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9 Best Router Table Fences in 2024

If you are a juggling hobbyist or a professional wood crafter, a router table fence is a must-have commodity in your workbench.

Router table fence will give cut-throat precision in your work job. It will help you by giving intricate and safe cuts. It will also help manage your sideline tools, and if you are using a bit without bearing, a router table fence will assist you in getting accuracy in depths as with using bits, you cannot go in depths with precision.

Some router fence has also got a feature of dust removal.

Whoa! It sounds like a worthy tool to spend in.

Here in this review, we have brought 9 best router table fences for you. We are pretty sure that after reading this article, you will be confident enough to which fence you should pick out.

9 Best Router Table Fences In 2023

Without wasting further time, let’s jump into the list of 9 best picks of 2023;

Bear in mind that all of these tools are unique in their own style. Below we will discuss each of them in detail so you can get aware of their technicalities clearly.

1. Peachtree Woodworking Pre-drilled 32″ L Table Fence

The Peachtree woodworking fence is designed in ‘L’ shape having a dimension of 32 x 3 x 0.13 inches. The manufacturer has already been drilled on two slots of ¼ inches for mounting and center hole cut. The center hole has a 21-1/2 inch of spaces created by the manufacturer, perfect for 3-1/2 inch diameter of router bits.

However, it is also available in the length of 24 inches, so you have got a choice of two lengths in this amazing article; therefore, choose according to your application.

This fence is built up of thick aluminum, which is suitable for working on small and heavy parts, and it does not flex at all, which means that it is quite durable for long usage. It has got an extra feature of predrilled slots through which it can be readily mounted on any table type.

It has an additional feature that it can be mounted on T tracks too with bolts and knobs, which makes it super user friendly.

It is also highly compatible with all kinds of jigs used in a woodworking shop, and due to its straight appearance, it can be clamped on a router table, drill press table, band saw fence, and other tables.

This table fence is quite economical as it comes in the budget catering to every class of woodworkers. Hence, to buy this accessory for your router table, you should not worry about your pocket. You can easily drill further holes in the fence to make it customized according to your workbench.


  • Compatible with all types of jigs.
  • Strong and durable setup.
  • Pocket friendly.


  • Needed to be shimmed before clamping (not perfectly 90˚ )

2. Supreme Router Table Fence Kit – PW1073

This supreme router fence comes from a renowned brand in woodworking tools; that is Peachtree. It is a robust fence built of extruded aluminum, which gives it strength and durability.

Its unique feature is its inserts built of Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW), making it an excellent abrasion resistor.

This fence is quite well built and very pocket-friendly compared to other items that come with the same features. It is a 32 inches fence made up of two sections, each of 16 inches. It can also easily accommodate the variable diameter of bits up to 3-1/2 inches, which describes its user-friendly behavior.

This supreme router table fence is all the way compatible with any kind of table top that has a center mount router plate system.

Three mini ‘T” tracks have been already built for mounting of feather boards; used for adhering the job tightly to the fence, stop block for quick periodic operations, and the ‘T’ track at the back will allow the mounting of ‘L’ fence.

It also features a dust port, which works with the standard ID and OD of the vacuum hose.


  • Well-built structure.
  • Economical price.


  • Not perfectly square

3. Taytools 300016 Deluxe 24 Inches Long Router Table Fence

Taytool fence is built of a 3/8” thick aluminum, which demonstrates a sturdy setup, which you are also getting in Peachtree woodworking fence.

The Taytool fence features a dust port, which helps to carry all the wood chips produced during the manufacturing; therefore, it keeps the working place clean and enhances the work job’s visibility. This is definitely a feature that will appeal to the people who are conscious about their workplace aesthetics.

This fence features 4-1/2” heightened knobs for adjusting it backward and forward swiftly. It has got a feature of the “T” track which will allow you to orient your accessories.

One remarkable feature of this article is that it is anodized, making it perfect for use in extra humid regions and ensures long durability. It comes with a feather board, which helps in keeping the job perfectly straight against the fence. Having a bit guard feature will allow you to keep the bit at a safer distance from your hands, although maintaining proper visibility of the work part being machined.

It is a heavy and rigid extruded assembly suitable for the machining of heavy parts. It is highly economical as it gives more detailing as compared to the money it charges. The packaging comes with an assembly diagram, and it takes merely 10 minutes to install the assembly in its place.


  • Easy to adjust forward and backward.
  • Outstanding shimming property.
  • Complete value for money.
  • Heavily built setup.


  • It has burs on some of the milled holes.

4. SawStop RT-F27 27″ Fence Assembly For RT

You can surely understand how much important is router fence on a router table. It is a must accessory if you are keen on getting a precise and accurate work finish. SawStop fence is made up of steel, making it super sturdy and different from the Peachtree woodworking fence and the Taytool fence.

