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Best Vinyl Cutter Under $300 for Your Budget

It’s absolutely one of the most challenging tasks these days to pick the correct vinyl cutting machine, especially when working within a strict budget. There are many great models that you will find that sit a bit out of your price range. So how do you find a high-performance option when this is the case?

First and foremost, you have to know the projects you will be using the piece for and then pay close attention to the details that will make those projects efficient and productive. That is why we have decided to scour the internet and carefully choose three of the best vinyl cutter under $300.

These are mid-range options that we know will help you and your budding crafting ventures.

Best Vinyl Cutter Under $300 Reviews

Silhouette Portrait 2 Electronic Cutting Tool

Silhouette is one of the most well-respected brands in crafting, and they bring us our first entry. This versatile and small unit is perfect for crafters on the go and on a budget.


When the team at Silhouette set down to design this unit, they clearly did what they always do – put the needs of the crafter first. That led to them developing a great cutter that is not only efficient but offers superior portability. The features below play a crucial role in the functionality of this fantastic unit:

  • Designed with a dual carriage for multitasking
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Capable of cutting a wide range of materials
  • Compatible with multiple OS systems

As we said, this unit is small, which makes it great for those crafters that are always on the go. But packed inside this small frame is a mighty giant. The amount of versatility and power that such a small device has is a testament to its high-quality components and design. That, coupled with the easy-to-use software, makes this a great option for almost any type of crafter out there.

Though it does have a lot of power, there are still a few areas where we feel it could be improved. The width and force are limited, and this, in turn, limits the unit’s capabilities. There are advanced features available with the software that would elevate your game, but you have to pay for them.


  • Small and powerful
  • Easy to transport
  • Adjusts automatically
  • No need for internet to use software
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Easy to use software


  • Limited cutting width and force
  • Need to pay for advanced design features of the software

USCutter 28 Inch MH Vinyl Cutter

Our next unit is from another tried and tested brand that has a reputation for high quality and durable products that stand the test of time. This 28” vinyl cutter is not only easy on the wallet but could be just the tool you need to make a little cash.


No matter what project you are working on, you want a vinyl cutter that is fitted with the most comprehensive features and uses high-quality materials. With this unit from USCutter, that is what you get. The unit is crafted with the following features to ensure optimized performance:

  • Comes designed with 3 adjustable pinch rollers
  • Capability to adjust speed and pressure
  • Easy to feed dual roller system
  • Software included

Much like the rest of the MH series, this 28” vinyl cutter offers precision cutting. It is also designed using a proprietary system that helps smooth the workflow out and save you time in the long run. The unit itself is crafted with high-grade materials that help it stand up to the rigors of consistent use.

Even with all the care and attention clearly shown in the design, there is still something that we felt we should mention. The assembly can be quite tricky, as it is a lot of the time with this chore. The cutter also has been known to cut too deep, which could ruin your project and waste time and money.


  • Precision cutting
  • Time-saving systems built-in
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with design/editing software
  • Durable
  • Versatile usability in regards to image files


  • Issues with blade cutting too deep
  • Difficult to put together
  • Problems with connecting to a computer

Brother SDX125E Electronic Cutting Machine

Our last entry also comes from a big name in the office electronics arena. Brother, known for its efficiency and quality, has built its reputation over the last few decades. This unit maintains that brand image and offers crafters an economical option while doing so.


Though many might feel this model is not really a professional-grade option for a small shop or a business just starting out, it has the correct features to serve the purpose. The features that are included in the design of this machine that offer the most bang for the buck are:

  • Designed with a built-in scanner
  • Built-in auto blade for precision cuts
  • Onscreen editing controls
  • Crafted with a 5” LCD screen
  • Wireless connectivity capability

This cutter from Brother is one of the only models that is fitted with a built-in scanner. This is great for those working with their own designs or designs from an outside source. Once you have scanned your pattern in, then you’re ready to take advantage of the easy editing system and the precise cutting capability.

For all of the wonderful benefits, like with everything else in life, you will have to pay more than you may want to. The unit is still under $300, but many feel that due to its mid-level functionality, it shouldn’t be quite as expensive.


  • Wide selection of patterns and designs
  • Nice sized touch screen
  • Easy to connect with other devices
  • Simple to edit designs
  • Nice cutting thickness


  • Some have found the software difficult to use at first


Those are our choices for the best vinyl cutter under $300. Within these three choices, we covered a range of features and levels of productivity needed for varying degrees of projects. By paying attention to what you need, we are sure one of these great options will definitely be a great choice. Now all that’s left is to start creating your next potential breakout project.


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