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Top 11 Best Wok Spatulas in 2024

If you’re passionate about cooking, it may be a good idea to invest in a wok spatula. A high-quality one is a lasting investment that will prove its worth over the years. Woks, frequently utilized in the preparation of Chinese or Thai dishes, feature rounded bottoms that rest stably over open flames, hence providing secure and balanced cooking while improving stir-fried meals.

The shape also conforms well with the side of a wok as opposed to other types of spoons which might not do such a great job when stirring around foods inside round pots as compared to square ones due to their non-conforming shapes! Below is the  best wok spatulas you can buy.

List Of 11 Best Wok Spatula Reviews

1. DI ORO Designer Series 2-Piece Silicone Turner Spatula Set

  • The DI ORO Designer Series 2-Piece Silicone Turner Spatula Set is a premium 3-spatula set with an ergonomic design and non-slip silicone handles. The silicone material is heat resistant up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, and it has top loops for hanging.
  • The DI ORO Designer Series 2-Piece Silicone Turner Spatula Set is made of durable silicone and stainless steel, great for those nonstick pans. Use this set of three spatulas to handle a variety of tasks in the kitchen!

2. Wok Spatula stainless steel, Wide Spatula Turner

  • The Stainless Steel Wok Spatula can’t disappoint with its 14.5-inch size and never-burn handles. You’ll also love our specially designed hanging hole for the heatproof handle.
  • These spatulas are dishwasher safe and won’t burn your hand to change out this versatile essential of Asian cuisine, as it is made solely from stainless steel!
  • With a wok spatula like this, you can enjoy all the taste but retain the convenience of not having to clean that gross metal.

3. Pack of 2 Silicone Wok Spatula

  • Whether you are a professional chef or someone who likes to cook at home, as we do, this set of spatulas is going to be ideal. What’s more? If you have read the features of these individually and thought that they were quite fascinating, then just think about it – two for the price of one! You will receive two different colored spatulas in the box that are going to be made out of BPA-free silicone.
  • And as they are BPA-free, not only will they resist heat well but also food contamination should never arise with them; this means that no matter how hot your cooking gets them you know that everything is still 100% safe to eat!
  • The Pack of 2 Silicone Wok Spatula is made with the user in mind. No matter what kind of meal you are making, this pair will be there to ensure that everything is going smoothly and that your food isn’t burnt to a crisp. Give it a shot today!
  • If you are looking for something that is not only safe but can withstand heat pretty well too, then this product might be just what you are looking for. It comes in a pack of two and both come with BPA-free silicone that will assure your worries about safety or burned palms when using this item. Alongside that, the silicon base should make it resist high temperatures rather nicely.

4. FAAY 13.5” Stir Fry Wooden Spatula

  • The Wok spatula has an L-shaped head to get into corners and a riveted handle for easy handling. The extended length of the O2+ nonstick coating makes it perfect for tossing and flipping while preventing food from sticking or breaking during cooking. It takes less oil with these handsets plus prevents using carcinogenic chemicals in your kitchen, so now you can cook without any worries at all!
  • Finally, a much-needed, all-purpose wooden stir fry spatula has come to the market. At 13.5 inches long and made from eco-friendly teak wood, this one tool can cover any need when cooking a small meal at home. Not just for cutting vegetables or scrambling eggs in your wok, this versatile utility also works great as an egg flipper so you don’t have to worry about breakage!
  • Moreover, with its ergonomic design even arm tightness is avoidable no matter how tricky of a dish you’re making thanks to the soft surface and smooth gliding properties! Never again do you have to resort to using metal utensils like we did when spoons were not yet invented. Even after years.

5. TableCraft Bamboo Handle Wok Spatula

  • You’ll never regret your decision to purchase the TableCraft Wok Spatula. The best stainless steel wok spatula with a comfortable bamboo handle, it measures 14.5 inches from end to end and is perfect for flipping ingredients at home or in an Asian restaurant kitchen because it heats up excellent and cleans up easily!
  • Made of durable materials that are dishwasher-safe so you can enjoy their use time after time without ever worrying about them wearing out. This wok spatula even comes with a hole specifically made to hang when not in use – just rinse under water and pride yourself on your new favorite kitchen tool!