This fence comes with a dimension of 5 x 32 x 5 inches. It has been designed to sit on wide cast iron router tables perfectly. It comes with several accessories like feather boards, flip stops, and many others. Feather board will ease your pain to adhere to the job perfectly straight with the fence to get accurate cuts.

The unique feature of the flip stop encourages precise and recurring procedures. Flip stop also saves pretty much time spent in marking the jobs, so; ultimately, you get your job done in lesser time than other fences, which is quite great about it.

It also features a dust port of diameter of 2.25 inches, which will vacuum away all the tiny wood pieces directly into a dustbin. Fence also comes with two shim faces, which will help you in properly adjusting the fence. It has also got an additional feature of an adjustable scale. This assembly also possesses installing hardware like nuts and bolts along with the delivery package.


  • Possess additional feature of feather board.
  • The flip stop will help to perform repetitive operations with precision.


  • Installation assembly diagram is missing.

5. Woodpeckers Precision Woodworking Tools SF-36

Woodpeckers’ fence is a complete heavy set, rigid and sturdy assembly having a dimension of 39.5 x 5 x 5 inches, which means it is huge. It is all the way accurate and precise in all its operations. Once you align it on your router table, it is not going anywhere in years to come, which means it happily eliminates the headache of realigning over and over again. It is designed using aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes it durable over long working hours.

It comes with the feature of going ahead of the borderline during machining with an offset of ¼ inches. You
have the hardware to align the two halves that sit perfectly parallel to each other after screwing it
down. This super sturdy fence can shape any job, that means it is super user friendly.

It has a unique adjustable throat, which can support router bits with a diameter varying up to 4 inches. Hence, you can handle a quite different variety of bits with this single setup. The standing plate is 4 inches in height and its 4 ‘T-slots” make it apt for quick attachments of sub fences.

This super fence comes with an installation guideline that will help you fix it in place in just 25 minutes.

It is highly suitable for all professional woodworkers who can get mounted on any table. This fence is a personal favorite and super recommended for all the leading woodworkers out there.


  • Extraordinarily precise.
  • An additional feature of outfeed offset adjustment.
  • A complete assembly diagram for installation.
  • Highly user friendly.


  • Heavy built setup.
    Not suitable for hobbyist workers.
    Pricey item.

6. JessEm 4010 Master Fence II

JessEm, the brand itself, speaks quality and durability. It has dimensions of 39 x 7 x 7 inches and a weight of 16 pounds. It is a sturdy setup made of extruded aluminum and comes with a warranty period of 1 year.

JessEm 4010 Master Fence II’s main feature is that it is known for its dead precision and accuracy. It is specially designed for a router table having dimensions of 32 x 24 inches, so people planning to buy this fence first built up a router table of the same dimension.

The mounting track is swift and allows easy assembling of the fence with high adjustability. It also offers an adjustable scale on the fence tracks for having precise operations. The fence track also possesses positive locking knobs, which means any vibrations are not taking away your fence from the allocated position.

Fence faces are made of Medium Density Fireboard, making them smooth and depicting long-lasting ability.

It features a dust chute, which would help to carry all the debris away. A vacuum hose of an internal diameter of 2-1/4 inch and an outside diameter of 2-1/2 inch remains highly compatible with the dust port. The diameter usually allows all kinds of hose pipes to get attached easily.

It also features preset offsets of 1/32 inches and 1/6 inches, making it extra fast and precise.


  • All the installing hardware is thick gauged and extremely durable.
  • Dust chute for carrying the debris away.
  • Solid structure made of fiberboard.
  • Positive locking knobs for eliminating the effect of vibrations.
  • Unique offset bars.


  • Cannot be mounted on any other router table dimensions.
  • Assembly installation instructions are not sufficient.

7. JessEm TA MicroDial Router Table Fence

Another name for the JessEm TA micro-dial router table fence is dead accuracy. This fence is built with the closest tolerance. All the main components of the fence are anodized for giving maximum accuracy to the user.

Sub fences and TA fence tracks are all extruded from 6000 series aluminum, making it the most precise fence available on earth. Woodworkers who are religiously strict in their precision game must give it a try; they will not be deceived for sure!

It also features an innovative dust chute having an ID of 2-1/4 inches and OD of 2-1/2 inches set at 45˚ angle for efficient and quick dust drawing. Variable sized router bits are extremely compatible with the sub-fences. Joining operations can easily be performed with the feature of the TA fence.

It gives a super easy adjusting outfeed method with the help of two knobs and a knurled dial at the back of the fence. It also features a pre-adjusted dial, which gives a revolution equal to 1/16 inches.
It also has an innovative bit guard feature, which is suitable for variable heights and depths.

It is a definite strong built, heavyset fence with a weight of 28.5 pounds, not suitable for hobbyist workers; professional ones should come along with this read up.


  • All components are anodized giving it longevity.
  • A living example of precision and accuracy.
  • Easily adjustable outfeed.


  • Heavy setup not suitable for hobbyist woodworkers.
  • A costly investment.

