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Top 16 Best Wooden Spatulas in 2024

This article investigates the highest ranked wooden spatulas for kitchen use and discusses their importance. Wooden spatulas are essential cooking tools found all over the world. Their durability and dependability, along with their resistance to high and low cooking heat, differentiate them. Furthermore, these spatulas will not distort when they come into contact with a hot pan, assuring their durability over many years.

Wooden spoons are more durable than metal and plastic and can be used to cook with thick batters or scrape the bottom of pots. They are also non-toxic and biodegradable, so they won’t react with acidic or leach chemicals, which can affect the flavor of your recipes.

Solid wood spoons should be washed by hand as dishwashers can dry them and cause cracking or splitting. However, with proper care, they will last many years. Look for spoons made from dense hardwoods like cherry, olive, walnut, or cherry. Also, make sure that the spoon is not broken apart. Check out these 16 best wooden spatula reviews.

Top 3 Best Wooden Spatula

  1. OXO Good Grips Large Wooden Spoon
  2. OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Wooden Spoon Set
  3. 6 Pieces 9 Inch Wood Soup Spoons

List Of 16 Best Wooden Spatula Reviews

1. OXO Good Grips Large Wooden Spoon

  • The wooden spoon is made from a single, solid piece of beech wood. It also has a hole in its handle that can be used for hanging. The spoon’s deep recess makes it ideal for both serving food at the table and when cooking. This spoon is a solid piece of equipment. It is definitely heavier than the typical wooden spoons from the grocery store.
  • Owners of this one are also in agreement. The thick, soft handle and smooth wood are noted by reviewers. Many people claim that they have used this spoon for many years and it has held up well.
  • Some people have noticed that wood can become rougher after washing, especially if it is made with an abrasive sponge. This can be fixed by sanding or a mineral oil rub.
  • Some people have reported cracking in their spoons after washing them, but they were able to get a replacement that didn’t crack as much. To ensure that it is a quality one, make sure you test it immediately after purchase!

2. OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Wooden Spoon Set

  • When compared to bamboo wooden spoons, spoons made from beech wood have many of the same qualities. They are often made from one-piece beech wood and last a long time. The only problem with this spoon is the natural oil finish. It is not stated in the description what type of oil it has.
  • You can find many different types of spoons at this link. Make sure you look at the small, medium, and large spoons. The large size seems to work well with all types of cooking.
  • This option also gives you a hanging hole to store your items and bamboo will make it a durable item in your kitchen.

3. 6 Pieces 9 Inch Wood Soup Spoons

  • This set of six wooden spoons is a great choice if you’re looking for elegant and natural wooden spoons. The spoons are lightweight and durable with a beautiful design.
  • The spoon measures 9 inches in length with a long handle that makes it easy to grip. It can be used for both stirring and eating. Its exceptional quality makes it an excellent addition to your kitchen shelves.

4. Le Creuset Revolution Solid Spoon

  • The elegantly curved spoon is made from solid beechwood and features a tapered handle with grooves that give you a firm grip. The spoon’s tip is thin enough to scrape food out of a pot but has straight sides that make it easier to scrape the Dutch oven’s walls.
  • The spoon’s bowl is large enough to hold liquids and allow for mixing. The spoon measures 12.5 inches in length. It can be used to stir liquids and is safe from the heat.

5. Wooden Cooking Utensils Kitchen Utensil

  • This set of carefully curated utensils is proof that it never hurts to have more than one good thing. Each piece is made from teak hardwood and has a beautiful dark finish. It can be used even with delicate nonstick cookware.
  • Two types of spatulas are included and two large spoons. One of the holes allows for drainage. They can be stored in a drawer or can be placed in a canister. However, each spatula has holes so that they can hang. The brand suggests washing these by hand to ensure they last as long as possible.

6. NAYAHOSE Wooden Cooking Utensil Set

  • Nayahose Kitchen Utensils Set made from high-quality natural Teak Wood is exquisitely crafted. This handmade kitchen set, which is a beautiful chestnut red in color, is heat-resistant, non-toxic, and nonstick. They are also eco-friendly and contain no BPA.
  • The Nayahose wooden kitchen set is not easily susceptible to bacteria and fungus, unlike other cooking utensils. They are also easy to clean.

7. Neet Wooden Spoons For Cooking 6 Piece

  • The set includes five utensils from Neet and a cylindrical bamboo-utensil holder. These pieces are made of organic bamboo which makes them more durable than other wood options. Bamboo has a nonstick coating that makes it easy to clean. Bamboo is also resistant to stains and odors, unlike other materials.
  • The set includes a wooden spoon, slotted spoon, and rounded fork. For your comfort, each piece has a flat handle and a smooth head. For best results, hand-wash the pieces with warm water and soap.

