with your desired contents, then zip it shut. Attach a hand pump or vacuum hose to the round port at the bag’s bottom. Once the contents have been compressed, draw out any air and seal the port quickly with the tab or screw cap.

List Of 19 Best Vacuum Seal Bags Reviews

1. FoodSaver GameSaver 11″ x 16′ Vacuum Seal 

  • FoodSaver GameSaver looks very similar to FoodSaver 8′ x 20’ Vacuum Seal Rolls. This product is designed to handle larger food items.
  • This pack contains six bags measuring 11×192 inches. This is a wider width than the one reviewed previously. Each pack contains six rolls.
  • This product is ideal for storing meats such as chicken, turkeys, hams, pork shoulders, and chicken. This product can be used for many other purposes, as well as storing meat. You can use it to store and package regular food items for later consumption.
  • It is very useful for trips like camping, picnics, hunting, and fishing trips. It is also suitable for sous vide cooking. It’s been available online since 2005 and has quickly become a popular choice.
  • FoodSaver GameSaver bags have multiple layers of polyethylene and an exterior barrier of nylon to increase strength, flexibility, durability, and adaptability. It is also completely free from Bisphenol A (BPA), a commonly used industrial chemical that poses significant health risks.

2. Wevac Vacuum Sealer Bags 8×50 Rolls

  • The bags by Wevac are a great deal. You get two 50-foot rolls, so you can seal lots of food without having to replenish your stock. You can choose between two widths, eight inches or eleven inches.
  • These bags can be used with all machines, including Food Saver and Nesco as well as Ziploc. The bags come with five “bone protectors,” which are plastic squares reinforced that can be placed on top of bones in meat to prevent them from being punctured.

3. 2 Rolls 11-Inch-by-50-Foot Vacuum Food Sealer Bags

  • These FoodVacBags rolls offer food preservation at their best. These rolls are made with a seven-layer honeycomb design that is strong and BPA-free. They can also be used with sous-vide cookers and can be stored in the freezer. You can also use them as a microwavable or reusable bag. Also, you get 100 feet for $25 less than individual bags and name-brand options.

4. FoodSaver 11″ x 16′ Vacuum Seal Roll

  • FoodSaver is a well-known brand when it comes to kitchenware. The company has been producing quality products for use in the home and kitchen for a long time. Vacuum sealing bags are made with a BPA-free, non-toxic layer. This allows you to store food for as long or as you like.
  • It is difficult to believe that a vacuum sealer bag can be made that doesn’t allow air to enter your food. No air can harm your food thanks to the airtight technology.
  • The sealer bag can be customized to store any type or weight of food. The vacuum sealer bag has a rolling option that allows you to fold it and unfold it to the length you prefer.
  • This best vacuum sealer bag has another advantage: you can use it for many chores. It can be used when you buy in bulk, or even better, you can store extra rolls for future uses.

5. Spacesaver Premium Vacuum Storage Bags

  • SpaceSaver Premium Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags are a great all-rounder. Two jumbo bags are included in the pack, which can hold extra-large items such as blankets, sheets, towels, and bedsheets. These bags promise to have 80% more storage than other bags on the market.
  • These bags use a variety of seals. The bag has a double zip seal and a triple-seal turbo valve that will extract every last bit of air from the bags. To keep the contents safe and clean, anti-microbial materials have been included in the bag. Additionally, a travel hand pump is included for those times when you don’t have a vacuum to help you.

6. BoxLegend Premium Vacuum Storage Bags 

  • This set of eight BoxLegend Premium Vacuum Storage bags is perfect for flattening garments or other textile items. This set contains two bags in each size: small (24 by 16 inches), medium (228 by 20 inches), large (332 by 24 inches), large (332 by 24 inches), and extra-large (40 by 28 inches).
  • To store items, place them in the bag and flatten them as best you can. Then close the zipper. Finally, use a special adapter for a household vacuum to remove any air from the bag. The valve cover seals the bag once the air has been removed. The triple-turbo valve prevents air from entering the bag again.