6. TableCraft Wok Spatula with Bamboo Handle

  • Another unit that is from TableCraft that you need to consider if you were looking for the best spatula for wok pan is this one. Just like the label states, the length of the unit is 14.5 inches. As this one is comparatively longer than the average spatulas, it should be easier for you to work with different large-sized pots and pans.
  • The TableCraft Wok Spatula is here to help you get your time in the kitchen done even faster. For one, it has a large size for deep dish stir-frys and omelets. The handle was created using bamboo because of its excellent heat transfer so you can keep stirring while other parts of the wok are heating up or cooling down without burning your hands accidentally. In addition, an ergonomic shape is designed into it that provides you with more leverage over this sturdy tool!

7. iNeibo Silicone Spatula Turner

  • The iNeibo wok spatula is perfect for all your cooking needs. The 14.5-inch length ensures that it can fit most of today’s modern pans – which might not be the case with a smaller, or bigger, spatula. This versatile kitchen tool will allow you to flip, scoop and spread without making a mess in your kitchen!
  • The iNeibo Silicone Spatula Turner is the perfect tool for every cook’s kitchen. It features a thin, curvy design that ensures every corner of your pan can be reached with ease and lifted out when you are done cooking without spilling food or filling up the pan.
  • No matter what kind of pans you use in your kitchen (non-stick, cast iron, stainless steel), the silicone spatula will stay cool to touch and won’t scratch any surface it comes into contact with.
  • Its sleek design sports a simple black coating on the handle that becomes red at one’s fingertips due to high-temperature friction as well as keeping hands away from hot surfaces for safety reasons during the cooking experience.

8. OXO Good Grips – Turner de madera

  • This spatula is perfect for stirring vegetables in sauces and when stir-frying. The thick, sturdy wood construction makes it more durable than other types of spatulas. The wooden design also makes this utensil the safest to use because it will not feel hot even with high temperatures and won’t conduct heat like a metal.
  • Woks can be a hassle to work with because they have very temperamental handles. The OXO Good Grips – Turner De Madera is the perfect solution for sticking stubborn wok without damaging your stone or pan. This spatula is made in America from curved wood and has an ergonomic design, ending nicely at each end. The size of it will accommodate all kinds of cooking styles and serves as an elegant decoration when not cooking.

9. Cuisipro Silicone Wok Turner

  • Staging a new menu? Get inspired with this easy-to-care-for, high-performance kitchen utility. Serve up dishes that go beyond the stove to find their place in your home.
  • The Cuisipro Silicone Wok Turner will not disappoint! It’s ready to use on all cooking surfaces and can withstand serious heat without compromising its natural look or feel.

10. Norpro Bamboo 12-Inch Spatula, Flat Handle

  • The Norpro 7653 12-inch bamboo spatula and its durable, natural material are perfect for cooking with your stainless steel wok. Simply put the heat on medium-high heat before adding oil to your wok – when it heats up quickly, add whatever you’re preparing. When ready to stir or mix, use this versatile bamboo utensil.
  • It can get almost any job done without scratching that expensive pot because it’s made from organic materials-no worries about toxins! Best of all, bamboo is naturally antibacterial so those days where you forget to clean the spatula after using will not lead to contamination in your kitchen again!
  • The Bamboo 12-Inch Spatula is a versatile kitchen tool that’s perfect for everything from flipping pancakes to stirring sauces. This bamboo spatula, made of quality material for lasting use, will not scratch your cooking wok or the bottom of pots and pans. The handle gives you ample grip while mixing food. Manufactured specifically to meet state safety requirements, this product also boasts easy care by just hand-washing with soap and water.

