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10 Best Benchtop Jointers For Woodworking in 2024

Are you yearning for top-notch finishing in your woodworking projects? Dealing with bends and twists in your wood pieces can appear daunting. Perhaps you’ve never encountered a jointer before. Allow us to present top 10 benchtop jointers of 2023, aimed at making your woodworking role a piece of cake.

Benchtop jointer is a power tool that flattens warped wood and helps perfectly squaring the hewed lumber. This list contains lightweight, portable, and efficient benchtop jointers to blur out your ambiguities and provide you with a clearer vision for deciding which benchtop jointer you should invest in.

10 best benchtop jointers For Wood 2023

Downwards is the complete product description of the products mentioned previously, along with a buying guide prepared to help you if you are a fresher in this domain.

1. PORTER-CABLE Benchtop Jointer (PC160JT)

Benchtop jointer by Porter cable is a fantastic woodworking tool with diversified features suitable for a hobbyist. It works between speeds ranging from 6,000 to 11,000 RPM giving you a full right to select an appropriate speed depending on the lumber’s toughness being used. It possesses a double knife cutter head with a cutting speed of 12,000 to 22,000 cuts per minute, which gives you a better surface finish and eliminates times for latter sanding operations. The cutter head’s significant part is that it contains a screw arrangement that allows replacement or adjustment of knives in wear-outs.

This super versatile tool encourages working on a straight surface, and a flat surface all at once with ultimate precision, and its feature of the centre mounted fence is here for providing back up support to your workpiece. Its extra-long and 6 inches wide table encourages the flattening and perfect squaring of your DIY projects.

Bottom LinePorter Cable’s unique jointer is suitable for enthusiasts and hobbyists who love creating art pieces for their home décor or gift purposes, with an extremely portable size that is swift and manageable in use.


  • The variable speed control feature
  • Economical tool
  • Gives clean and accurate cuts
  • Allows super finish of both soft and hard materials


  • Considerable depth of cuts not recommended
  • Lacks a dust chute

2. Shop Fox W1829 Benchtop Jointer

It features a unique mini impeller that purposefully sucks all the wooden dust and directs them outwards towards a dust chute of 2-1/2 inches diameter, which is designed to fit in any standardized scrap container for providing you with a hygienic and debris-free environment.

The Shop Fox benchtop kit also contains a pair of push sticks, which will encourage safe manoeuvring of work job against the fence or feed tables. The exclusive feature of the adjustable fence at 45, 90, and 135 degrees make it worthy for workers who have goals of producing complex parts rather than a more straightforward job.

Bottom LineA rugged woodworking tool with extended life, containing all the features designed for a time-consuming and hassle-free woodworking experience.


  • Adjustable aluminium fence
  • Built-in mini impeller for self-vacuuming dust
  • Sturdy cast iron setup
  • Safety push blocks for straight adhering of jobs.


  • Specified speed to work on.
  • Center fence not perfectly square

3. Wahuda Tools 50160CC-WHD – Benchtop Jointer With Spiral Cutterhead

Wahuda Tool’s benchtop jointer is available in two sizes of 6 and 8 inches for catering to your needs of finishing wider lumber. Possessing cast iron outfeed and infeed tables, featuring scratch resistance and stability with a weight of only 64 pounds, makes it miraculously easy to move along your workshop.

The most executive feature of the Wahuda benchtop jointer is its aluminium extruded spiral style cutter head, which requires less horsepower and gives high-speed cuts with minimal wooden scrap. To your wonder, it is scary quiet. Moreover, Its carbide inserts give it ultimate longevity and eliminate the hassle of early knife replacement.

This exclusive benchtop jointer gives you 1/8 inches depth of cut at maximum. It comes along with a dust port of standardized fitting and a lengthy extruded aluminium fence, which can be easily adjusted to angles from 90 to 135 degrees, depending on your requirements.

Bottom LineThe availability of an 8-inch sized benchtop jointer gives it an edge over other products available on the market with a dimension of 6 inches only. Indeed, it is a pricey item, but featuring a spiral cutter head and table extensions make it worth investing in.


  • Makes less noise than others available on the market.
  • Solidly built unit ensuring long term life.
  • 34 length table can be extended up to 51 inches.
  • Easy installation.
  • Gives clean cuts.


  • Infeed and outfeed tables require flattening.
  • Pricey item

4. CRAFTSMAN Benchtop Jointer (CMEW020)

Craftsman bears the right name in the market for its quality ventures in woodworking. The CMEW020 benchtop jointer possesses a heavy-duty 10-ampere motor suitable for working on soft and tough wood textures.