7. 8 Travel Space Saver Bags

  • The RoomierLife Travel Space Saver bags are a great way to save space on your travels. They can hold up to three times as much storage in your backpack, suitcase, or closet without being used. These storage bags are lightweight and travel-friendly. They are roll-up compressed, so there is no need for a vacuum or pump. Simply pack, zip, roll, and the air will escape from the valves at its bottom. These transparent, see-through bags are TSA-approved. They comply with all security requirements.
  • These space-saving travel bags come in different sizes so that they can meet your needs. An 8-pack includes 4 medium garment bags measuring 24×16 inches and 4 large garment bags measuring 28×20 inches. They are also available as 16-bag or 24-bag multipacks with equal quantities of large and medium-size bags in each package. These bags are great for clothes, towels, and blankets as well as pillows.
  • We’ve all been there. Trying desperately to squeeze every last pair of jeans into an overstuffed suitcase. You might have tried everything to make your suitcase close, including rolling it, sitting on it, and even rolling it. The RoomierLife Travel Space Saver bags will make your life easier! These compact storage bags are easy to use and very practical. These bags are the ideal companion for taking the stress out packing for trips or backpacks for hiking and camping excursions.

8. Vac Fresh Food Vacuum Sealer Rolls

  • Vac-Fresh bags are available in a roll, as the name suggests. You can cut the 50-foot roll to your specifications. They are universally compatible due to their 11-inch width.
  • Cross venting channels are a feature of Vac-Fresh bags. These channels allow you to squeeze the most air out of the bag while sealing. They are thicker than others, with a thickness of 3.5 mils.
  • They offer maximum protection against freezing damage thanks to their extra thickness. Some vacuum sealers may have problems with the extra thickness. Before purchasing, make sure to check the thickness recommendations of the manufacturer.

9. Nutri-Lock Vacuum Sealer Bags

  • You’ve found the right product if you’re looking for something affordable. The vacuum sealer bags Nutri-Lock are very affordable and do the job well. The bags are available in rolls. Each pack includes 2 rolls in 2 sizes. Each roll measures 50 feet and is 11 inches wide. The other is 8 inches wide.
  • Food-grade bags are flexible and safe for vacuum-sealing your food. The tension of leakage or ripping can be eliminated. These channels form an airtight seal that locks out all air and nutrients.
  • The bags are made of heavy-duty material so you can store food in them. Vacuum sealing can be done to protect precious jewelry or antiques.
  • They can be used in all vacuum sealers. They can be used in all clam-type sealers. You can fit the bag in any clam-type sealer because of its basic size.

10. GONGSHI Vacuum Storage Bags

  • Are you looking for the best vacuum sealing bag to maximize space? Gongshi Vacuum seal bags are my top pick. They can store a variety of items such as food, bedding, clothes, toys, blankets, and other household goods.
  • You will find 12 bags in the package, each with 4 sizes. What’s the best part? Gongshi Vacuum Storage Bags make everything three times smaller.

11. 100 Pint Vacuum Sealer Storage Bags

  • Avid Amor manufactures it and ranks at the fifth spot. Its main selling point is its low price. It also has many other great features that make it an attractive choice.
  • These bags are pre-cut from BPA-free material and come pre-cut. These bags are safe and effective for storing fresh or cooked food, especially small portions like beef sticks, jerky, and other snacks.
  • The bag measures 10x6x2 inches in size and is appropriately named “Pint.” According to the product page, 100-pint bags are included in the package. The product label states that the package contains 50-pint bags. It is safe to trust the label. Pre-cut bags make it easier to get your bag out and seal your products. They can also be used with any vacuum sealing system.
  • Avid Armor sealer bags are heavy-duty, commercial-grade quality with a thickness of 4 millimeters at the back and 3 millimeters at the front. This product features an embossed air channel design that maximizes air expulsion and improves sealing.

12. FoodSaver 1-Quart Precut Vacuum Seal Bags

  • FoodSaver is a top-rated manufacturer of vacuum sealers, so it comes as no surprise that they are our favorite bag maker. These bags are easy to use and provide a secure seal every time. These bags come pre-cut in one-quart sizes, rather than being in rolls. This makes them simple to use and reduces the time of measuring. One-quart sizes are great for all foods, from meat cuts to vegetables. Included are twenty bags.

13. FoodSaver 8″ and 11″ Seal Rolls Multipack

  • The FoodSaver multipack is a great way to save money. It costs just $0.50 per foot. These five rolls are not cheaply made. They have a 4.8-star rating due to their multi-layer, BPA-free design.
  • They can be used in the microwave and freezer. They can be boiled and still last a long time. Each pack includes three 11-inch rolls as well as two 8-inch rolls. This allows you to preserve many different foods.