8. 10 Pack Kitchen Utensils Wooden Spoons

  • This teakwood utensil collection includes five different wooden spoons as well as spatulas and serving tools. These spoons have beautiful natural grain, and they are polished to a smooth finish that will not splinter nor crack.
  • They are heat, stain, and splinter-resistant. The handles have holes so that you can hang them from a hook or pegboard. These utensils are easy to clean, but it is not recommended that you wash them in the dishwasher.

9. Anolon Teak Wood Tools 13-Inch

  • The Anolon(r) Teak Wood Tools 3-Piece Tools Set is stylish, functional, and elegant. It includes a slotted spoon and solid spoon as well as a solid tune that can be used for Creativity in the KitchenTM and flavor-building. This set includes three essential kitchen tools that are made from one piece of Brazilian teakwood. It is portable enough to be used from the prep counter to the serving table.
  • The tools’ 13-inch lengths allow you to reach larger saucepans and pots. They are also finished with food-safe natural oils to preserve the wood and enhance its beauty. Each tool is unique in its grain, making it more than a kitchen utensil.
  • The Anolon(r), the slotted spoon can be used to serve poached summer peaches or the solid turner for stirring and serving wild kasha or bowtie pasta. These tools can be used with nonstick cookware. The contoured lines give a pleasant hand feel. To preserve the wood, handwashing is recommended. The tools can be hung for display or storage.

10. Le Creuset Revolution Scraping Spoon

  • This spoon is a compliment to Le Creuset’s cast-iron enamelware pots. The accessories, which are similar to the cookware of Le Creuset, are flawlessly executed and of the highest standard. This scraping spoon is no exception. This spoon is frequently recommended in forums and cooking magazines as the best wooden spatula.
  • It is made of a single beech piece with fine details such as an opening for hanging and a comfortable curved handle.
  • This wooden spoon is regarded as the best. It’s perfect for scraping “fond” off the bottom of a pot or deglazing a pan with its straight edges and corners. The bowl is large enough to allow you to taste the contents, but not deep enough for you to use it as a spoon.
  • It is not a perfect wood, so make sure to treat it often. It’s not the price that is causing people to question this spoon. These extra details and Le Creuset’s name are worth a little more.

11. Chef Craft Premium Silicone Handle Wooden Spoon

  • This solid beechwood spoon is a great value at 14 inches in length. It’s perfect for deep pots and stir-frying at high temperatures. For a non-slip grip and comfort, the rounded handle features a silicone insert in either red, green, or purple. This is great for making stiff batters, mixing doughs, and other things that need constant stirring like risotto, fudge, or for making risotto.

12. Eddington Italian Olive Wood Wide Spatula

  • It is often associated with Italy’s rich tradition of using oily olives in its cuisine. The tree wood that bears this fruit is equally important. This spatula is handcrafted from olive wood in Europe. It has a beautifully contoured shape and a narrow head, making it perfect for scraping brown bits from the bottom.
  • Although its rich natural grain does not have any practical purpose, it adds to the beauty of this versatile tool. It is recommended to hand wash and oil the tool as with all other models.

13. AIUHI Nonstick Kitchen Utensil Set

  • The Aiuhi Utensil Set has been praised for its remarkable nonstick quality. This set is made from natural teak and is non-toxic. It’s free from any chemicals or the like, so it won’t leach into food. This makes it safe and healthy for you and your loved ones.
  • You can purchase this set in either eight or nine packs, which will provide enough for most of your cooking needs.
  • Each utensil has been meticulously polished and smoothed to perfection. You won’t need to worry about any splinters or dents. This set can be burnished up to three times.

14. Scanwood Olive Wood Utensil Spatula Spoon

  • This three-piece olive wooden utensil set by Scanwood is for those who want both style and functionality. This set includes a wooden spoon and a ladle as well as a spatula. Each piece is handmade in Denmark. It has a warm golden brown color and natural grain pattern.
  • These wooden utensils can be used for cooking or as trendy serving pieces. This set is sustainably sourced and has a zero carbon footprint. To ensure durability, they are made from one piece of wood. You can use the olive wood material on nonstick surfaces without fear of scratches.

15. ECOSALL Healthy Wooden Spoons

  • This durable and eco-friendly wooden spoon set features six spoons made from 100% natural wood. They are more durable and healthier than bamboo spoons. These lightweight spoons can be used for cooking and are more durable than bamboo.
  • White beechwood spoons can be washed and maintained easily. They can be used for many purposes and will enhance your cooking experience.