Craftsman benchtop jointer enables you to boast around by flaunting your self-made woodworking masterpieces. Its variable speed feature allows you to manage speed from 6,000 to 11,000 RPM for perfect edging, flattening, and face jointing operations.

Providing you with a cutter head speed ranging from 12,000 to 22,000 cuts per minute gives you the right to select the suitable speed for material under the cut. It has a two-kittle cutter head with leveling screws and encourages swift replacement if it grows blunt of long-term usage. Its center-mounted fence gives you precise cuts. Besides that, it is strictly restricted at the specified angle of 90 degrees and won’t allow you to manoeuvre at angles.

With the Craftsman jointer, you can quickly fabricate your table legs, chairs, frames and easily do your kitchen or home designing.

Bottom LineThe craftsman benchtop is a perfect match for you if you are a DIY enthusiast or a hobbyist. It comes in the budget easily as compared to all the features of Porter-Cable benchtop jointer.


  • Lightweight tool.
  • It is recommended to craft makers and hobbyists.
  • Excellent quality with a good surface finish.
  • Easy setup.
  • Low price item


  • The built-in dust collection mechanism is missing.
  • Fence not completely square

5. Delta BenchTop Jointer 37-071

Delta midi-bench jointer encourages impeccable machining with accurate and sharp cuts every time, reducing sanding trouble.

Afterward, the overall system is built of cast iron, which gives it supreme stability and prolonged existence.

The 76-pound jointer, a perfect sturdiness definition, allows vibration-free operations, eliminating the hassle of re-clamps as the weighted structure is completely wobble-free. The centered fence provides complete support to the workpiece for machining it to ultimate accuracy.

The durable delta machinery gives a depth of cut up to 1/8 inches with 20,000 cuts per minute on a 6 inches wide effective working area. Moreover, the heavy-duty cast-iron fence can easily be tilted at angles of 90 degrees and 45 degrees inwards and outwards for an angle edge planer purposes.

Bottom LineAlthough cast iron gives it stability and long-term life but increases the expectancy of corrosion, therefore, the Delta midi-bench must be kept in areas with useful sheds and should not be left to California or Florida’s severe weather.


  • Fairly accurate
  • The Cast iron table provides sturdiness.
  • Vibration-free setup


  • After-sales service is not satisfactory.
  • Moderate quality setup.
  • Challenging to move as it loses push handles

6. WEN JT6561 Benchtop Wood Jointer

WEN manufacturers seem freaking conscious about maintaining quality along with the right name in the market as it provides a 2 years warranty period along with unmatchable after-sales service. It is entirely constructed with a heavy-duty cast iron base, which stops the machine’s vibration when clamped in the right position. The well-built cast iron fence can be smoothly beveled up to 45 degrees in or out for allowing you to shape angles perfectly.

It provides you with a heavy-duty motor of 10 amperes that can produce 20,000 cuts per minute. The cut depth has a wide range varying between 0 to 1/8 inches, highly dependent on the material’s nature under operation. Moreover, the 28-inch length table with a width of 6 inches provides you with an extra-long effective working area.

It also includes an executive safety feature of the spring-loaded blade guard, which allows the knives to appear only during joint operations to protect you against any mishap. Safety features of a push block and push stick are also incorporated for ensuring correct adherence to the workpiece. Dust port and a small trash bag have also been included for providing a debris-free working area.

Bottom LineAlthough cast iron gives it stability and long-term life but increases the expectancy of corrosion, therefore, the Delta midi-bench must be kept in areas with useful sheds and should not be left to California or Florida’s severe weather.


  • Sharp blades provide clean cuts.
  • An economical product available on the market.
  • Excellent after-sales service.
  • Dust chute and dust bag included.
  • Push block, push stick, and the spring-loaded bladed guard had for user safety


  • 6 inches wide cuts are not recommended at a sudden.
  • Moderate precision is attainable only.

7. WEN 6559 Corded Benchtop Jointer

WEN 6559 benchtop jointer is here to exclude the shortcomings of the JT6561 benchtop jointer. With this powerful tool, you can get the ultimate precision of 20,000 cuts per minute, and the depth of cut up to 1/8 inches is readily achievable, and no hard and fast dependence on the material is required. Its 10-ampere powerful motor enhances the ability to cut anywhere on a lengthy engraving area of 28 inches and 6 inches wide.