14. WISH Vacuum Sealer Bags Rolls Compatible

  • WISH’s 4-pack vacuum sealer bag is a great way to save money and still get a quality product. You will get 4 sealer bags for half the price of other bags.
  • This product is made of a special material with two layers measuring approximately four millimeters. You can be certain that your food will stay fresher for longer thanks to the thick material and embossed channels for air extraction.
  • The product can be cut to the desired length. The sealer bag is not precut. You can make great use of the paper roll that measures over 100 feet.
  • You’d be surprised at the capabilities of this material. It can prevent food from becoming dry and frozen. This alone allows your food to retain its nutrients and remain fresher for longer.

15. VacYaYa 200 Quart Size 8 x 12 Inch Vacuum Sealer

  • It is disappointing when leftovers are not suitable for eating after being pulled from the freezer. VacYaYa Quart Vacuum Freezer Storage Bags can help to stop food waste. Food-grade plastic bags are required for freezing meats, vegetables, and casseroles. They won’t break down at cold temperatures.
  • Food stored in freezers in sealed bags will develop frost less quickly if it is kept in an airtight bag. You can purchase this set of 200 VacYaYa BPA-free bags in a quart size. However, you can also get a gallon or pint size. VacYaYa vacuum bags require a standard food sealer such as NutriChef or FoodSaver. The machine will heat seal the bag by heating the end to prevent air from escaping.

16. Hibag Space Saver Bags

  • The Hibag Space Saver bags help reduce the area that your items take up by 80%. This makes them a great space-saving storage option. This combo pack contains 20 sizes of space-saving vacuum storage bags that can hold a variety of items such as clothes, comforters, pillows, or bedding.
  • This 20-pack combo includes 2 bags measuring 47.25×35.45 inches, 5 bags measuring 39.35×27.5 inches, 5 pieces measuring 33.5×21.65 inches, and 6 bags measuring 27.5×19.5 inches. There are also 2 pieces measuring 23.5×15.7 inches. This pack has a bag for everything you could think of. This combo pack also includes 2 roll-up bags measuring 21×15 inches and a hand pump. You can also get these bags in various sizes and combinations to suit your needs.
  • Hibag Space Saver Bags have strong zippers and an innovative design. The zippers are held in place by stay-on clips that prevent them from being lost or falling off. It is easy to open and close the zipper. Double-zips are unique. They have yellow and blue lines on one side, and the other has blue lines. The yellow line will be placed into the blue lines when you close the bags. This indicates that the zipper has been properly sealed.

17. Weston Vacuum Sealer Food Bags

  • Our review only included Weston bags. This fact limits the usefulness of this product. There are three sizes of Weston sealer bags. You can choose between a smaller 6″x10″ or larger 11″x16″ bag.
  • Weston bags offer the best value for money, with 100 bags per container. These bags are made of a 3 mil, 2-ply material. They seal well, unlike other bags in our review. Weston bags can also be used with Weston sealers.
  • These bags can be used with vacuum sealers that have an external clamp. Weston bags proved to be particularly useful for fishermen. Because the bags were smaller, it was easier to pack files.

18. Simple Houseware Vacuum Storage Space Saver

  • For your clothing and bedding, you will need something larger. This is why Simple Houseware has created this collection.
  • You can use half the space in your cupboard for pillows, blankets, or too many sheets. Vacuum sealing your item is the best solution. This will allow you to store your item for longer periods of time and minimize damage.
  • You will find a variety of sizes in this large collection. There are 4 medium bags and 4 large bags. 5 extra-large bags and 2 jumbo bags can be found in this collection. Each pack contains 15 vacuum sealer bags.
  • These bags can be used with a vacuum to seal the item. No matter which brand or company you use, your vacuum cleaner can be used. These bags are also reusable, which is the best thing about them. It doesn’t have to be thrown away after just one use. It can be used multiple times.

19. Viteps Reusable Vacuum Seal Bags

  • Viteps Reusable Vacuum seal Bags can compress all your clothes in a matter of seconds. Are you fed up with the small space that you have? You have just found the right product.
  • These vacuum seal bags are great for saving even more space than 75%. The bags can be reused again and again if you use them correctly and as directed by the manufacturer.