11. Joyce Chen a Division of Columbian

  • The Joyce Chen a division of Columbian bamboo angled stir-fry spatula is one easy way to enjoy the benefits (and ease) of stir fry cooking without risking your cookware or just standing by and watching.
  • With its gentle touching surface, this sturdy and delicious tool is perfect for all heat levels of nonstick woks, induction ranges, stainless steel pans, and high-end copper pots. Safe in both dishwasher and soak cycles.
  • This spatula is carefully constructed from natural bamboo to be strong, lightweight, and heat resistant. The handle has been fitted with a grip that provides omnidirectional stability which will last for as long as the wood does.
  • Efficient in action, this tool slices without scratching nonstick or stainless steel woks with ease and can easily perform stir-fry tasks right up close to the cooktop where it’s needed most without the worry of grabbing too much oil at once and causing accidents.
  • Totally safe for dishwasher use, this tool should last you a while and provide years of unmatched service whether cooking professionally or just looking for something better than a plastic utensil for home use only.

Buying Guide for the Best Wok Spatula

I’m sure you’re as excited to get your hands on one of the units we reviewed. But before you jump into making a purchase of the best wok spatula, there are some things that will increase your chances of getting something worth the money. These factors include:

1. Types Of Wok Spatula

What do you use to flip a pancake? A spatula! But what type of material should your next one be made out of, stainless steel or silicone? The truth is that there are three different types: the first two being traditional and durable but heavy. The third option can withstand high temperatures making it ideal for cooking eggs at a higher heat without melting.

a) Wooden

These are the ones that you would want to get if you have a nonstick wok pan because they will not scrape off the non-stick coating from its surface. Made entirely of wood, these spatula also offer high levels of heat resistance in addition to being ideal for mixing and stirring your ingredients.

b) Stainless Steel

Stainless steel spatulas are the most common and best choice for cooking. The market has both full metal construction, as well as wood-handled ones; but we recommend a wooden handle that is easy to use in high-temperature settings with durability!

c) Silicone

Silicone is a material that many people choose to use when cooking. Though it may not be the most rigid of materials, silicone units are easy and flexible for flipping food with their head being thin enough to get under whatever you’re frying up in your pan or oven!

2. Handle

One of the most important considerations for a cookware set is what type of handle it has. Most brands are going to use wood handles, which do not burn your fingers when you hold them while cooking and will fit comfortably in any hand size or shape.

You also need to make sure that the design on these wooden handles is ergonomic so they don’t become uncomfortable after long periods of time; this may be an indication that there was no thought put into designing comfortability into its usability!

3. Construction

In addition to the handle, you need sturdy construction. Make sure that what you are purchasing is made up of high-quality materials for maximum durability and extensive use.

4. Coating

Last but not least, you need to consider whether there is any special coating on the exterior or not. Without coatings such as paint and rust-proofing materials like zinc oxide, stainless steel will corrode more quickly than it would with one of these protective coats. For this reason alone I recommend that before purchasing your next sink installers carry out some research into what type of protection they offer for their products so you can find something suitable!


1. What is a Wok Spatula?

A wok spatula is a flat, thin and flexible utensil used for flipping food in the air or stirring it on the stove. A wok spatula can also be used in other cooking methods like frying eggs on a griddle. The most common material for this type of utensil is metal or wood.

2. Why Do You Need Wok Spatula?

A: If you are a fan of Asian cuisine, there is a high chance that you stir fry most of the dishes. And for stir-frying foods, you would need a proper pan and a proper utensil. Talking of which, we are not referring to the regular utensils. Instead, we are stating the ones that have a flat edge on the head, which are usually known as spatulas.

With those, you should be able to both move the food items around and flip them when necessary.

3. Are wooden spatulas machine-washable?

Yes, they are just as durable as any other type of spatula. But no, the wood will warp and crack in the dishwasher.


Choosing a wok spatula can be an overwhelming task with so many options on the market. However, by following our guide to what matters when it comes to this kitchen tool and evaluating each of the five features we’ve discussed in detail, you should find that choosing one will be much easier.

We hope that these tips help make your decision-making process quick and easy! And if you still need more guidance or want some assistance from experts who know their way around marketing strategies for cooking equipment like woks, don’t hesitate to reach out anytime. Our team is always happy to provide advice based on years of experience working with brands just like yours!


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