It also features a depth scale, enhancing each cut’s accuracy during every pass, ensuring your safety by spring-loaded blade guards, which are only available during joint operations.

WEN knows quite well that your hands and fingers are at risk during woodworking; therefore, the incorporation of push stick and push block has ensured your safety while manoeuvring. The sturdy cast iron fence can easily be tilted up to 45 degrees inward and outward, allowing you to shape your wood pieces with intricacy and uniqueness.

The package comes with a dust board accompanied by a dust bag that can easily remove all the wooden dust produced during operations to encourage a hygienic environment for safe working.

Bottom Line An onboard depth scale is there to provide you ultimate accuracy while taking the depth of cuts. You should highly consider this power tool if you need a jointer with maximum safety features at an economical price.


  • Includes an onboard depth scale for ultimate precision.
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Excellent after-sales service.
  • Dust chute and dust bag included.
  • Push block, push stick, and spring-loaded bladed guard included for user safety.


  • Fence not perfectly square.
  • It is not recommended for bulk production.

8. Jet 718250K JJ-8HH 8 – Benchtop Jointer With Helical Cutterhead

The jet jointer is a beast power tool that will provide you with the best surface finish and machining with its latest technical features.

The most premium feature of a jet jointer is its helical cutter with carbide inserts. There are many advantages of helical cutter heads over straight knife machines. They are easy to replace and quick in positioning by just a single click. They do not chip off easily, so you can do ample machining before it gets worn out, and they give super finish in lesser passes. Amazingly they are quite an as death eliminating the continuous din like in regular machines. Besides all these advantages of helical cutters, the major downside is that it consumes high energy during machining.

The powerful 2 HP motor gives you a smooth finish with no sanding requirement afterward. It’s too long infeed, and outfeed tables encourage machining on an 8 inches longer bed jointer, an exception to regular 6 inches jointer. Meanwhile, the heavy-built cast iron structure gives stability.

Its exclusive feature of front-mounted table wheels allows quick and accurate adjustments of the workpiece being fed. The tilting fence can quickly help you perform bevel operations at angles of 45 and 90 degrees.

Bottom Line It is a pricey item, but the exquisite features of the helical cutter head, front-mounted table wheels, and indexable carbides make it superior to others available on the market. Moreover, it comes with a 5-year warranty.


  • Helical cutter head with replaceable carbide inserts.
  • Front-mounted table adjustment wheels.
  • It allows silent machining.
  • 8 inches bed jointer.
  • 5-year warranty


  • Pricey item

9. RIKON Power Tools 20-600H Benchtop Jointer

Undoubtedly nothing is comparable to a steel-made structure, just perfect for rugged usage. RIKON benchtop jointer is composed of steel overall, making it a long-term investment tool, besides the infeed and outfeed tables, made of extruded aluminium that carries a little rough surface.

The 6 inches RIKON benchtop jointer comes with a built-in scale to give you the accurate depth of cut during machining operations. The tilting fence can be easily adjusted between 90 and 45 degrees but, be prepared to change the not perfectly squared fence.

The RIKON benchtop jointer’s exclusive feature is its helical head cutter, which contains 6 rows and 12 HSS cutters with 2 inserts overall enhancing machining efficiency. HSS gives longevity to the knives.

The premium feature of the extra-long working table of 30 inches reduces the hassle of longboard tippings. A powerful motor of 10 ampere super cutting, flattening, and finishing operations can be performed without a continuous sting of noise.

Furthermore, it contains all the essential features of the spring-loaded safety guard, front power button, and a pair of push blocks for safe machining.

Bottom Line RIKON benchtop jointer provides good value for money with an intermediate level of precision, suitable for novice woodworkers.


  • Makes minimal noise while machining.
  • Good portable structure.
  • HSS blades provide long-term machining.
  • Easy blade replacement
  • Incorporates useful features in minimal investment.


  • Vacuum dust collection missing.
  • Tables not perfectly smooth
  • Fence not square

10. Grizzly Industrial jointer G0814

The grizzly industrial jointer is a complete heavy-duty jointer with a wide range of variable sizes and specifications. It’s piece pre-built mobile base cabinet makes it easy to keep and move from one place to another in your workshop.

It features a front-mounted handwheel for outfeed adjustments and a front-mounted level for infeed table alterations. The heavy-duty entre-mounted fence provides full support against the workpiece for smooth machining on the super extra-long working area of 47 inches.

