Dinner Set (16 Piece Set)

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Our dinner sets make it easy to stock your kitchen cabinets with dinnerware you truly love. With 4 pieces of each variation, it's perfect for parties of 2 to 4. Bigger families, dinner party hosts, and those that want to skip the dishes once in a while will want to grab a few more sets.

Available in multiples of sixteen. Pre-orders will ship in January 2020.

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The Details


• Modern vertical rim shape
• Versatile colors made to be mixed and matched
• Semi-matte reactive glaze finish
• Dishwasher safe
• Fridge to microwave and oven safe up to 220°C /430°F


• Made in Northern Portugal
• Artisan crafted in a family owned factory
• Locally sourced & recycled clay


Artisan Crafted in Portugal

Our pieces are crafted by skilled artisans in northern Portugal. The Portuguese have been experts in ceramic making since the 1600s. Traditional production methods have been refined over the centuries and we've combined these techniques with modern designs to produce our durable, versatile pieces.

Sustainable Production

We only use locally sourced clay from the surrounding regions to keep our carbon footprint low. Excess clay trimmings and water are repurposed and reused. Our packaging contains only recyclable materials.

Ethical Manufacturing

We work with a family owned factory with over half a century's experience in ceramics manufacturing. Workers are paid fair wages, offered safe working conditions, and a good work life balance. Happy makers = happy users.