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Artisan French Candles:
100% Vegan & Toxin Free

RATED 4.8/5  - LOVED BY 4000+

Inspired by our world.  
Designed in Germany.  
Expertly crafted by French artisans. 

Natural scents from iconic destinations.

Inspired by the natural beauty of our world, our collection of scents will transport you to your favourite destinations. Whether it's the first time or a revisit of a nostalgic memory, our candles, a good book, and a warm cup of coffee or tea is all you need to explore places Far & Away from the comfort of your own home.


100% cruelty free vegetable wax.

Our candles are made from 100% European sourced rapeseed wax and is completely free of parabens, phthalates, and any animal byproducts. A sustainable alternative to the petroleum based paraffin wax, our vegetable wax maintains performance without being toxic to you, your loved ones, or our environment.


A slow, even burn and a balanced scent.

Through careful lab-testing and countless iterations, we've created a candle with the perfect burn. An optimized cotton wick limits unwanted black smoke and reduces pitting. A slow burn of up to 60 hours and a balanced throw fills your room with delightful scent, without the headache.


Meet the Makers

Karine, a Grasse trained expert French fragrance maker, develops all of our scents from her eclectic Paris studio. She combines her passion for exploration with our French candle producer, one of the oldest candle manufacturers in the world and current luxury candle powerhouse. 


French Scented Candles

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