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Proudly Made by Artisans in Portugal 🇵🇹

Each piece in our dinnerware collection is expertly crafted by artisans in a small town in Northern Portugal. The region is known for producing the finest ceramics for many premium home and kitchenware brands today. Fertile lands in the surrounding areas, combined with generations of experience, makes it an ideal hub for modern ceramic and pottery making.

Meet the Makers

Our production processes combine traditional artisanal craftsmanship with modern innovation. To this day, various steps in the ceramic making process in Portugal remains by hand. This is where skilled artisans can shine and show the value of maintaining the multi-century old practice.

Family Owned Business

Our partners in Portugal stem from generations of family operations. Abilio, pictured second from right, took over the reigns from his father, who started the factory with his uncles over half a century ago. Today, he works with and mentors the next generation of his family to carry on the tradition.

Ethical Manufacturing

As a business focused on social impact, we have a stringent criteria of only working with production partners who follow ethical manufacturing practices. This includes offering the workers fair wages, safe working conditions, and a positive work life balance. After all, happy makers = happy users.