8. Craftsman 315265030 Router Table Replacement Fence

If you are dabbling between getting a setup just to fit in your leisure hours, this one is perfectly suitable for you. Craftsman router table replacement fence is a light assembly with 3 x 3 16 inches and 2.5 pounds. The measurements and weight of the tool clearly define that it is not suitable for professional workers. Having such a lightweight, it is portable and easily sits on the router table.

A unique feature of Craftsman’s fence is that it has got a lifelong warranty of genuine OEM parts in case of breakage or obsoleting. That sounds like a true marketing policy.

The fence comes along with a proper installation manual with pictures and videos, which will let you prepare the assembly in no time.

The only thing to bear in mind about this fence is that it is only compatible with the craftsman 315265030 router table, making it a little problematic tool. It does not possess a dust port; instead, it contains a blank plate through which a vacuum port can be attached.


  • Lifelong replacement warranty of genuine OEM parts.


  • Only compatible with Craftsman’s own router table.
  • Dust port is missing.

9. JessEm Mast-R-Fence III Router Table Fence

As previously discussed, JessEm is a huge name in the woodworking market, known for its quality, accuracy, and products that have a long run. This master fence features a strong platform of phenolic resin that delivers good mechanical and dielectric strength. It’s characteristic to resist corrosion, and chemical impact makes it unique in the market.

It is highly recommended to the woodworkers living along the coastline because its sturdy setup can resist absorbing the moisture in the atmosphere. It is also heated and wear-resistant. These properties make it extremely suitable for the production houses which deliver the bulk of production. It also possesses a 100% flat surface.

An additional advantage is that all of its components are extruded aluminum of grade 6061, which exemplifies precision ability.

Undoubtedly JessEm has created this fence one of its own kind by paying extra attention to its glassy black anodized finish.

It also features a dust port with regular vacuum hose fitting standards of 2-1/4 inches on the outside and 2-1/2 inches on the inner side so that no waste material can lesser its style statement.

The sub-fences give total tool-free adjusting ability with knobs at the fence’s backside, which sounds like a hassle-free alignment. These fences are also laser engraved to give a distinct appearance.

It has also got shimming bars out of which one has the ability to produce the offset of 1/32 inches, and the other one produces an offset of 1/16 inches. It also comes with storage at the backside, where these shimming bars can be stored if not used.


  • Tough design.
  • Suitable for bulk productions.
  • Corrosion and heat resistant


  • Pricey item not suitable for low productions.

How To Choose Best Fence For Router Table – Buying Guide!

Some key features mentioned below should be kept in mind while buying a router table fence.

1. Safety

First, personal safety is the most important pre-requisite which should be ensured before buying any tool.

Undoubtedly, a workshop is a place that is full of hazards; make sure the router table fence you are buying contains added safety features like a feather board or bit guard. As feather board helps keep the work part against the fence and bit guard, ensure your fingers’ safety from cuts and punctures, maintaining a safe distance between fingers and bit although allowing full visibility of the job being worked on.

2. Well-built fence

Keep in mind that only a well-built, sturdy structure gives longevity to the working tool. Make sure that the fence which you are buying can sustain all your operations and tolerant to vibrations.

Anodized extruded aluminum is recommended as extruded aluminum gives excellent mechanical strength to the assembly, and anodizing the metal helps protect it from weather impact. However, Medium Density Fiber (MDF) is also suitable for delivering moderate strength. Usually, anodized material is recommended in regions with greater humidity. Make sure you are investing in something which does not need to be replaced in the coming years.

3. Easy Installation

Another key factor is; choose a setup that is easy to assemble, as most of the products come with the installation guide. In this modern era, tons of videos are available on YouTube, which helps install the assembly in place.

Therefore, whenever you are buying a fence, check whether it is coming with an installation manual. It usually takes 20 to 60 minutes to install an assembly, and if you require more time, you surely have messed up the instructions.

4. Perfect Flat Surface

This key point is quite self-explanatory because a perfectly flat surface must be needed in a fence to build smooth and straight parts.

5. Micro-Adjuster

Micro-adjuster is so desirable in getting perfect precision and accuracy. Ensure that the fence you are purchasing does consist of a micro-adjusting dial, which will ultimately help you build a perfect straight job with dead precision.

6. Dust Port

If you are a person who values his hygiene, then do buy a fence with a dust port adjustable to standard vacuum hoses as a workplace full of dust and wood chips never looks appealing to anybody.

7. Value For Money

Hey! You are dedicating your tight savings to a woodcutting tool, so you definitely need something worthy of every penny you spend.

How To Build Your Own Router Table Fence


We hope you liked the write-up since we managed to share every useful tip you should consider while buying a router table fence.

We tried to bring every technical information these 9 best router table fences possess. Hopefully, the selection would be easier for you now.

Still, if you have any ambiguity regarding any product, you are free to pop up with a message in our inbox, otherwise enjoy shopping!


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