Buying Guide For The Best Vacuum Seal Bags

Item Type

Vacuum storage bags can be used to compress soft items but can also be used for hard items such as toys and other small items. These bags can also be used to protect and store flat items like books and laptops during moves.


When buying vacuum sealing bags, size is the most important consideration. Different sizes are used for different purposes. A single size will not meet all your needs. Before you buy a bag, be sure to measure it.

For multiple items, large bags are essential. You can buy food bulk for large families. Then, divide the food into meals and store them later. A large bag is required for storing moist food or marinated foods. To prevent liquids from getting into the sealer, you need to leave a large space at the top. You can store more items in one large bag.

But if you only store a small amount of food, large bags can become a big waste. This is why you’ll need a smaller bag. It is not necessary to store only fresh or protein-rich produce. Dry foods such as cereals, chips, and the packet of rice that you don’t want to use right now, must also be sealed. You don’t need a large bag for all of these items.

Small families will be satisfied with a medium or small bag. This will help you save space and money. You can also buy the rolls if you’re still uncomfortable. This could be the best option. If you purchase bags in bulk, they can be customized. You can choose from a large or small bag depending on your needs.


You should always check whether the bag is food grade assured before you buy a plastic bag. This is vital for your health, and the well-being of your family. Bags that are not food-grade assured are made from toxic substances. It can cause serious health problems and even death. It is important to ensure that your sealer bags meet the following requirements before you make any purchase.

  • BPA-Free: Before you buy, make sure to check if the brand makes BPA-free bags. Plastics used to be made from Bisphenol A, also known as BPA. It is extremely harmful to health and has been eliminated from modern plastic manufacturing.
  • FDA Approved: FDA stands to Food and Drug Administration. FDA is a government agency that legalizes food or food-related products or any other products related to animal or human health. FDA approval means the product is safe and may have mild side effects but more benefits.
  • 100% Non-Toxic and Food Safe: Bags made from food-grade materials will indicate on the package whether they are food safe. They are usually packaged with a large food-safe seal tag.

Make sure you have the correct tags on your sealer bags before buying them. If they are not there, contact the manufacturer or dealer.


All bags may not be compatible with all vacuum sealers. You need to make sure that the bag you’re buying is compatible with your vacuum sealer in order to get the best results.

Vacuum sealer bags must be purchased from the same manufacturer as your machine in most cases. This ensures greater compatibility. It will work with any device. You will have no worries as it is guaranteed to work.

Many high-quality bags can be used with any vacuum sealer machine. These bags are not limited to just a few; they can be used on any machine. Before you buy a sealer bag, make sure it is compatible with your machine.

Ribbed Profile

Food storage bags with a textured or ribbed surface will not work with all machines. Generic storage bags might not fit certain machines. Make sure you check that the bags you purchase will fit your machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can vacuum storage bags ever be reused?

Food storage bags cannot be reused for food safety reasons. However, you can reuse bags to store clothing or blankets.

2. Do vacuum storage bags work?

They are the best option for large items such as clothes and bedsheets. They can fit most vacuums and come with a manual pump.

3. Can you reuse vacuum seal bags for clothes?

You can vacuum-seal your clothes as many times as you want. It is important to ensure that the bag is clean and free from tears or punctures before you put them in a bag.

4. Are food saver bags interchangeable?

Seal bags can be interchanged, which means that they will work in all types of consumer machines.

5. Are vacuum seal bags universal?

Vacuum sealer bags are a must-have for food savers. Although vacuum sealers come in different brands, they all work the same way and can be used universally with bags such as FoodSaver Bags or Generic VACUUM Sealer Bags. This can help you save money on groceries.

6. How long does the seal on a vacuum storage bag last?

As long as the seal is in good condition, it will last for at least one year. The seal may fail if it is exposed to direct sunlight.

7. What items should not be vacuum-packed?

Avoid storing leather, wool, or feather-filled items inside vacuum bags. They may develop permanent wrinkles or may not be able to fluff again due to the intense compression.


Vacuum bags are not only time-saving but also safer and more economical. We hope you find the best vacuum sealer bags in our article. We have chosen the most reputable brands and reviewed quality products.

You can find a compatible product for sous vide cooking at our first recommendation FoodSaver vacuum sealer roll. If you own a clamp-on vacuum sealer you can use the Nutrilock Vacuum Sealer Bag and the Vacuum Sealer’s pouch without restriction.


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