It features a cutter head with6 knives maintaining a depth of cut of 1/8 inches and a maximum rabbeting depth of 1/12 inches giving 15,000 cuts per minute. The 4 inches dust port will allow you to connect a suitable vacuum hose for efficient saw dust collection. It also includes a pair of push blocks for ensuring safety while machining.

Bottom LineGrizzly industrial jointer possesses a rare feature of the built-in mobile case, suitable for safe movements.


  • Single piece mobile cabinet.
  • Handwheel outfeed and infeed lever table adjusters.
  • Heavy-duty entre fence.
  • 2 safety push blocks


  • Quite a heavy-duty setup 

How To Choose Best Benchtop Jointer For Your Workshop

We have accumulated a few basic guidelines for your assistance in buying a benchtop jointer best suitable for your workload through thorough research.

The last thing to keep in mind is to perform vital preliminary research on the brands and products available on the market. After studying them, you need to decide which particular features are suitable for your workload. In the last, select a power tool that provides all the required specifications and easy on your pocket.

1. Cutter Head Type

Selecting the type of cutter head is of extreme importance, as it is one thing on which the noise, amount of sawdust, and energy consumed during machining rely on. There are3 types of cutter heads available; straight knives are the most common, inexpensive, and noisy cutters. Spiral cutter heads give you clean and speedy cuts; they are less noisy and consume little power. Besides, helical cutter heads give you premium quality cuts with easy replacement of knives creates minimal dust, and they are quite as death.

2. Safety Features

Your safety should always take precedence, and you should never prioritize budget over safety. Power tools are mechanisms that are full of hazards; so, always lookout for a device that ensures your safety while machining; by incorporating safety features like push blocks, push sticks, spring-loaded safety guards, and front-mounted power buttons.

3. Stability

The hard-earned money must always be invested in a setup that provides you stability, a well-built structure, and a vibration-free structure useful in the long-run.

TIP!You can look up for cast iron structures as the carbon flakes absorb all the vibrations produced while machining and ensures a wobble-free process.

4. Cutter Head Width

Cutter head width is the maximum value you can cut in one pass of your lumber. Usually, the available ones are 6 or 8 inches, which is quite sufficient for hobbyists or professional woodworkers. If you need to work on broader wood pieces, you can go for other options.

5. Dust Collection Mechanism

Aesthetics and hygiene work hand in hand. If you are a novice woodworker, you have no idea what a pain it is to collect the minute dust particles. Therefore, you must choose a jointer with a built-in vacuum collection system for providing you with a healthy environment to work in.

6. Table Fence

Benchtop table fence is the primary support system for adhering to your workpiece against the cutter heads. Generally, you get a 90-degree fence, but a tilting fence with positive stops of 45 and 90 degrees is also readily available on the market to perform bevel-up operations.

TIP!you might get a table fence which is not perfectly square but doesn’t worry, shim it up with masking tape, and it is ready to use.

Hopefully, these guidelines successfully help you come along with a benchtop jointer that contains all the essential features of woodworking and is easy to your pocket.

FAQs About Benchtop Jointers

1. What is a benchtop jointer, and What is it used for?

Benchtop jointers are power tools used for flattening the surfaces and to plane edges of rough lumber. They can also remove hacksaw impressions on the wood pieces and surface the warped woods.

2. What is the difference between a planer and a jointer?

Jointer creates planes and flat surfaces on wood. It can also alter cupped, twisted, bowed, or warped timbers, while a planer can only reduce a flat board’s thickness.

3. What are the essential components of a benchtop jointer?

A benchtop jointer’s basic components are a Power motor, infeed, outfeed tables, and cutter head. Added features of a dust port, safety push blocks, safety push sticks, and a fence will work as an extra advantage.

4. What are the applications of a benchtop jointer?

Benchtop jointer is mainly used to plane the wooden boards’ edges to be joint together, ultimately used for making cabinets, tabletops, and smoothing door edges. It can also perform beveling to provide curvatures for door handles, window panes, and others.


This editorial has been designed to provide you with a basic knowledge of what a benchtop jointer is and how it can help our novice woodworkers. Moreover, it contains all the precise technical details of the ultimate best benchtop jointers currently available on the market for our professional craft makers.

It comprehensively gives you honest reviews of the products enlisted here, highlighting the pros along with the significant downsides of the product.

Lastly, the buying guide is designed featuring all the minute details you must look up while selecting a benchtop jointer for you.

Hopefully, after reading this article choosing the most appropriate benchtop jointer becomes easy peasy for you.


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