16. Eddingtons HIC Italian Olive Wood Cooking Spoon

  • This stunning olive wood spoon from Eddington is a beautiful handmade wooden spoon. The spoon is made in Europe using the best southern Italian olive wood. It’s beautiful, light, and strong. The spoon has a 12-inch handle and a rounded bottom that makes it great for baking and cooking.

Buying Guide for the Best Wooden Spatula

Consider the following features and options when comparing wooden spoons. You should consider the wood type, finish, handle, head, cleaning ease, and whether a single spoon is better than a set of kitchen utensils.

Wood Type and Finish

Wooden spoons can be made from many different types of wood. The spoon’s quality, durability, price, and overall quality can be affected by the wood species. Pinewood is used for making wooden spoons that are less expensive, but they can crack easily and are less durable than other options. Pine spoons can impart a piney flavor to food after a few uses.

These spoons, which are made from maple, olive, beech, and cherry hardwood, are more durable than those made from pine. These spoons are more durable than those made of pine and will last for a long time. Another durable material used in the manufacture of wooden spoons is bamboo. Bamboo spoons are durable and can be reused.

Apart from considering the wood type used to make wooden spoons, it is important to consider the spoon’s finishing. Some spoons can be sanded to make them extremely smooth. Others may have a more natural, rougher finish. To make their wooden spoons last longer and smoother, some manufacturers preseason them.


It is important to consider the design of the handle for a wooden spoon. A spoon should be easy to hold and comfortable while mixing ingredients. The handle’s length is a key consideration. For use with large mixing bowls and high heat cooking, a spoon with a longer handle is a good choice.

Consider the thickness and shape of your handle. These features will affect how firm the spoon can be gripped and how comfortable the spoon will feel to hold. There are many styles of wooden spoons. Some have a flat handle while others have a more round handle. When shopping for a wooden spoon, think about which one will feel most comfortable.

Make sure to determine if a handle with hanging loops would be a good idea. This feature allows you to hang the wooden spoon on a hook instead of storing it in drawers or in a kitchen tool holder.

Head Design

The head design of each wooden spoon is the next thing to consider. The head design of each wooden spoon will have an impact on its performance in the kitchen. Some designs are better suited for different tasks like mixing, scraping and scooping. A wooden spoon should have a thick enough head that allows you to move the ingredients around easily without making it difficult to stir.

It will also affect its ability to hold liquids for pouring and tasting. Some spoons made of wood have distinctive design features such as an asymmetrical point at one end. These spoons are also known as corner spoons and are designed to reach the edges of the pan in order to ensure that all ingredients are mixed evenly.

Individual vs. Set

You can either sell wooden spoons individually or together with a wooden kitchen set. A wooden utensil kit may include wooden spoons in a variety of sizes, as well as other tools such as spatulas and ladles, scrapers, slotted spoons, and spatulas. A wooden utensil collection should be preferred over a single wooden spoon. This will depend on the individual’s cooking requirements.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Consider how simple it will be for you to clean and maintain your wooden spoons. To preserve their finish and prolong their life, many manufacturers recommend handing washing wooden spoons. However, some models can be washed in the dishwasher.

It is important to oil a wooden spoon with food-safe oil. This will protect the spoon against heat damage and staining. This helps to keep the wood’s moisture in check and prevents it from becoming too dry. Unless your manufacturer has other oiling instructions you should oil your wooden spoon every few weeks.


1. Why do chefs use wooden spoons for cooking?

Wooden spoons are preferred by many chefs for a variety of reasons. Nonstick surfaces are not scratched by wooden spoons. They are also very durable and won’t heat up like metal utensils. Wooden spoons are also nonreactive so they won’t leave behind metallic tastes in acidic foods.

2. How can I clean wooden spoons properly?

Hand-wash wooden spoons with warm soapy water. To dry a wooden spoon, either uses a towel or allow it to air-dry.

3. Do I need to oil my wooden spoon or not?

Check with the manufacturer’s instructions for care, but wooden spoons should be oiled every few weeks. Oiling wooden spoons helps lock in moisture, and protects them from staining or damage.


The wooden spatula has high heat tolerance and is well-insulated. These spatulas are long-handled and can be used to stir sauces, mix ingredients and cook your favorite dishes. The handles are thick and easy to hold. They also have smooth edges that prevent scratches on the vessels. A wooden spatula is also durable.

You will often get what you pay for if you settle for less expensive options. Sometimes, merchants use chemicals that are harmful to the environment and cut corners. Before you purchase anything, make sure to read the product descriptions. You will be able to save money in the long-term by reading labels, whether it is food or household products.


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